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#SurayaPropertySham : Thieving Couple Peter & Sue Muraya On The Spot For Conning Clients

CAPTION: Con-Couple Peter and Sue Muraya with their children and little thieves in the making. 

One of the first people to launch pyramid schemes in Nairobi was this con-couple called Suraya, consisting of couple Peter and Sue Muraya. They started off as suppliers of uniforms for Kenya Airways cabin-crew, but quickly saw a niche in Conning people through dubious means.

Their first heist was the Tianshi Pyramid Scheme, where the couple would organise meets at people’s residences and introduce them to Chinese herbal medicine, which would treat various ailments. The herbs were ofcourse fake and this was all a grand scheme to steal from people.

Back then in 2005, Suraya were based in Adams Arcade where they even had a “chemist” from the sake Chinese herbal clinics. This they used as a launching pad into the lucrative Nairobi middle-class suburbs, where dumb and desperate middle-classers aspiring to be wealthy and cross over to Muthaiga, would be duped into joining this dubious pyramid scheme.

Then they quickly used the proceeds from Tianshi to create this Suraya Property Group, creating this illusion of gated communities with artistic impressions showing residences to aspire for.

Many people who were raised in Eastlands, or in rural areas and had moved to Nairobi on high-paying jobs, found Suraya plans very doable, and during the years of economic boom under Kibaki, mortgages were made easily available because the Government wasn’t borrowing from the domestic market.

That has since changed because of Uhuru’s insatiable greed for loans has created a shortage of liquidity for Kenyans, as the country has over-borrowed even from the domestic market, money which is mostly being embezzled by the Kenyatta-family, who now want to build a gated-community and the Sukari Ranch where Brookside Dairies is based, using taxpayers money.

Meanwhile dumb morons and members of the Kikuyu community are still bootlicking Uhuru, not knowing the catastrophic effects his theft will have on the country in years to come.

Moving on, Peter and Sue Muraya went through the usual routine of bribing mainstream media journalists, to create generic hype and manipulate demand for their mediocre, poorly done houses. Fake profiles were generated, and artistic impressions filled newspapers. Banks like Equity were roped into the scam, and billboards splashed all over Nairobi.

The same strategy has been employed by Hass Consult, the premier money laundering vehicle for people stealing Government/Corporate money, for the Eden Ville project along Kiambu Road. Hass Consult, Knight Frank and Cytonn Investments have been bribing journalists to generate false hype for real-estate, manipulating prices upwards, with idiotic Kenyans buying land in rural Kiambu Road, at the price of property in Sandton South Africa.

Knight Frank have been adversely mentioned in the KPMG Safaricom Audit Report, where a forensic study revealed them outrightly manipulating land value, in a bid to defraud the blue-chip firm. We will be serialising the audit report in subsequent publications.

These four companies, Knight Frank, Hass Consult, Cytonn Investments and Suraya Properties, have been solely responsible for the ridiculous land, real-estate and rent prices in Nairobi, simply because they have been laundering money stolen from Government and Corporate sectors, by releasing fake reports and bribing mainstream media journalists to create artificial demand. If Kenyans boycotted these 4 companies, the price of land, real-estate and rent would fall by 50%.

Moving on, Peter and Sue Muraya, the Kikuyu version of Bonnie and Clyde, went full throttle, Conning Kenyans with delusions of grandeur. And dumb 8-4-4 conditioned middle-classers, took the bait, and are now counting their losses after being scammed in the Suraya Fourways Sham, executed to perfection by one greedy couple.

None other than Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi launched the Suraya Fourways Property Sham close to ten years ago, when he was the Deputy Prime Minister and also Minister for Local Government. Mudavadi laid lavish praises on the couple, and revealed that Peter Muraya was his former classmate at the St. Mary’s School of Corruption.

You see dear dumb middle-class Kenyans, money has no tribe. These people up there prey together, and eat together. Rumours had it that Musalia Mudavadi was a shareholder at Suraya, the reason why he attended the launch.

Frustrated buyers cite no concrete response or timelines from management on any issue and extreme frustration when dealing with estate manager. The Suraya management has been intimidating tenants to make arbitrary payments for services, instead of communicating with owners. No electric fence to secure building as promised no electric fence to secure building as promised. Broken tiles all over. No service lifts as had been promised. Basements 1 and 2 have never been completed since commissioning of the Lynex apartments along Mbagathi Road.

Further, the Lynex Apartments project was “completed” 2.5 years late. And the management threatened tenants so much when they delayed payments, yet they haven’t delivered on their end of the bargain. The tenants found they were billed with over 700k from Kenya Power to pay for the construction.
Buyers of Suraya Properties were tricked to pay a fortune and face challenges such as lack of fully equipped playground, lack of generator and the likes. But approvals were hurriedly rushed by the then Local Government Minister Musalia Mudavadi because he was getting huge bribes from Peter and Sue Muraya.
Kenyans have to style up. Stop being sold illusions of prosperity by dubious developers and real-estate agents. Stop moving into these flats being built with stolen funds. Stop doing business with Suraya, Cytonn Investments, Knight Frank and Hass Consult, premier money-laundering conduits in Kenya. If you want the price of your mortgage, rent or land to come down, stop trading with these companies completely. And reduce your dependence on mainstream media, where adverts meant to trigger emotional-buying are placed.

Stop watching these property shows you dumb pieces of shit!

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