Azimio la Umoja Presidential candidate Raila Odinga and ODM aspirant for HomaBay County gubernatorial seat Gladys Wanga

Raila Odinga has been recorded hurling insults fo his supporters when he took the mic to digest the hotly contested HomaBay gubernatorial seat.

Raila, the Azimio la Umoja Presidential candidate lost his cool and called those against his Party’s choice- Gladys Wanga – stupid like their mothers.


Kenyans have started reacting to the whole scene captured on camera and went viral when ODM party leader chose hard words while addressing mourners at the burial of former Kenyan Ambassador to Qatar, Paddy Ahenda.


Raila explained in his native Luo dialect that he summoned all aspirants for the seat and they unanimously endorsed Wanga for the seat.

He added that Wanga is not a foreigner from Kano in the county, noting that she is a capable leader.

“Wanga nyako motegno kendo ochung’ motegno. Oh mach nyakocha ne owuok Kano to dhok ema odhi lokacha…Mano ng’ama ofuwo ka min mare,” Raila was tapped saying. 

(Wanga is a strong lady and she has been firm at tough times. Now we have detractors claiming that she is an outsider from Kano who was brought into Homabay in exchange for cows. Such persons are as stupid as their mother).

Below is the video as shared on Twitter