Presley Siblings: A Fascinating Look into Elvis’s Brothers and Sisters

Presley Siblings

Most individuals are familiar with him as The King, while some refer to him as the Memphis Flash.

His distinctive sideburns and lip curl would likely make him recognizable to you. Indeed, today’s Wonder of the Day features one of the most renowned figures in history.

Whom are we referring to? None other than Elvis Presley

elvis presley
elvis presley
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Few are aware that Elvis Presley, also known as ‘The King,’ had an identical twin brother who tragically passed away at birth.

While Elvis had no additional biological siblings, his family expanded when his father remarried following the death of Elvis’ mother, resulting in three stepbrothers.

Elvis’ Twin Brother

Presley Siblings: A Fascinating Look into Elvis’s Brothers and Sisters

Elvis was born in a small house in Tupelo, Mississippi on January 8, 1935.

His twin brother, Jesse Garon, was stillborn.

After Elvis and his mother were hospitalized, they never had more children.

The spelling of his middle name, Aron, was chosen to honor a friend named Aaron.

Many official documents used the single-“a” spelling during his lifetime.

Elvis preferred the double-“a” spelling starting in 1966.

His tombstone reflects his preference with the double-“a” spelling.



Elvis’s dad married Dee Stanley in 1960.

Dee had three sons: Bill, David, and Rick.

They joined the “Memphis Mafia” and Elvis was like a father to them.

David Stanley wrote “My Brother Elvis” in 2016, detailing Elvis’s life.

Other books include “Elvis, We Love You Tender” and “The Elvis Encyclopedia.”

Rick Stanley became a minister after battling addiction.

Bill Stanley worked on “A Ride To Remember” in 2010, but it remains unreleased.

elvis presley step siblings
elvis presley step siblings

More About Elvis’ Family

Mississippi’s recovery from the Great Depression was slow.

Elvis’ father, Vernon, worked various odd jobs, and their house lacked electricity and plumbing.

Early life for Elvis was turbulent due to poverty.

He lived in a close-knit, working-class family in Tupelo with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Though money was scarce, Vernon and Gladys made Elvis their priority.

They attended the Assembly of God Church and sang gospel music around the piano.

Elvis remained close to his parents and brought them to Graceland when he became a superstar.

Vernon managed his business affairs from an office behind the mansion.

Illegitimate Claims

A woman claimed to be Vernon Presley’s illegitimate child, making her Elvis’ half-sister.

While many have made such claims over the years, Eliza provided DNA evidence.

Tests with Elvis’ paternal cousin and a man claiming to be Elvis indicated kinship.

A Cleveland news station confirmed the results.

Eliza pursued this in court but eventually dropped the case when evidence disproved her relation.

Initially, the case was dismissed due to jurisdictional issues.

Eliza had sought funding to reopen the case in the correct court.

She also has a criminal history under her original name, Alice Elizabeth McFarland, in Washington state and Texas.

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