Parents Protest Rising Tuition Fees With Poor Results At Muhoho Boys High School

CAPTION: A snapshot of Muhoho Boys High School’s Main Administration Block

Parents at Muhoho Boys High have come out to protest an increasingly expensive curriculum at the formerly best performing secondary school in Gatundu South, Kiambu County.

Speaking to us in confidentiality, one of the furious guardians has expressed fears that the current administration is running a well-orchestrated plan to mint some quick cash in the name of tuition fees.

The disturbing situation recently escalated a notch higher when the school principal portrayed staggering levels of greed by unfairly sending home a group of 30 Form 4 students on trumped-up academic indiscipline allegations.

During the outright extortion attempt reported to have taken place on Wednesday, May 4, parents were blackmailed into either forcing their sons to repeat the preceding Form 3 class or finding a transfer to a different school.

There was also a ‘hidden’ third option, where gullible custodians were persuaded into compromising the corrupt administration for their teenagers to retain positions.

A few days later, a fresh plot to milk parents was ready for execution.

This time around, Muhoho Boys High School sent a text message to Form 4 guardians, asking for the immediate disbursement of all outstanding tuition balances failure to which non-compliant students would be sent home.

True to their word, on Friday, May, 6, the boys were once again sent home for more money.

At the same time, a bone of contention has emerged over the school’s current poor performance.

Parents say that despite struggling to keep up with constant and huge demands, results remain uninspiring as the school’s mean score has been tumbling down year after year.

They have partly attributed this to frequent disruptions to the stipulated learning time for students by sending them home at every minimal chance available.

“Good morning Cyprian,

Kindly hide my identity and help us out for our boys at Muhoho High School.

It started on Wednesday, May 4, with around 30 boys being sent home for alledged academic indiscipline and asked to report back on Thursday with their parents/guardians.

Don’t forget some of them come from far places.

On reporting they were given two options, either to repeat Form 3 or get a transfer to another school.

Don’t forget they have paid school fees and form 4 registration is ongoing.

The second incident: was Thursday night.

An SMS is sent to parents who are already overcharged in school fees of Ksh 56,868 per year while other schools pay Ksh 35,000 that they are to be sent home for school fees balance. 

True to the SMS, Friday afternoon boys are sent home for school fees.

The school mean score is just going down when will these form 4s with the shortest year in the academic calendar settle?

Why destabilize the boys who need extra tuition for now?

This needs to be resolved asap to save the teenagers,” the source writes.


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