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Skinniest Person in the World: A List of the Top 4

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Meet some of the skinniest people in the world, who have made headlines for their extreme thinness. Learn about their stories, their conditions, and their challenges/PHPTP COURTESY: Instagram

Have you ever wondered who is the skinniest person in the world?

What are the reasons behind their extreme thinness?

How do they cope with their health and social challenges?

In this article, I will introduce you to some of the thinnest people on the planet, who have made headlines for their unusual body shapes and sizes.

Some of them suffer from rare medical conditions, while others have developed eating disorders or other psychological issues.

Some of them have embraced their skinny appearance, while others have sought help to gain weight and improve their quality of life.

Here are the top 10 skinniest people in the world, according to various sources.

1. Lizzie Velasquez

Lizzie Velasquez is the skinniest person in the world alive today.

She was born with a rare congenital disease called Marfanoidprogeroidlipodystrophy syndrome that prevents her from accumulating body fat and gaining weight.

She weighs only 29 kilograms and has a body mass index (BMI) of 14.5, which is far below the normal range of 18.5 to 251

Lizzie was bullied as a child and teenager for her appearance and was even dubbed as the “World’s Ugliest Woman” in a YouTube video that went viral in 2006.

However, she did not let the negativity affect her self-esteem and confidence.

She became a motivational speaker, activist, writer, and YouTuber, who inspires millions of people with her message of self-love and acceptance.

She has also written several books and starred in a documentary about her life

2. Tom Staniford

Tom Staniford is the skinniest man in the world.

He suffers from a condition called MDP syndrome, which affects only eight people in the world.

This condition causes him to lose fat from his face and limbs, but not from his torso.

He also has diabetes, deafness, and osteoporosis.

He weighs only 30 kilograms and has a BMI of 12.53

Tom was once a chubby child who loved food, but he started losing weight rapidly when he was 12 years old.

He became interested in cycling as a way to cope with his condition and pursue his passion.

Tom became a professional cyclist and won several national and international championships.

He also became a model and an ambassador for various charities and causes.

Tom is married to a fellow cyclist and lives in Australia

3. Valeria Levitin

Valeria Levitin was once considered the skinniest woman in the world before she passed away in 2013.

She suffered from anorexia nervosa, a severe eating disorder that made her obsessed with losing weight and afraid of gaining it.

She weighed only 25 kilograms and had a BMI of 9.8 at her lowest point

Valeria developed anorexia when she was a teenager, after being pressured by her mother to become a model.

She moved from Russia to the United States to pursue her dream, but she became trapped in a cycle of starvation and bingeing that damaged her health and appearance.

Valeria tried to seek help from various doctors and therapists, but none of them could cure her condition.

She died at the age of 40 after suffering multiple organ failure

4. Kristina Karyagina

Kristina Karyagina is another Russian woman who suffers from anorexia nervosa.

She weighs only 17 kilograms and has a BMI of 7.8, which is dangerously low for any human being.

She has been battling with her eating disorder for over 10 years, after being dumped by her boyfriend who called her fat.

Kristina has been hospitalized several times for her condition, but she refuses to eat more than a few bites of food per day.

She also suffers from depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.

She lives with her mother, who tries to support her and encourage her to recover.

Kristina hopes to become healthy again and pursue her dream of becoming a psychologist.

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