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RIP KQ: Corrupt John Ngumi Appointed To The Board Of Kenya Airways

John Ngumi, KPC Chairman appointed to the board of Kenya Airways (KQ)

John Ngumi is adversely mentioned in numerous corruption scandals at the Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC).

Who is John Ngumi?

John Ngumi is the current chairman of Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) chairman since July 2015. Before that Mr.  Ngumi founded of one of East Africa’s first independent investment banking groups, Loita Capital Partners. Mr. Ngumi served as Investment Banking Director E A of CFC Stanbic Bank Limited (Standard Bank Kenya). Prior to joining Standard Bank, he worked in various capacities at Citibank, Barclays, Citibank, Grindlays and National Westminster Bank.  He served as Chairman of Konza Technopolis Development Authority until July 17, 2015. He serves as a Director of the Investment Banking Coverage Division for East Africa at Standard Bank Africa. He has been a Non Executive Director of ARM Cement Limited since August 25, 2016. He holds Bachelor of Arts (1st Class Honours in Philosophy, Politics and Economics) from St. Peter’s College, University of Oxford, UK.

In January, 2019, Renewable energy developer DREAM EP Global Energy Kenya Limited appointed Mr. Ngumi as its chairman.

Despite this colorful names and appointments, Mr. Ngumi is one of the most corrupt Kenyans that does the bidding for the Kenyatta family.


I will try to cover his philandering story non-chronologically

Attempt to Steal Kshs. 11 Billion

In 2017: Mr. Ngumi wanted to steal Kshs. 11 billion in which the President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President WIlliam Ruto were among the beneficiaries.

Parliament, through the  Senate’s Public Investments Committee stopped this plan in its track before it was too late.

Mr. Ngumi and the then Managing Director Joe Sang wanted to steal the money using a company called Zakhem International.

Zakhem International were building a new pipeline from Mombasa to Nairobi and Ngumi and Joe connived with officials from the company to inflate the costs midway, to enable the two thieves make away with taxpayers money.

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Theft of Kshs. 1 Billion

An anonymous letter sent to the chief editor of this site stated that Kshs, 1 billion had been stolen from KPC. At the centre of the scandal stood non other than KPC Chairman John Ngumi.

The company that was used this time is known as Aero Dispensers Limited and Thermo Dynamic General Supplies.

Aero Dispensers Limited, which makes no tax returns at the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) received payments in batches amounting to billions of shillings.

The two companies named above are ghosts and they made away with huge amounts of taxpayers money.

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KPC Crooks bribe Anti-Corruption agency, EACC

When the heat is too much, you bribe the one who is supposed to arrest and investigate you.

The the Chairman of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) Halakhe Waqo was paid off millions of shillings to ignore a letter detailing how Kenya Pipeline Company Directors plus senior staff have been conspiring to Loot Billions from the State Owned Corporation

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Many more scandals by titles below
Bribing the National Environment Management Authority to look the other way

We Told You! NEMA Stops Kenya Pipeline Oil-Spill Clean-Up Firm

Nepotism, corruption and Favoritism

Email to Cyprian Nyakundi exposes Nepotism, Corruption and Victimization of Staff at Kenya Pipeline Company.

Bandits and thieves at work at KPC

Bandit-Economy : Who will save Kenya Pipeline Company from Mega Looting?

Sending the attack dogs to Cyprian Nyakundi

Women should learn to work hard and not lie with fake billionaires for promotion and money.

John Ngumi’s Clande Attacks Nyakundi In Vicious Social Media Posts


This corrupt John Ngumi was today elected to the Kenya Airways board.

Kenya Airways, the rotten national carrier has been trying to acquire Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) through the backdoor.

The Commercial Bank of Africa and NIC banks are the vultures that want to cart away JKIA without much care for Kenya.

Their greed is aided by successive KQ managers who took loans without much due diligence.

JKIA is government property, which the two rogue families want to turn into private property.

MORE ON LOSSES AT ROTTEN KENYA AIRWAYS: [CASH COW] Revealed: Salaries Of Kenya Airways Top Managers Are Exorbitant

John Ngumi acting for the rogue families instill the vote needed to kill this airline and most probably privatize it for the Kenyattas.

The Kenyattas already have the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).

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