#NyakundiBacklash – When the ” Big Boys ” are after you .


In 2015, a young man from the Hills of  Keroka  Started investigating a Multi-Billion Company by starting a series of exposes ( Part 1 to 15 ) Telling a story of greed, Impunity and  a lawsuit brought by 17 Kenyans against the multBillion Company.

The expose went on Smoothly with Kenyans demanding for more till Part 7 of 15. The company filed a lawsuit against Nyakundi for defamation on 24th June 2015, this was put in the Daily nation as a scare tactic by the Big Boys .

What follows is a compelling, personal story about Nyakundi , about his legal battle, and the fight to save his livelihood and reputation by fighting for freedom of speech that is guarded by the Kenyan constitution . 

Criticizing and questioning this Company is what I have always wanted to do. They serve Kenyans and are accountable to Kenyans. Nyakundi Feels . Being sued by a multi-Billion corporate giant like Safaricom is no PR-stunt and is no fun. But it is interesting. You learn a lot and if you survive you will certainly have a story to tell to the masses.

I have been Blogging for 4 years now and  the experience of Being a subject of an attack is giving me a deeper understanding of the Kenyan Media and Society .

In my part 1 – 15 Series, I am trying to understand how Safaricom did what they did. While doing the series questions kept coming up in my mind ” How has Safaricom been able to control the story in the Kenyan media for more than a decade ? “

I now have a story to tell, The story of Corporate scare Tactics, How they instill fear in little guys like Nyakundi. How would you feel when the raw forces of money and power are after you ?

In my case, Many people have distanced themselves away from me. Maybe they feel Safaricom has a point or this is a Big war to participate in. But I am glad some have stood with me in this trying moment.

For example, Some sent me small packages for expenses while others condemned this . Some threatened to Boycott Safaricom but it never happened though this sent a message to the Big Boys.  Some decided to share the articles that Safaricom wants expunged to spread the message ” Assuming Nyakundi owns the alleged Site “.

The Boycott Safaricom never happened but many Kenyans demanded that Safaricom withdraws the Lawsuit . But the Big boys have refused to withdraw the case .

Some people ( Who will remain unnamed ) Were probably paid to demoralize me and write Sympathy articles, But this was expected. Some mocked me On Social media but those who encouraged me have  given me the strength to move forward.

    The Greatest enemies of change are not the oppressors but those who cheer the oppressors and mock those demanding for change

Today, Bloggers are more important than ever. The Blogposts are the last Bastions of truth  telling. Traditional media has no time for doing investigative stories because they have interests to protect. They are owned by corporate entities that have an interest on news, Presentation and distribution .  All of which means that Bloggers  meet more opposition, as we continue to tell these stories of corporations doing bad things.

There is not doubt. Corporations will still be exposed whether they like it or not, they cant sue everybody .

I hope the Part 1- 15 Series will open Kenyans eyes and generate a debate on how  corporations do, and are able to do, by way of controlling the media and instilling fear among the little  Money-less  people like me and you.

As Nyakundi heads to court on 14 July 2015, He asks ” What Crime have I committed ? ” ” How expensive is freedom of expression ? ” ” Where are Kenyans who Value Freedom of expression ? Where are the leaders ? ”

Time will Tell


About the author

Cyprian, Is Nyakundi

Cyprian is a blogger who has an interest in politics, news, current affairs, people and anything that is of interest to society. My aim is to inform and update readers with the most accurate information.







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