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Safaricom’s Till Number Fraud

Hello Nyakundi,

My name is (withheld), I ran a small business under the name of (withheld, the till number was 736274.

I was initially registered under the agency of East Africa Data Handlers (EADH) as Safaricom agents. I had saved over Sh30,000 before there was some serious fraud in EADH offices where Kenyans lost big amounts of cash under the watchful eye of Safaricom.

We were advised to wait for probe and audit to take place, in the meantime, we were migrated back to Safaricom.

it’s now over 1 and a half years’ no one is telling me where and how will I get my Sh30,000 that got lost through this till number not even Safaricom.

I have made numerous visits, written numerous mails but to no avail. Find attached is my MPESA wallet statement from EADH (withheld).

Kindly assist me in following up this matter as this is not in the spirit of tuko nawe kila wakati they keep bragging about.

Safaricom and East Africa Data Handlers are in court pointing fingers at each other while their clients such as the one who sent the above information continue to suffer.

The deteriorating Telco

Over the past few months, Safaricom key services such as internet, MPESA, and calls have suffered downtimes. The intensity of the happenings have raised eyebrows due to their curious nature.

This blog has severally observed that since the return of former CEO/now interim Mr Michael Joseph alias Mr. 10 per cent, things have been going down. It is well at this point to use Michael Joseph’s own words to describe him, ‘he is a black man in a white body’.

The culture of ‘it is our time to eat’, seems to have infected Michael Joseph and him and his Kenyan cartels were salivating when there was no decision on the acting CEO following the abrupt death of Bob Collymore.

Mr 10 per cent took over and true to Kenyan form, Safaricom appointed a Kenyan CEO in the mold of Michael Joseph who in turn appointed Peter Ndegwa, who is taking over in April Fools Day.

From poor data services leading to slow internet, to high number of call drop rates (by the way CAK should punish them for this), to banking fraud, and the official number hacking fraud.

Michael Joseph rewarded himself with a ranch in Laikipia at his first stint at Safaricom, Michael Joseph has not managed to turnaround Kenya Airways, Michael Joseph was never the best manager at Safaricom during its infancy.

“Perhaps there are more than one person in need of a ranch this time around”, a Safaricom staff member said jokingly.

Safaricom might be on its death bed, if the government doesn’t step in…oops, which government?

There’s no humanity left in Jubilee. The fall will be cataclysmic.

Rest in Peace Safaricom

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