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Succession Finale Explained: Who is the new king of Waystar Royco?

Succession Finale is finally here.

The Roy family saga has ended with a shocking twist that no one saw coming.

Who is the new king of Waystar Royco and how did they get there?

If you are a fan of Succession, you probably have a lot of feelings and opinions about the series finale that aired on Sunday, May 28.

An image of Succession Finale characters
Succession Finale: How Tom Wambsgans Became the New King of Waystar Royco

Succession is a critically acclaimed HBO drama series that follows the power struggles and betrayals of a dysfunctional media dynasty.

The show has won multiple Emmys and Golden Globes and has captivated millions of viewers with its dark humor and brilliant performances.

In this article, we will recap and analyze the finale, and discuss what it means for the characters and the themes of the show.

Read on to find out more, but beware of Succession spoilers ahead!

Succession Finale: A Recap and Analysis of the Finale

The GoJo deal

The proposed merger between Waystar Royco and GoJo, a tech giant led by Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgård), a charismatic and eccentric billionaire, known as the GoJo deal, had significant implications for the future of both companies.

However, it also introduced conflicts and tensions within the Roy siblings, as their visions and agendas for Waystar Royco varied.


Shiv, driven by her enthusiasm, viewed the deal as an opportunity to modernize and diversify Waystar Royco’s portfolio.

Her personal connection with Matsson, who flirted with her and offered a senior position at GoJo, convinced her she had gained his support and trust.

However, her expectations were shattered by an unforeseen turn of events.


Initially opposed to the deal, Kendall aimed to uphold his father’s legacy and maintain the independence of Waystar Royco.

Additionally, he harbored resentment towards Matsson due to a previous humiliating encounter.

Nonetheless, following his father’s passing, Kendall had a change of heart and decided to join forces with his siblings to counter Sandy Furness (Larry Pine), Logan’s long-time rival and another potential buyer.

Kendall also aspired to become the new CEO of Waystar Royco, considering his efforts to expose his father’s crimes and his willingness to sacrifice his own reputation.


Roman, torn between his conflicting feelings towards his father and siblings, faced a difficult decision regarding the deal.

While he remained loyal to Logan, he also harbored resentment towards him for neglect and mistreatment.

Roman held a close bond with Kendall but also felt envious of his position as the favored son.

Similarly, he had fondness for Shiv, yet he competed with her for attention and power.

Roman yearned to be recognized as a capable leader but simultaneously doubted his own abilities and judgment.

Ultimately, he agreed to align with his siblings in the vote, yet he maintained contact with Logan’s right-hand man, Karl (David Rasche), who sought to persuade him to switch sides.

The ramifications of the deal extended beyond the Roy siblings, impacting the relationships and alliances of other characters, including Tom, Greg, Gerri (J. Smith-Cameron), Frank (Peter Friedman), and Connor (Alan Ruck).

While some supported the deal, others opposed it, and some maneuvered between both sides.

The deal generated significant media attention and public outcry, as many perceived it as a threat to democracy and journalism.

Ultimately, the GoJo deal became the catalyst for the ultimate confrontation between the Roy siblings and their father’s legacy.

It tested their loyalty, morality, and ambition, while simultaneously exposing their true colors and determining their ultimate fates.

Succession Finale: The Board Vote

An image of Succession Finale characters
The Roy siblings faced their final showdown in the Succession finale, and the result was a stunning betrayal that changed everything.

The board vote served as the climactic moment of the finale, determining the successor to the late Logan Roy as the new CEO of Waystar Royco.

Originally planning to vote together as a unified front, the Roy siblings’ solidarity crumbled when doubts about each other’s loyalty and motives arose.

Shiv, betraying her brothers, clandestinely aligned herself with Matsson, who enticed her with a senior position at GoJo.

Roman, recognizing Kendall’s instability and recklessness, withdrew his support.

While Kendall cast his vote for himself, it proved insufficient for victory.

Unexpectedly, Tom Wambsgans, Shiv’s husband and Logan’s loyal lieutenant, emerged as the surprise winner, thanks to his alliance with Greg Hirsch, Logan’s great-nephew and Tom’s protégé.

The board vote captivated fans with its intense drama and suspense, keeping them on the edge of their seats.

It showcased exceptional acting, writing, and directing, with the performers delivering powerful and nuanced portrayals that conveyed the characters’ emotions and motivations.

The writers skillfully crafted an intricate and unpredictable storyline that defied our expectations and provided a gratifying resolution.

The director established a tense and immersive atmosphere, effectively capturing the significance and mood of the moment.

Beyond its immediate impact, the board vote possessed symbolic and thematic depth, reflecting the essence and message of the show.

It highlighted the Roy siblings’ moral corruption driven by greed, ego, and fear.

Their failure to learn from their father’s mistakes and overcome their family’s dysfunction was laid bare.

Their opportunity for redemption and transformative change slipped through their fingers.

In contrast, Tom and Greg’s ascent from the lowest rungs of power demonstrated their adeptness at the game, outsmarting and outmaneuvering their rivals through wit, charm, and unwavering loyalty.

Their journey represented a break from oppression and predefined roles, resulting in newfound freedom and authority.

Ultimately, the board vote represented the ultimate betrayal that sealed the Roy family’s fate and the future of the Waystar Royco empire.

It delivered an astonishing twist that left viewers and fans both shocked and amazed.

Succession Finale: The aftermath

An image of Succession Finale characters
Succession delivered a masterful and poignant finale that subverted our expectations and delivered a cold thud of reality

The aftermath of the board vote left the Roy siblings in a state of shock and despair, realizing that they had lost everything they had fought for: their father’s legacy, their family’s empire, and their own ambitions.

They were confronted with the harsh reality of their own flaws and failures, having succumbed to greed, ego, and fear.

They had betrayed one another, themselves, and their principles, squandering their potential, talent, and opportunities.

To be fair, they had no one to blame but themselves.

Furthermore, the aftermath showcased how the finale altered the dynamics and destinies of the main characters, shedding light on the implications for the show’s themes and messages.

It revealed how Tom and Greg had become the new power couple at Waystar Royco, earning respect and admiration.

Shiv and Roman, on the other hand, found themselves marginalized within the family, losing their confidence and dignity.

Kendall emerged as the tragic hero of the story, finding peace and courage.

Meanwhile, Logan became a lingering specter from the past, leaving his mark and his curse on his children.

The aftermath also left us with lingering questions and emotions that will endure.

What lies ahead for Waystar Royco under Tom’s leadership?

How will the Roy siblings navigate their lives after their downfall?

What repercussions will the GoJo deal have on the world?

Is there any hope for redemption?

Will anyone be held accountable for their actions?

What profound insights did Succession impart about power, family, and humanity?

The aftermath served as a brilliant and poignant conclusion to one of the greatest television shows of our time.

It delivered a potent blend of drama, cruelty, and a sobering dose of reality. It left us in awe, filled with sadness, and captivated by the wonder that only exceptional art can evoke.


The Succession finale was a masterful ending to one of the best TV shows of our time.

It delivered drama, cruelty, and the cold thud of reality in equal measure.

It also left us with many questions and emotions that will linger for a long time.

We hope you enjoyed our recap and analysis of the finale, and we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Succession Finale: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We hope you enjoyed our article on the Succession finale.

If you still have some questions or curiosity about the show and its characters, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers for you.

Here are some of the most common queries that people have about Succession and its finale:

  • Is episode 10 the finale of Succession?

Yes, episode 10, titled “With Open Eyes”, is the series finale of Succession.

It aired on May 28, 2023, and marked the end of the fourth and final season of the show.

  • Why did Shiv betray Kendall in Succession?

Shiv betrayed Kendall in Succession because she wanted to secure her own position and power at GoJo, the tech giant that was acquiring Waystar Royco.

She also felt betrayed by Kendall, who had exposed their father’s crimes and put their family in jeopardy.

Shiv resented Kendall for being the favorite son and the presumed heir of their father.

  • Who was following Kendall at the end of Succession?

The person who was following Kendall at the end of Succession was a private investigator hired by Tom Wambsgans, the new CEO of Waystar Royco.

Tom wanted to keep an eye on Kendall and make sure he was not planning any revenge or sabotage against him or the company.

  • Does Shiv actually love Tom? Does Shiv know Tom betrayed her?

Shiv’s relationship with Tom is complicated.

She married him for convenience and status but often cheats on him, lies to him, and manipulates him.

However, she also cares for him, relies on him for support, and respects him. Shiv is unaware of Tom’s betrayal and his knowledge of her affair with Lukas Matsson.

  • Does Tom know Shiv is pregnant?

Tom does not know that Shiv is pregnant.

Shiv has not told him yet, as she is unsure about her feelings and her future with him.

She is also afraid of how he will react, especially after he became the CEO of Waystar Royco.

  • Do Tom and Shiv get divorced?

Tom and Shiv do not get divorced in the finale of Succession.

They remain married, but their relationship is strained and uncertain.

However, have different goals and interests, and they have lost trust and intimacy.

They also have secrets and resentments that could threaten their marriage.

  • Is Tom the father of Shiv’s baby?

Tom is most likely the father of Shiv’s baby, but it is not confirmed in the show.

Shiv has been having an affair with Lukas Matsson, who could also be the father of her baby.

However, since she has been using birth control pills with Matsson, it is more probable that Tom is the father of her baby.

  • Is season 4 the end of Succession? Why are they stopping Succession?

Yes, season 4 is the end of Succession.

The showrunners decided to end the show after four seasons because they felt it was the natural and organic conclusion of the story.

They also wanted to avoid dragging out the show or compromising its quality.

  • Why is everyone watching Succession?

Everyone is watching Succession because it is one of the best TV shows of our time.

It is a smart, witty, and compelling drama that explores the themes of power, family, and humanity.

Succession features a talented cast of actors who deliver outstanding performances.

It also has a sharp and clever script that mixes humor, drama, and suspense.

It also has a stunning production design that creates a realistic and immersive world.

  • Who are the producers of Succession? Will Ferrell?

The producers of Succession are:

  1. Jesse Armstrong (the creator and showrunner)
  2. Adam McKay (the director of the pilot episode)
  3. Frank Rich (the executive producer)
  4. Kevin Messick (the executive producer)
  5. Mark Mylod (the executive producer and director)
  6. Jane Tranter (the executive producer)
  7. Tony Roche (the executive producer and writer)
  8. Jon Brown (the co-executive producer and writer)
  9. Lucy Prebble (the co-executive producer and writer)
  10. Georgia Pritchett (the co-executive producer and writer)
  11. Will Ferrell (the executive producer)
  12. Adam Davidson (the co-executive producer and director)
  13. Will Tracy (the co-executive producer and writer)
  14. Jonathan Glatzer (the co-executive producer and writer)
  15. Dara Schnapper (the co-producer), Gabrielle Mahon (the producer)
  16. Regina Heyman (the producer)
  17. Scott Ferguson (the producer)
  18. Katey Rich (the consulting producer)
  19. Susan Soon He Stanton (the consulting producer)
  20. Mary Laws (the consulting producer)
  21. Anna Jordan (the consulting producer)
  22. Edith Podesta (the consulting producer)
  23. Francesca Gardiner (the consulting producer)
  24. Alice Birch (the consulting producer)
  25. Georgia Pritchett’s sister (the consulting producer)
  • What happens to Kendall at the end of Succession?

Kendall at the end of Succession accepts his defeat and walks away from Waystar Royco.

He also reconciles with his ex-wife Rava (Natalie Gold) and his children.

Kendall also apologizes to his siblings for his actions and tells them he loves them.

He also confronts his guilt over the death of Andrew Dodds (Quentin Morales), a waiter who drowned in a car accident involving Kendall.

He decides to tell Dodds’ family the truth about what happened that night, even if it means going to jail or losing everything.

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