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SCREENSHOTS: Kenyan Women Praise Killer Cop Caroline Kangogo


Screenshots of a section of Kenyan women praising killer cop Caroline Kangogo for her crime of gunning down two men have been doing rounds on social media.

From some of the disturbing comments captured from various social media platforms, it has now become somewhat clear that the fugitive police officer has already amassed a significant fanbase from the feminized Kenyan female population.

In one such post shared in one of Kenya’s most-followed Facebook groups, a Kenyan lady hiding under the pseudo name “Shay Stacy Conyers” wrote a viral paragraph lauding the female officer for her crimes.

She even recommended her as the next Chairlady of the next edition of the imaginary Women’s Conference.

“Mwanamke Bomba, Karma, Kiongos, Lioness Mfinyi,” were some of the words used to describe her.

Caroline Kangogo, a fugitive police officer who is accused of killing two men, allegedly contacted one of the victim’s wives on multiple occasions, the most recent being three days before he was found murdered.

The police officer, now a fugitive, shocked the nation with her horrific transgressions that claimed the lives of two men believed to have been in a romantic relationship with her.

Kangogo is the main suspect in the murder of Constable John Ogweno in Nakuru and a civilian, Peter Ndwiga, in Thika, both of whom met their deaths in less than 24 hours.

Under the comments section, other bitter women joined in and showered her with accolades.

“I salute you Madam Bomba,” wrote Lizzy Rainny.

“Jifiche Kabisa Mkurugenzi, Endelea Kufinya Wao,” added Melissa De Sanchez.

“She is the best, We are fixing this nation,” Mitchelle Zaittu added.


Caroline Kangogo, a rogue police officer, described as armed and dangerous by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is still on the loose as of Saturday, 10 July, 2021.

According to some of her colleagues, she is an amiable person with a calm and cheerful attitude.

However, others said she doesn’t fear confrontation and, many a time responds with force when threatened in any way.

A lively person who prefers the company of men, the fugitive is said to be an officer who tackles issues head-on and rarely ducks.

She is believed to have been involved in sex work beside her work in the police service.

She is said to have entertained men with money and would break up once the money is finished and most of the time, men would fight over her.

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