Scott Adams Net Worth: How Scott Adams Built A Remarkable Net Worth

Scott Adams has amassed a significant net worth through his prolific career in cartooning, writing, and speaking engagements.

Scott Adams, renowned for creating the iconic Dilbert comic strip, is a notable figure in the realm of cartooning and entrepreneurship.

His financial standing is a testament to the widespread success and enduring influence of his work, not only in the comic strip domain but also in various entrepreneurial ventures.

Who Is Scott Adams?

Scott Adams is a famous American author and cartoonist, best known for creating the comic strip Dilbert. Dilbert, which started in 1989, depicts the humorous and absurd aspects of working in a corporate environment.

The comic strip became very popular and reached a worldwide audience in the 1990s and 2000s.

Besides Dilbert, Scott Adams has also written several books on business, commentary, and satire, such as Win Bigly, Loserthink, and God’s Debris.

Scott Adams has a background in economics and an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley.

He is also a trained hypnotist and an expert on persuasion.

Scott Adams hosts a YouTube channel called Real Coffee with Scott Adams, where he discusses current events and politics from his perspective.

However, in 2023, Scott Adams faced a lot of controversy and criticism for making racist remarks about Black Americans in one of his videos.

As a result, many newspapers dropped Dilbert from their syndication and his YouTube channel lost many subscribers.

Adams continues to produce Dilbert as a webcomic on his locals.com website under the name Dilbert Reborn.

Scott Adams Career

Scott Adams CareerCourtesy:Hoover Institution
Scott Adams Career
Courtesy:Hoover Institution

Scott Adams is an American author and cartoonist who created the comic strip Dilbert.

This comic shows the problems of office workers in modern companies.

Adams started his career as a bank teller in San Francisco in 1979. However, he faced danger twice when robbers pointed guns at him.

Therefore, he joined a management training program and changed his job.

Later, he worked as a software engineer and product manager for Pacific Bell, a phone company, from 1986 to 1995.

Meanwhile, he drew Dilbert in his free time and sent it to newspapers.

In 1989, Dilbert was first published and became popular.

By 1995, Adams quit his job at Pacific Bell and became a full-time cartoonist.

Since then, he has written many books on business, humor, and politics.

He also makes videos and podcasts on his website.

Scott Adams Net Worth

Scott Adams Net WorthCourtesy: Deadline
Scott Adams Net Worth
Courtesy: Deadline

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Scott Adams has a net worth of around $25 million as of 2023.

He earned most of his fortune from the success of Dilbert, which was syndicated in over 2,000 newspapers in 19 languages and 60 countries by the mid-1990s.

He also wrote several books based on Dilbert and other topics, such as business, politics, and spirituality.

In addition, he founded a vegetarian food company called Scott Adams Foods, Inc. and hosted a YouTube show called Real Coffee with Scott Adams.

Scott Adams Wife

Scott Adams WifeCourtesy:Time
Scott Adams Wife

Adams, the creator of the popular comic strip Dilbert, has been married twice in his life.

His first wife was Shelly Miles, whom he met at a health club in California.

They got married in 2006 and divorced in 2014.

His second wife was Kristina Basham, an Instagram star, model, and baker.

They met in 2016 and got engaged in 2019.

However, their marriage did not last long, as they announced their separation and divorce in 2022.

Basham also revealed that she was battling cancer at the time.

Despite the age difference of over 30 years between them, Adams and Basham seemed to have a happy relationship until their split.

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