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Talentless Sauti Sol Running Out Of Ideas As Pandering To Sexually-Starved Female Audiences Remains Only Hope

CAPTION: One of the raunchy videos targeting sexually-starved Kenyan females by Sauti Sol. The group has hit a wall and seems to have run out of content and creativity. 

When you’re talentless and without any bright prospects, you can always land on the feminine imperative as your back-up plan, when all else fails. If for instance you know you don’t deserve a certain job or are desperate for followers, just pander to feminists. Go to Caroline Mutoko or Sheila Mwanyigha’s wall and just kiss their asses. You’ll be set my guy.

If you know that your social-media influence is waning and that you can feel yourself losing the space you once commanded, due to lack of originality or content, start praising women like Ramzzy or call for Nyakundi’s account to be blocked like Brian Mbunde for antagonising feminists. Infact, you can even attend a donor-funded lunch and tag onto Adelle’s skirt as your last resort, just to remain relevant in this ever-changing environment.

Its extremely disgusting to see the depths that men are sinking, just to remain relevant. NMG Editors Linus Kaikai and Mutuma Mathiu have to compensate for their skills-deficit by pandering to females, just to keep their mediocre media group afloat. Because they’ve approached a mental-menopause, their last hope is to pander to the feminine imperative by reducing male oriented content, and elevate the opposite. Meaning that they’ll give me unlimited airtime to toxic feminists like Dr. Njoki Ngumi and Scaeffer Okore, and on the lifestyle programming side, they’ll stuff more Nigerian movies/Mexican, Philippine soap-opera’s down our throats.

Because women have proven to be soft-targets for anything that praises them, as opposed to mentally-stimulates or challenges them, they will largely rally behind any product, for as long as it makes them happy.

Idiots like Maina Kageni and Churchill figured that out a long while ago. That’s why instead of intellectually-stimulating and thought-provoking content, they went the easy way to target mboches and basically women who get easily lured by simple talk. Not that they don’t appreciate deep and intense discourse, but for them anything will do for as long as it praises them.

The words of Robert Frost’s Poem where he says “I shall be telling this with a sigh, somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference” don’t mean anything to these shallow thinkers. We have created a society where basic function of thinking has been discarded. We are now bamboozled by fake accents, sharp dressing, and the fake it till you make it mentality, which has bred endemic mediocrity across all levels.

Go to Citizen TV today and other than the CEO, the rest are females who have ensured that all programming and content is female oriented. Shit programming. It actually makes someone sick watching that shit television channel. One only has to sympathise with the poor Kenyan who has no choice than to have their brains turned redundant by the shallow programming, procured by the feminists who run that station. Wachira Waruru is the male token-model who is put there to pretend to run the show, but he is just a feminist sympathiser who has nothing between his ears, save for pandering to feminists.

Is there a demand for male-oriented content? Ofcourse there is. Andrew Kibe a blogger who has targeted male issues with barely 30K followers on Facebook, has more fan engagement and gets more hits on his videos than Caroline Mutoko with well over 1 million followers. You see the goodness with social media is you can’t manipulate success. It’s a strictly merit-driven process. Natural selection will eventually determine who survives this game.

Cyprian Nyakundi, sworn protector of the boy-child is another shining example. I’m on multi-platforms, pushing unique original content and yet feminist-dominated corporate firms do nothing but talk shit about me all day. Fuckin bitches who slept their way into their jobs, have to justify to their bosses why their companies are not advertising with Cyprian Nyakundi, by talking shit. Yet my numbers and following keeps multiplying ten-fold. Just because I don’t pander to them, or praise them. You basic bitches need to chill.

Perhaps the company with the most redundant brains in the world has got to be ScanGroup. Their adverts are nothing but trash. It’s like when God was scattering brains across the world, he skipped The Chancery Building. It’s amazing how with the right fakeness, one can survive in this Nairobi. If America is the land of the free and home of the brave, Nairobi is the hub for shameless self-promoters.

It is such a sad state of affairs when the so-called “top” boy-band in Kenya, has to resort to sex appeal in-order to move numbers. Talentless Sauti Sol sinking deeper by the day, as their inability to regain the flair of their first album, rears it’s ugly head again.
CAPTION: An example of the lack of creativity that Sauti Sol are exhibiting is D’Angelo. He went down this route and completely disappeared from the radar. 


But we will give those faggets a good example. A relatable example. D’Angelo once went all raunchy with his “How Does It Feel” release. Did that make him the No. 1 selling artist? Did it bag him a Grammy? No. In America, it’s the words, lyrical flow, arrangement, content, that sells and not the sex as is imagined. Jay-Z doesn’t need to pander to bitches in his music because genuine talent will appeal to all genders. He doesn’t need to strip naked or pull some raunchy shit just for ratings. That’s like building your house on sand. The audiences come and go.

There was a time that Sauti Sol had talent. Back when they were releasing modest songs like Lazizi. Now they’re really struggling to remain relevant, something which shows that they’ve hit the wall. It’s not a new phenomenon; boy-bands like Backstreet Boys or New Edition faded from the limelight ages ago. Sauti Sol should be happy to have stretched their streak this far.

What Sauti Sol still haven’t grasped is the power of the male audience. Targeting females in isolation is vanity. Women love men (except lesbians who are masquerading as feminists like Michele Ntalami, Mandi Sarro, and the likes), and women like supporting their men. That’s why EPL has a strong female fanbase, because women want to be part of their men’s life. When Sauti Sol were the shit, it’s us men who used to finance our women to buy their albums and attend their shows. To appeal to men, you need brains not raunchiness. And so our admiration for you is dwindling by the hour.

CAPTION: New age Lesbianism is packaged as feminism by its able promoters like Mandi Sarro. Ladies who don’t share pictures of the men in their lives are lesbians. But they want to mentally-blackmail us into accepting this, without backlash.

We know in Nairobi, everything we listen to/consume is falsified success. We know musicians bribe radio station hosts and program controllers to manipulate success. That’s why Akothee who makes our ears bleed because of her terrible shit, is somehow a superstar because of bribing journalists. Which is why the Internet has become a bastion of hope and redemption for this retarded Nairobi set-up. On the Internet, you can’t fake success or buy influence. It’s all a merit-driven set up.

However, the good news is that all these things “cartels” can only manipulate success for so long. The market is fast changing because the audiences are in-touch with real content through social media. I was telling Churchill how I’m shocked that his shit-show still attracts fans. But I guess they don’t know any better. One day, data costs will drop and they will be able to stream real comedy and content from places where success is not Manipulated. And just like that, they’ll leave your shit.

Look at feminism for instance. I and my able advisors simply flipped the script and within a few weeks, all men are woke. The feminists are slowly feeling themselves losing grip and their influence waning, that they had to make a distress call to the matriarch of toxic-feminism Caroline Mutoko, to do an inconsequential video. But the winds of change are blowing.

I promised feminists that there will be a cultural backlash towards their devious ways of scamming men under the guise of dates. They wine and dine at the expense of men, and offer no sex in return. They accept gifts and enticements from men, dangling the false hope of sex even when it is the furthest thing on their minds. I promised Kenyan women over 27 that men will boycott you for making poor choices and imagining that you’ll be hot-commodity forever.

If you’re a female over 27 with a man that wants to marry you, move with speed. He probably hasn’t read my blogs and isn’t woke yet. Stop acting like you have buyers-remorse and that you have a lot of men chasing after your tired diab. Take cover as there’s blood on the streets as the woke Boy-child battles rabid feminists. Things are happening so fast, men are suddenly gathering courage to confront feminists and the whole social-structure is about to re-align.

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