Sharina Hudson: The Woman Who Captivated Hollywood and Wendy Williams

Sharina Hudson is a massage therapist primarily based in Hollywood.

Sharina rose to prominence through her work with major production teams.

An image illustration of Sharina Hudson
Sharina Hudson
Image: youtube.com, @The Celeb Rack (modified by author) Source: UGC

Despite her profession not typically associated with fame, her connection with Kevin Hunter has made her a notable figure over the past three years.

The exact timeline of her relationship with Hunter remains uncertain, but they have since cohabited in a new residence.

Sharina Hudson Profile Summary

Name: Sharina Hudson

Birth Year: 1986

Place of Birth: South Carolina

Occupation: Professional massage therapist

Spouse: Kevin Hunter

Sharina Hudson Early Life

Sharina Hudson’s early life remains shrouded in mystery, as she has managed to keep it private.

The only family members known to the public are Kevin Hunter and their child.

She has maintained a low profile since 2017, refraining from disclosing details about her extended family.

Sharina Hudson Parenthood

Hudson’s pregnancy became a major headline in the USA entertainment scene.

Initially, there were rumors circulating about Kevin Hunter’s lover being pregnant.

Wendy Williams even made light of the news on her show. Following Wendy Williams’ joke, the couple took down their social media profiles.

However, Tasha K, a popular YouTuber, disseminated more information about the family and their child through a viral video.

An image illustration of Sharina Hudson
Kevin Hunter, Sharina Hudson, and Wendy Williams
PHOTO Courtesy | Guardian LV

Neither Kevin Hunter nor Sharina has publicly refuted Tasha K’s assertions.

In one of her most-watched videos on her channel, Tasha K disclosed the baby’s name.

According to her credible sources, the child’s name is Journey.

The YouTuber contends that the choice of this name carries significant implications, particularly in light of the recent developments in Sharina and Hunter’s lives.

Charlamagne’s connection with Sharina Hudson and Kevin Hunter

Charlamagne Tha God plays a significant role in Sharina Hudson and Kevin Hunter’s lives for two primary reasons.

First, their connection stems from their shared upbringing in South Carolina, forging a unique bond between Sharina Hudson and Charlamagne.

Additionally, Charlamagne and Kevin Hunter, Sharina’s husband, have been long-time friends, primarily due to their mutual interest in the entertainment industry.

As a talent manager, Kevin Hunter played a pivotal role in advancing Charlamagne’s career in radio, exemplified by his assistance in Charlamagne’s move to New York.

However, their once-amicable relationship has deteriorated, leading to conflicting accounts of the cause of their falling out.

While Hunter initially asserted that their discord was rooted in work-related issues, Charlamagne has presented a different narrative regarding their rift.

According to Charlamagne, the rift between him and Hunter, and to some extent Wendy Williams, can be attributed to his friendship with Sharina.

Sharina Hudson’s Journey as a Model

Charlamagne’s introduction of Sharina Hudson to Hunter was primarily rooted in her modeling aspirations.

In her younger years, Sharina pursued a career in modeling with hopes that Hunter would serve as her mentor and manager.

While she may not have secured any major modeling contracts, Charlamagne attests to her striking beauty.

An image illustration of Sharina Hudson modelling
Sharina Hudson as a model
Photo: @sharina.nicola Source: Instagram

Sharina’s Transition to a Massage Therapist

Over the past decade, Sharina Hudson transitioned her career path to become a massage therapist in Hollywood.

While specific details about her client base remain private, it is known that she had the opportunity to work with some of the most prominent production companies in the industry.

Furthermore, her expertise in this field led her to collaborate with certain clients of Kevin Hunter.

It’s been suggested that the affair between Sharina and Hunter may have begun during their joint projects, as speculated by Wendy Williams.

Sharina Hudson’s Net Worth and Earnings

Before entering into a relationship with Kevin Hunter, Sharina pursued a career in modeling.

Although her modeling career didn’t reach great heights, she later transitioned into a massage therapist role in Hollywood.

Over the past decade, she has collaborated with various production teams, contributing to her current estimated net worth of approximately $500,000.

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