Nick Avocado Weight: Controversy Surrounding His Weight Gain

Nick Avocado, a popular YouTuber known for his mukbang videos, has gained a significant amount of weight over the years, going from a vegan advocate with a slim figure to an obese individual.

Despite attracting a large following, his eating habits have sparked debates and concerns among supporters and critics.

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Nick Avocado


In this article, we delve into Nick Avocado’s personal life, weight gain controversy, and more

With over 7 million subscribers, his substantial weight gain has ignited debates surrounding health risks, influence on body image, and the challenges he faces in his personal life.

What Makes Nick Avocado’s Weight Gain Controversial?

Nick Avocado’s weight gain has triggered controversy for several compelling reasons, including:

Health Risks

His substantial weight gain has exposed him to an array of health complications, including:

  1. diabetes
  2. heart disease
  3. stroke
  4. joint pain.

He has also endured injuries, such as fracturing three ribs and experiencing episodes of coughing up blood.

Many are apprehensive that he is jeopardizing his life by consuming such substantial quantities of unhealthy fare.

Influence on Others

With a substantial fan base, especially among the youth who seek entertainment and solace in his content, there is concern that he may be endorsing detrimental eating habits and promoting unrealistic body images.

There’s a fear that his audience might be swayed by his actions, potentially leading to the development of eating disorders or obesity.

Attitude Towards Weight Gain

Nick Avocado has been candid about his weight gain, frequently expressing satisfaction or even pride at the ascending number on the scale.

He has also made light-hearted remarks about his obesity, playfully referring to himself as a “water buffalo” or a “walrus.”

Some find this demeanor offensive or inconsiderate, particularly those grappling with weight-related issues or obesity-linked health challenges.

Impact on Personal Life

Nick Avocado’s weight gain has had reverberations in his personal life, notably affecting his relationship with his husband, Orlin.

Although they wed in 2017, they separated in 2022, grappling with allegations of infidelity, incidents of domestic discord, and a dwindling sense of intimacy.

Additionally, Nick Avocado has been embroiled in contentious situations with fellow YouTubers, including Stephanie Soo and Trisha Paytas, who have accused him of harassment and manipulation.

Who  is Nick Avocado?

Nick Avocado, renowned in the YouTube community, specializes in creating content where he indulges in copious amounts of food, a genre commonly referred to as mukbangs.

Born Nicholas Perry in Ukraine in 1992, he was subsequently adopted by an American family and spent his formative years in Philadelphia.

In addition to his online persona, Nick possesses a formal education in classical violin.

Initially an adherent to a vegan lifestyle, he eventually transitioned to a diet predominantly composed of junk food.

His marital union with fellow mukbang vlogger, Orlin Home, has been marked by periods of turbulence, resulting in multiple separations.

Over the course of time, Nick Avocado has experienced a noticeable increase in his body weight, largely attributed to his dietary choices.

This transformation has not been without its share of repercussions, including health complications, critical assessments, and interpersonal conflicts within the YouTube community.

Across his six YouTube channels, he boasts a staggering subscriber count exceeding 7 million, with a cumulative viewership of 1.8 billion.

Nick Avocado Age

Avocado’s age is 31 years as of 2023.

Nick Avocado Personal Life

Nick Avocado is a controversial YouTuber known for his mukbang videos.

He is married to Orlin Home, but their relationship has been turbulent.

Nick, who is gay, has faced discrimination and bullying for his sexuality.

He was adopted from Ukraine, grew up in Philadelphia, and had a classical violin training.

Despite promoting healthy eating, he switched to consuming junk food in 2016 and gained significant weight.

Nick has been involved in dramas with other YouTubers, including accusations of harassment and manipulation.

He has a substantial online following with over 7 million subscribers and 1.8 billion views across multiple YouTube channels.

Nick Avocado Net worth

Nick Avocado’s net worth is estimated to range from $1.33 million to $15 million, with different sources attributing his earnings to YouTube advertising revenue, sponsorships, product sales, and brand partnerships.

The exact figure remains undisclosed, but he has achieved success and influence with a large following and significant wealth through his online presence.


Nick Avocado is a polarizing figure in the YouTube community, his significant weight gain a result of his mukbang videos.

This transformation has precipitated health concerns, critical scrutiny, and personal challenges.

While some fervently support him and relish his content, others express deep-seated worries about his well-being and the impact he wields on his audience.

Thus far, Nick Avocado exhibits no inclination to alter his dietary practices, despite the adverse ramifications of his weight gain.

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