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Safaricom manager Kaberia Kajuki caught in nasty family feud

Paul Kaberia Kajuki

Below is a point by point narration about one Paul Kaberia Kajuki, a Safaricom PLC Manager who is being accused of betraying his wife in death, stealing their kid and with the help of the maid hiding it from the larger family.

Did Kaberia Kajuki marry the maid and fled with the kid? Read below as SHARED ONLINE .


Am writing this information to notify the public about the inhumane act portrayed by PAUL KABERIA KAJUKI ID NO.11256565 working with SAFARICOM PLC as one of the safaricom senior managers whose office is based at Mulolongo Town Kenya.

The said SAFARICOM PLC manager was a known husband to the late Christine Kajuju Mwito who died on 23rd February 2022 .Christine Kajuju Mwito was an OPPO sales representative at Muranga County.

The late Christine Kajuju Mwito was blessed with a baby girl on 29th November 2021. PAUL KABERIA and the late Christine visited Christine’s family on 8th may 2021 when PAUL KABERIA was introduced to the family of the deceased as the husband to the late Christine.

After the introduction he was requested to follow the normal marriage process which he agreed to do in the month of July in the same year of which he didn’t because he claimed that his late mother was sick that why he changed the plans. During his stay with Christine he kept calling our father promising that he will do what they had agreed concerning the marriage process. During the burial of PAUL KABERIA’S mother, Christine was even included in the eulogy as the wife to PAUL and this can be attested by the following photos.

After the demise of our sister Christine Kajuju Mwito the purported husband by the name PAUL KABERIA abandoned our family and refused to bury Christine claiming his family land had not gone through succession process .This was a lame excuse because he has a home at Kiambu county Thika Makongeni landless phase Two where he resides.

PAUL KABERIA later notified us that it was shameful for him to bury Christine because she wasn’t his wife known to the public domain but just a mere girlfriend. He further argued that the public knows that they divorced with his wife who stays in USA and he only lives with his son.

When Christine died he went to police station and recorded Occurrence book OB NO; 07/23/02/2022 where he indicated that he was travelling with a friend who got sick on the way and after taking her to Maua Methodist hospital that is when she died.

At Maua Methodist he recorded that the late Christine was just a simple girlfriend not his wife and informed Maua Methodist medical officers that he was not ready to handle anything concerning the demise of Christine and her burial to the extent even during the time of giving records she provided the phone contact of the late Christine to be contacted by hospital in case of any inquiry by the hospital.

We don’t know why he gave contact of the dead person. After medical officers and staff Methodist hospital demanded more questions concerning the death of Christine he turned to be offensive to them and telling them that they couldn’t force him to be the late Christine’s husband despite staying with her.

He was requesting medical officers to record contrary opinion regarding the death of Christine. In simple Paul started causing confusion with untrue stories concerning the death of Christine and being rude to our family and to friends of the late Christine.

After Christine died, PAUL came in my sister’s home where Baby ARIELLA FARAJA KENDI and the house girl were and instructed the house girl to pack everything and leave the room very fast. When two friends of the late Christine followed them to see where they we going with the baby PAUL KABERIA locked them outside the gate of his brother who resides at MAUA and instructed the owner of the house not to open the gate to any person who wanted to see the baby.

I thought I could be at the position of seeing my niece but up to date I have never seen the baby. This guy has caused a lot of pain to family and friends which can’t be healed. Even now am shedding tears while writing this sad story.

PAUL KABERIA didn’t even constitute a single burial committee to help us to bury Christine. In simple terms he didn’t contribute even a single coin towards the burial of the deceased. He didn’t even notify his colleagues or friends about Christine’s death including those who knew their relationship. He kept the death of Christine secret and he didn’t want anyone in his working station or even neighbors at Muranga where Christine was living and also his neighbors and friends at Thika Makongeni phase 2 where he resides.

His contribution was to send his relatives to burial preparation committee to investigate how things were going on and to hack our conversation through phone calls using his manager powers at SAFARICOM PLC. We suspect that even to date he is using SAFARICOM PLC managerial powers to hack our family and friends phone call conversations and messages to monitor with the intention of causing more harm to the family.

Tell-all picture.

As if that was not enough, PAUL KABERIA continued to cause more pain to our family and friends of the late Christine and cared less about the death of Christine. PAUL KABERIA with the help of the house girl known Susan (karembo) disappeared with the late Christine’s baby aged 3 months .PAUL blocked us from accessing our sister’s baby and went claiming that he is the legal father while no relevant authority with competent jurisdiction has given him such permission.

Up to date we don’t know how the baby is doing because PAUL KABERIA blocked us from accessing the baby or get any communication concerning the welfare of the baby. PAUL KABERIA blocked our contacts and also urged his house girl to do the same so that we can’t know anything about the baby.

We pleaded with him to bring the baby to bury her mother but he disappeared with the baby before the burial date and he didn’t even come to the burial too. When we arrived at our home to lay Christine to rest after church service we met some of the Christine households dumped at our home by a person believed to have been sent by PAUL KABERIA because he refused to be accompanied by family member to pick the belongings of the late Christine at Muranga County where Christine was residing.

We are demanding PAUL KABERIA ID NO 11256565 to give us our sisters baby named ARIELLA FARAJA KENDI we take care of her because he said Christine was not his wife but a mere a girlfriend who was not known. According to us PAUL KABERIA is a thief since he has stolen the baby of our late sister Christine. What is he doing with baby whose mother was girlfriend whom she didn’t even recognize or accord her last respect on earth?

If she disrespected and abandoned the dead body of my sister what about the baby of the deceased? We are sure that baby ARIELLA FARAJA KENDI life is in enormous danger because we no longer trust PAU KABERIA and his house girl who are in unlawful and illegal custody of the baby Ariella Faraja Kendi. No one who has granted him legal authority and consent to be the custodian of Baby Ariella FARAJA KENDI.

What is he doing with a baby whose mother was just a friend not a wife? How can one disappear with a baby belonging to a friend and not a wife? This person has acted contrary to the law and culture too. Even a person of unsound mind can’t do what he is doing to us.

He is doing all this because he believe he has both human and inhumane power to mistreat us and he is being protected by SAFARICOM PLC where he is enjoying monopoly of powers.

Our lives and that of the baby Ariella Faraja Kendi is in danger because we have already received threats from PAUL KABERIA.If anything happens to me today or any member of my family PAUL KABERIA KAJUKI should bare maximum responsibility. Am writing this to public because PAUL KABERIA is hiding this story and he don’t want the public to know about it.

Through this inhumane act we can attest that he is a threat to the public and also a disgrace to the public .Members of the public we need your prayers and support for us to get peace of mind and justice too because this person has caused enough psychological torture to us. We are not secure as a family of the late Christine and our hearts are still bleeding due to pain caused by PAUL KABERIA.

We are requesting SAFARICOM PLC to take legal action against PAUL KABERIA because he is one of the safaricom office bearers and we don’t believe such characters with such behaviors are supposed to be offering company’s services to the public. For the safety and interests of baby ARIELLA FARAJA KENDI and the late Christine’s family we are urging SAFARICOM PLC to ensure this character is dealt with ruthlessly.

We are also notifying SAFARICOM PLC that if any of the PAUL KABERIA conversations including phone calls and messages records will be missing in the safaricom system they will help him to carry this heavy and evil cross because they will be contributing to injustice. But it our hope and prayer that SAFARICOM PLC will also intervene and ensure that no actions are done to prejudice our family in favor of their office bearer.

We are demanding justice to be served with immediate effect and legal action be taken against PAUL KABERIA MOSES KAJUKI and give back baby ARIELLA FARAJA KENDI to the family of the late Christine because that is where the baby should be staying and not in the hands of strangers.

Lastly, if I ,BABY ARIELLA FARAJA KENDI and members of my family get any harm or anything happens to us including kidnapping ,abnormal sickness and death PAUL KABERIA KAJUKI ID NO.11256565 SAFARICOM PLC MANAGER OFFICE BASED AT MULOLONGO TOWN KENYA WHOSE RESIDENCE IS KIAMBU COUNTY THIKA MAKONGENI LANDLESS PHASE TWO should bare maximum responsibility 100% and liability.

We are therefore requesting support from all institutions championing for human rights, children’s rights, probono advocates, Government offices, Private institutions, church institutions, members of the public and everyone to ensure justice is served.

Office of the DCI MAUA, MAUA POLICE STATION and OFFICE THE CHIEF AND SUB CHIEF KIEGOI LOCATION is aware of the above story and whatever I have stated hereinabove is true, correct in the best of my knowledge, information and belief.

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