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Nepotism, Sexual Favours & Incompetence Within The Management At Ole Sereni Hotel Exposed

Hi Nyakundi, kindly expose the new Ole Sereni Hotel Management that is running over staff and ruining the business.

Since the former GM of Intercontinental Nairobi joined Ole Sereni in mid-2017, staff turnover has reached crisis levels due to frustration and intimidation by a small cartel of unprofessional managers around the GM. This has resulted in poor business performance compared to the period prior to his appointment.

Even with a new property nearing completion, there is no clear indication that the business will weather the stiff competition to break even when the new hotel is opened. It was planned to open in October (an irrational move by the GM to coincide with the launch of KQ direct flights to the US, simply because he is buddies with the KQ MD Sebastian).

HODs have resorted to anonymous emails to expose the inefficiency and callousness with which he treats employees. See below and attached.

Karl Hala (Group GM) – The grumpy, narcissistic recycled retiree who is harder to impress that the devil himself. Self-righteous, infallible as the pope braggart who is running down the hotel with his parasitic spending – in spite of the business paying for your apartment, buying you a car and fully maintaining it, covering all your 3 meals a day, you still demand even the smallest items for your apartment from the hotel e.g tissue paper, drinking water, bulbs, even takes bathing robes and slippers to your house. You claim all expenses incurred on weekends and outings with your friends and mistresses from the hotel. In short, you never spend a penny of your over Ksh. 2m you earn a salary.

Because of your senselessly overrated ego that seeks personal welfare at the expense of the team, even those first employees who opened the hotel are leaving- of course, haunted out to make way for your cronies in the industry. The high turn-over is ruining the hotel’s reputation among long-standing clients who now give business to the competition where the former managers have gone to. You are so petty that you even demand the sacking of junior employees for the slightest mistakes defined by your own selfish standards, ruining young careers and livelihoods of small young families.

Yet you brought your own son to intern at the hotel. This is NEPOTISM. Even the owners have not brought their children to work in the hotel. You claim to be so well connected but could not get your son an internship in any other place.

All your meetings have turned into talking shop- too much talk and little tangible action is taken because you just yell at HODs and executives but offer little guidance or support – you are just a beast that eats its own to avoid being seen as the weakest link yet that’s what you are. The former GM respected and valued people, and occupancy levels were always 100% even sending guests to other hotels was a daily normal. People were happy and motivated.

You have created smaller gods and goddesses who do your dirty work of harassing employees and making sure they are fired so that your hand is not seen in all the schemes but you are the main architect. You will sooner or later learn that karma is a real bitch.

Luke Wooley (Executive Assistant, a Briton) – The Yes Boy. That is what your boss calls you. Always responding with a loud and trembling Yes Sir when called. You have thrown many under the bus to please your higher god. You are a pretender who goes to back stub others with your boss, painting everyone as bad so you get favoured. You just don’t know the things he says to others about you. He also doesn’t know the trash you talk about him with other employees. Just keep on being used and when he is done with you he will drag you to the slaughter and skin you alive. It’s just a matter of time, yes boy.

Beatrice Salat (sales & marketing Manager) – You have been used to harass the people under you. They have been in the hotel for years and have performed very well under the former GM. Business was good. You just came and you started threatening them. Some of them have left and the remaining ones are working in fear. You are doing this to bring in your own people. You are so unprofessional you even bring mistresses to your boss during parties. Well done. When the honeymoon is over and your weaknesses are exposed, the cover on your butt will be blown off. Your alcoholism is also well known. Even you, karma will come for you, sooner than you think.

Siamanta Martha – (Revenue Manager- Karl’s mistress, now serving notice) – the official fuck-buddy of the big boss who calls you Sia in short. Your secret affair is known also. How you started as an intern in intercont and you grew very ‘fast’ to management level and went with him to Nigeria. You have spread yourself too wide for an old man with a family just for position and money. You always pretend you going for meetings with him but you speak there in whispers. We know you discuss other managers also and how to get them sacked. Don’t be foolish and waste your life, he is cheating on you of course with his skinny ugly Ugandan wife and other whores brought to him by your friend salat. He will praise you and favour you but it will one day turn around on you.

JB (CFO) – A good old man who knows his job but will not speak up against the GM’s bad decisions. Don’t waste your wisdom and experience, you have nothing to lose.

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