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Nyakundi Endorses Feminazi Mob-Lynching On Nick Mutuma – Finish That Son Of A Bitch!

CAPTION: Nick Mutuma pictured here with an unidentified groupie. He’s facing the biggest challenge of his life, where he’s accused of sexual harassment. 

I’m not interested to know if Nick Mutuma fucked Koome Gitobu’s bitch. Koome should be smart enough to know by now that the whore he’s trying to defend, has probably fucked his friend Nick Mutuma. And frankly speaking, that’s not my problem. These bitches of today’s Nairobi are the most contradictory of all.

I’ve encountered witness statements where a bitch says that she can only sleep with a certain man, “over her dead body” . Next time you show up in some joint randomly, you find her with the same nigga she was trashing. That’s Nairobi women for you; untrustworthy miserable cunts! Koome should know that by now.

But who is this Nick Mutuma idiot? Has he ever tweeted #FreeNyakundi whenever I was arrested? Did he call out Police impropriety after they illegally raided Jimmy Wanjigi’s house? Did he call for Alai’s release after my brother was arrested at the instigation of Uhuru’s brother Muhoho? The fagget was probably somewhere “protecting his brand” like our retarded chokoraa Chipukeezy.

So why were people tagging me all of yesterday to do a blog in support of Nick Mutuma? Because he’s a male? Fuck that shit! Mutuma has fed this feminist movement by perpetuating the consumerism culture. His social media is about bragging and showing off his material lifestyle. He’s never concerned about social issues, the doctors or nurses strike, and the like. He’s not like Dan Aceda.

He’s like this fucker called Joe Muchiri. All the feminists are after their asses right about now, and you know what? I won’t lose any sleep.

You know why? These idiots have just been enjoying life. For them, the dunda is their thing. Calling out social-injustices is too much of a burden. Speaking against corruption will injure their non-existent brands and harbouring a political opinion might put them at crossroads with their “fans” .

This is a message to those fucked up, fake ass male celebrities who remain silent during times of social injustice and then come to raise money when shit hits the fan. We saw how Philip Ogolla’s friends came through for him because he’s part of their “clique” . And what of the rest of Kenyans?

Nyeri Governor Wahome Gakuru had to be taken to Thika Level 5 Hospital for emergency services. Same as his staff. Do these 1824 fuckers even have a clue of how important public hospitals are? Do you see them on Buyer-Beware complaining about NHIF’s fake directive, trying to dictate the number of times members should get out-patient services?

No. These guys are enjoying life. Living lavida loca-ing. Fuck them!

I now give my assurance to feminists that I won’t interfere in your agenda of bringing down this or any other male character who has been laying back, watching the country crumble, as they “protect their brands” . Feminists just make sure you keep to your Lane and concentrate on these fake nigga’s who have become male-socialites. Leave those of us with a history of fighting against social injustice, to avoid collateral damage.

I gave Caroline Mutoko the offer of stopping her bullshit of talking shit about me to corporates, and let us all work in their respective spaces without conflict because the cake is big enough for everyone, but she was on top of the world. Now she and her coterie of groupies are slowly crumbling down. Their fall from Grace is invisible to the naked eye, but they might realise when its too late.

The person whom I’m after is Ronnie Osumba. For someone whose only claim to fame is sucking Peter Kenneth’s dick for career progression, to sack our brother Ogeto just because some feminists blackmailed him to, is rather unfortunate. I’ll nail you soon you son of a bitch. Youth Fund is not your personal property. Even Bruce Odhiambo was there before you. Where is he now? Idiot!

CAPTION: Ronnie Osumba. He sacked a staffer named Ogeto because of pressure from feminists, yet his only claim to fame is sucking Peter Kenneth’s dick, to get the job he currently has. These are the people we are after. The males in politics and corporate Kenya, who’ve aided feminists to efeminate our gender. 


Everyone in Nairobi knows that you went down on your knee’s, sucked Peter Kenneth’s dick in-order to be where you are today. Ronnie, you don’t occupy that position because of merit or special skills that you possess. You’re not an exceptional human being. You’re just an opportunist. There no difference between you, and the feminists who claim for jobs under the mask of affirmative action. You’re no different than the hordes of women in corporate Nairobi who had to sleep with their bosses to get jobs.

You’re a male whore Ronnie Osumba! Shame on you for sacking Ogeto due to feminist pressure. We will nail you one day with a Scandal in your office. And if I got Bob Collymore, trust me you’re small fish you twat!

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