What Happened to Purity Mwambia? The Story of a Kenyan Journalist in Exile

An image of Purity Mwambia
After revealing the shocking truth about how corrupt cops were aiding and abetting crime in Kenya, Purity Mwambia had to flee the country and seek refuge in the US

If you are a fan of investigative journalism in Kenya, you are likely familiar with Purity Mwambia, a renowned former reporter from Citizen TV.

Purity Mwambia gained recognition for her fearless exposés, which have shed light on corruption, crime, and injustice within the country’s borders.

One of her notable works, titled “Guns Galore,” was broadcast in 2021 and brought to light a shocking revelation: rogue police officers were engaging in the illicit practice of renting out their firearms, ammunition, handcuffs, and uniforms to criminals, in exchange for a share of the criminals’ spoils.

This exposé not only astonished the nation but also garnered widespread admiration and praise for Mwambia among Kenyans.

However, her courageous actions didn’t come without consequences.

As a result of exposing corrupt senior police officers, Mwambia faced death threats, putting her life in jeopardy.

To ensure her safety, she made the difficult decision to flee the country and seek refuge in the United States.

Yet, since then, what has transpired in her life? How has she been navigating her new reality in exile?

This article aims to delve into these inquiries and more, shedding light on the remarkable journey of Purity Mwambia, one of Kenya’s most courageous journalists.

The aftermath of “Guns Galore” by Purity Mwambia

Purity Mwambia’s investigative journalism piece, “Guns Galore,” sent shockwaves across the nation when it revealed how corrupt police officers were profiting from criminal activities by renting out their weapons and equipment.

This groundbreaking exposé, aired on Citizen TV in 2021, exposed a dark reality of police involvement in crime instead of its prevention.

Mwambia’s unwavering bravery and professionalism in uncovering the truth earned her widespread praise and admiration from the Kenyan public.

However, Mwambia’s courageous work came at a high cost.

She became the target of death threats from the very police officers she had exposed, facing harassment, intimidation, and warnings to cease her investigations.

The relentless pursuit of justice forced her to make a difficult decision—to leave behind her home, career, and loved ones in order to safeguard her own life.

Seeking refuge in the United States, Mwambia embarked on a journey into an unfamiliar country and a new culture, encountering numerous challenges along the way.

Purity Mwambia Life in exile

Mwambia recently spoke at a conference organized by the United States Department of State to discuss the unique challenges faced by women in the news industry and revealed that adapting to a new country proved arduous for her.

One of her greatest challenges was the lack of support and assistance from the organization that facilitated her relocation.

Rather than receiving the expected aid, she found herself on the brink of homelessness, feeling abandoned and isolated in a foreign land.

Moreover, she faced limited opportunities for professional growth within the US media industry, which differed significantly from the landscape she was accustomed to in Kenya.

Mwambia highlighted the additional hurdles faced by women journalists living in exile.

In addition to gender discrimination, they confront issues such as sexual harassment, online abuse, and threats of violence.

The language barriers, cultural differences, legal complexities, and social isolation that come with living in a foreign country further compound their challenges.

The future of Purity Mwambia

Despite the adversities, Mwambia remains determined to continue her passion for journalism and shed light on matters of importance and injustice.

Her dream of returning to Kenya and resuming her work as an investigative journalist sustains her spirit, even as uncertainty clouds her future.

The constant fear of deportation and homelessness weighs heavily on her, while longing for her family and friends in Kenya leaves her feeling lonely and, at times, depressed.

Mwambia’s story exemplifies the remarkable courage and resilience displayed by women journalists who risk their lives to expose the truth and hold the powerful accountable.

It also serves as a stark reminder of the dangers they face, particularly in countries where press freedom and safety cannot be taken for granted.

Her experience raises important questions about the role and responsibility of organizations that aid journalists in exile, emphasizing the need for increased support and solidarity for women journalists living in similar circumstances.


Purity Mwambia’s journey, from her groundbreaking exposé to the challenges of life in exile, showcases the immense sacrifices made by journalists committed to uncovering the truth.

Her story sheds light on the critical role played by investigative journalists, while underscoring the pressing need for a supportive and protective environment for those who risk everything to expose injustices.

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