Staffer: Work conditions at Proto energy worse than those in Nazi forced labour concentration camps

Proto Energy, which is owned by billionaire businessman Mohammed Jaffer which is the maker of Pro Gas recently received regulatory approval to buy Solutions East Africa, whose LPG products are marketed as SeaGas.

As this happened, many employees have been complaining about the working conditions at the company.

Some employees have been sending the editor of this website information confidentially over what they term as poor working conditions at the company that has turned them into slaves.

Here are the allegations

Raila’s Odinga with his Financier Accused Of Multiple Crimes Jaffer Mohammed [image courtesy]
Source: Hey bro? Let’s talk.

I am ****** ****** working with Progas . I will give you a lot of secrets and suffering the employees go through in Proto and the racist activities done there. They have sacked 750 employees since Dec last year.

Editor: Go ahead I am listening

Source: Mind if you call me on *******

Editor: No need for calls, Let me send you a secure place to contact with the details

Source: That is okay. Waiting

Editor: Thanks I have received the testimony

Racism and slavery treatment of employees at Proto

Proto brought a new head of commercial and CEO by the name Amanda.
Since last year she has been sacking and hiring in the name of replacing with suitable employees.

This is her routine exercise in the companies she has worked and collapsed ie Koko networks, Tala.

She doesn’t work in a company for more than 3 years since she has no strategy at all. She convinces shareholders through radical changes which help her buy time before they realize and fire or she resigns.

She is a typical colonialist who only believes in people who only say yes to her ideologies. She can’t work with smart people.

As we speak 750 families since Dec last year are crying since they were all sacked. (List attached )

Others are on suspension waiting to be terminated.
Her tricks are she puts somebody on suspension with half salary, frustrates you till you resign.

Her qualifications are questionable. Anybody who has directly got in touch with her can tell.

She runs the company politically.

She believes in gossip, with her foot soldiers in the ground. During the day she is busy smoking then holds meetings up to late-night without caring about the welfare of the employees.

She is always delaying employee allowances, you question you get fired.
Mistakes are for the black people, her mistakes go unnoticed or are unquestionable.

Mzungu Mwitu and Chain Smoker Amanda

The company has been turned into small courts. Each and every day she has at least 5 show causes to sign.

We have a small room at Andela where the hearings happen daily. The room is always busy with hearings leading to terminations and summary dismissal.

They have even hired a legal officer and an Hr specifically for the hearings and summons.

While all this is happening?

Where is the labour office?

Where is the MP Kasarani constituency ?

Where is the American Embassy?

Nyakundi, people are suffering at Proto, nobody is safe. Desperation, demotivation and depression are real in Progas.

If a driver is involved in an accident he is sacked!

If container managers do a wrong stock take they get sacked.
Where did humanity go?

Every day is a witch-hunt!

This company was not affected by the corona pandemic?

But since Amanda joined revenues have been going down!
The culture is brutal, slavery and bleeding.
Kindly tag the American embassy.

Right: Amanda

Huyu ni Mzungu Mwitu.

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