Student Reports Theft of Motivation Funds At Riara Girls High School

CAPTION: Riara Girls’ High School Principal Mrs. Jane Mulinge

A candidate who recently sat her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) at the Riara Girls’ High School has blown the whistle on the alleged theft of funds at the private learning institution.

Speaking to us in anonymity, the Form 4 leaver accused the school’s management led by the Principal Mrs Jane Mulinge of unlawfully dipping their hands into the students’ motivation kitty to which every parent contributes Sh15,000.

With the school collecting such huge amounts, one would expect that learners receive huge gifts as an encouragement to boost their performance.

But as our source divulged, the situation is strikingly different on the ground because the money is often misused by the administration whose greed knows no limits.

Students claim that the only items bought are sodas and cheap biscuits, which they feel is a total joke.

A teacher identified as Alex Wanjohi has been shamefully fingered for hoarding snacks inside a locked cabinet in the school’s Computer Lab.

His motive for such embarrassing childishness remains unknown.

In the e-mail quoted below this post, the student also confirmed a long list of charges against the institution previously covered by this blog.

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Mrs Jane Mulinge continues to be portrayed as a toxic human being that should not be around any kids, leave alone raising and educating them.

In fact, at the end of her submission, the latest source briefly mentions how the Principal forcefully held COVID-19 positive students at the school in 2020.

That is a story we intend to further highlight upon the receipt of more information.

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“Hi. I’m was a student at Riara I just finished school in March.

Anyways, please keep my identity anonymous.

So we as students have been going through so much but I couldn’t speak out because I was afraid of what she’d do to me.

I know I shouldn’t be bothered because I’m done with school but I fear for the other students, especially the Muslim girls.

But first of all, I’d like to tell you how she used to treat the entire school like prisoners.

I know other people from other schools might say they went through worse but we’ve all had our share of bad treatment.

I’ll start with the form fours.

So there’s this thing called Motisha in Riara it’s like a group where parents come together to gather money so as to motivate the students to work harder by like buying them snacks.

I’ll attach a spreadsheet of the funds that were made by the parents as evidence.

So parents would be pressured to send money like a minimum of Sh15,000 so that their daughters could be given snacks at school but you know what’s the funny thing, the school would buy the small sodas that cost Sh40 Ksh, ginger biscuits that cost Sh10 and lollipops that cost Sh10.

So it even made us as students wonder where does all the money go.

So like when we went to school this year in January we were getting the snacks but that was only for two weeks until a lesbian case cropped up.

And because of this Jane M said that we did not deserve the snacks and we were never given them.

But the funny part is that they’d still ask for our parents’ money claiming that they’re buying us snacks and when the head parents came to visit us they’d tell us how they hope we are working hard with the help of the snacks they’ve been buying but we received none.

I’d like to call out a teacher by the name of Alex Wanjohi.

He was the worst of them all.

He had the snacks our parents bought us in his cabinet in the computer lab and he’d even tell the computer students who came and told us how he said we’ll never get the snacks because we’re too entitled to have them and we can’t do anything and that he’ll keep them locked in his cabinet even after we leave school.

And this enraged all the form four students because they saw how the school would pressure the parents to send the money but they aren’t using it well.

Jane Mulinge really did us dirty as the form fours.

As the other students from other schools were learning and getting ready for KCSE do you know what we were doing?


On numerous days, classes would be disrupted by Mrs Mulinge who’d have the teachers stop teaching us so that we could go to the parade ground and sing songs she choose for us.

When we do not have the energy to sing, she’d leave us standing at the parade ground in the hot blazing sun as we sang alone for no one as the entire school proceeded with normal learning yet we were the top priority.

There’s even a day we sent the prefects to go talk to her but you know what she did?

She made them stand outside her office for 15 minutes and took her handbag and belongings and left and went home as they watched her pass by.

She even gets mad when we don’t sing the song she has picked.

I’m telling you she’s psycho like literally.

She’s always smiling as she punished us for nothing and wastes our time.

She even said she can’t pray for us Form 4s because we are sinners and she can’t waste her time on us for we’re hopeless with our low grades.

I have more to say especially about how the Muslim girls were unfairly treated and how last year she kept people who had Covid-19 in school.


Editor’s Note: Whatever is happening at Riara Springs Girls’ High School is totally disheartening and warrants an immediate and full investigation by relevant government agencies in conjunction with the Ministry of Education.

Officials under George Magoha’s ministry are either asleep or busy taking bribes.

The principal must realize that this matter is public and any victimization or harassment of anyone will lead us to launch a nationwide social media campaign and demand for her immediate arrest and prosecution. We want all issues raised to be resolved in a good way.

In the meantime, we encourage any more aggrieved sources to freely reach out to us through or any of our social media platforms.

Anonymity for all our sources is always guaranteed.

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