Mutahi Nyunyi threatens to sue Communication Consultant Paul Achar for defamation


Mutahi Nyunyi has been making the headlines for  the wrong reasons . A few months ago, Mutahi Nyunyi threatened to sue the Star Newspaper for unde-representing his worth . This is after the star newspaper reported that the controversial political scientist was paid Shs.38.9 M for consultancy.

This website later exposed something and the Chief editor of this site received threats after doing a story exposing how Mutahi Nyunyi won the NYS tender .

Details later emerged on how political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi and comedian-turned-politician John Kiarie were paid millions of shillings in National Youth Service scam. Ngunyi’s consultancy firm, Consulting House, was one of the firms that offered consultancy to NYS. No advertisements were made for consultancy work and thus the manner in which he landed the lucrative tender was questioned by myriad Kenyans .

This website then went ahead and expose what now happens to be common knowledge

Ngunyi who is the owner of Consulting House was paid Sh38.9 million for consultancy services on the implementation of the NYS 5-Point Vision Strategy.
Ngunyi has allegedly been blacklisted by international firms due to his operations style more so, when it comes to invoicing and payments. A shrewd operative who smells money even when in the toilet, Ngunyi, although himself portraying to be living a splash life, is said to be mean to his immediate family.

Well, Why is Ngunyi threatening to sue Paul Achar . I will Quote what Paul Achar wrote in his Blog – An edited version appeared on the daily nation

True intellectuals are like a mirror. They not only keep it real by reflecting society; but when they see something wrong in the image reflecting back, they strive to correct the aspects which are out of place. They do this through communicating tested peer reviewed theories/opinions or proffering solutions that fall within the ethical standards of scholarship.

Mutahi Ngunyi took to social media to present assertions and opinions into the theatre of public debate without including peer reviewed evidence to support the same and eventually some of his Ad Hominem attacks on certain Political personalities and constituencies were called out as dishonest scholarship and ethnically motivated.

This eventually lead to accusations of hate speech and an appearance before the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) followed by an attempt at apologizing which was written out on his Twitter Handle. (A remorseful apology is normally communicated from the heart and in order to gain trust, it is delivered extemporaneously). Recent Classic Communication fails at attempted apologies include Tiger Woods and Marion Jones reading out written statements.

He dismissed various invitations to publicly debate his assertions, which wasn’t too much of a demand because the standards for judging the scope of his theories or opinions needed to be weighed by his peers. His responses to questions surrounding the National Youth Service consultancy offered by his firm were also not comprehensively addressed. Public intellectuals must always aspire to communicate sound peer reviewed and tested opinions and also be willing to publicly debate their ideas. This certainly enhances their Credibility.

Mutahi Ngunyi calls this defamation . This was Mutahi Ngunyi’s response

I will sue PAUL ACHAR and NATION MEDIA for calling me DISHONEST.Calling me Intellectually ARROGANT is Ok. Calling me DISHONEST is DEFAMATION

We are waiting for him to make his threats real . Meanwhile Mutahi Ngunyi has lost credibility among Kenyans . When he Tweets something, the comments that follow show how Kenyans no longer trust him . Many know him as a Jubilee Sympathizer. Others have claimed he is paid to defend government and attack the CORD leaders . Just go to his Twitter Account and confirm  this .

In our earlier post , We referred  to Paul Achar as a Journalist but Later learnt Paul Achar is  an Executive Communication Consultant and Speech Coach who does  an annual Best and Worst Communicators list starting in 2014. Sorry for the minor error 

Check out his Website : Paul Achar’s  Site for more


About the author

Cyprian, Is Nyakundi

Cyprian is a blogger who has an interest in politics, news, current affairs, people and anything that is of interest to society. My aim is to inform and update readers with the most accurate information.







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