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Ryland Hauser College Football Offers: A Hollywood Success Story

An image of Ryland Hauser
Ryland Hauser son of Yellowstone star, Cole Hauser


Ryland Hauser, the son of ‘Yellowstone’ actor Cole Hauser, maybe the lone person who would ever desire to be a bully.

Currently, football scholarship offers are inundating the standout tight end at Jensen Beach High School.

And thanks to his mother’s recent supportive and joyful Instagram post, we now know he has an offer to play at Mississippi State.

However, what does that have to do with bullying? Discover more here

Mississippi State’s Official Mascot Is ‘Bully’ The Bulldog

Almost every team, whether it be in college or the professionals, has a well-liked mascot.

And Mississippi State, which has one of the best, is no different in this regard.

The Mississippi State University Bulldogs call their mascot The Lovable Bully, and they also name the real bulldog that appears at State games The Lovable Bully.

As well as recent Instagram posts by Cynthia Hauser.

As she proudly proclaimed her son’s offer from Mississippi State, Ryland Hauser’s mother revealed that her son had just been given the opportunity to become a bulldog, also known as a “Bully”.

You can see where we were coming from now that we’ve talked so much about bullies, right?

Ryland appears to have a lot more options, however, if he declines Mississippi State’s offer to join the Bulldogs.

And when is having options undesirable?

Ryland Hauser Getting Multiple Scholarships for College Football

This isn’t even Ryland’s first offer; other colleges are competing for his attention and are preparing to make an offer to play for them.

Schools like Rutgers, Indiana, and Appalachian State have not yet extended an official offer, but they have been keeping an eye on him and are highly likely to do so soon.

But for those who have made offers, Warner University has gotten in touch with them on its own to secure the star tight end’s services before the official offer from Mississippi State.

Initially, Cynthia and Cole Hauser expressed their happiness when their son, Ryland, received the Warner University offer and said it would be the “first of many” offers.

Ryland’s mother praised him on Instagram, writing, “My boy @ryhauser got his first offer today I’m a very pleased mommy! Ryland is the oldest of the three Hauser kids.

I appreciate Warner University’s confidence in him.

In the comment area, Ryland’s well-known father added, “Proud of all the effort you’re making, son! One among many.

Can you blame the proud parents for being eager to learn about the next offer and the future plans for their son?

Talk about a thrilling era!

The beginning of a football dynasty may now be associated with a family that is well-recognized as Hollywood royalty.

The Ryland Hauser Family Is Hollywood Royalty

One of the most entertaining television characters ever created is Cole Hauser’s Rip Wheeler from Yellowstone.

A generational genius with a Hollywood-privileged family is Hauser’s portrayal of the fan favorite.

Whether it is his mother, Cass Warner, who started the movie production business Warner Sisters, or whether it is his father, Wings Hauser, who has appeared in countless projects like Magnum, P.I.

The A-Team, and a hundred others that you can see on his IMDB profile.

His great-grandfather was Harry Warner, one of the original founders of Warner Bros., and his grandfather, Dwight Hauser, is an Oscar-winning screenwriter.

Even before his success in Yellowstone, Cole was a well-established actor who had roles in iconic movies like Dazed and Confused and Good Will Hunting as well as well-known franchises like the Fast & Furious series.

However, Yellowstone has cemented Cole’s status as an actor who will be in demand for years to come.

His wife, Elizabeth Wakefield, who played Elizabeth Wakefield on Sweet Valley High from 1994 to 1997, is a former model and actor.

In addition, Cynthia and her identical twin sister starred as the Doublemint Twins in a number of advertisements for the gum brand.

She appeared on The Basketball Diaries as well, as you may recall.

After quitting performing, she is now unquestionably a wonderful mother to two sons—the aforementioned Ryland and Colt—as well as a daughter named Steely Rose.

The Hauser family may be royalty in Hollywood, but it appears that Ryland will steer the family in a different way.

And, like his parents, we are eager to see whom he chooses for his college career because it may pave the way for his selection in the NFL draft in a few years.


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