Tempting Fate: The End Of The Kenyattas Seems Nigh

From left to right: Muhoho, the unofficial president and importer of cancer causing sugar, Uhuru, the chubby, clueless and friendly child, and lastly Mama Ngina Kenyatta

“We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kings. Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings … The name of our beautiful reward is not profit. Its name is freedom.” ― Ursula K. Le Guin

At about 1 a.m. on July 17, 1918, in a fortified mansion in the town of Ekaterinburg, in the Ural Mountains, the Romanovs—ex-tsar Nicholas II, ex-tsarina Alexandra, their five children, and their four remaining servants, including the loyal family doctor, Eugene Botkin—were awoken by their Bolshevik captors and told they must dress and gather their belongings for a swift nocturnal departure. The White armies, which supported the tsar, were approaching; the prisoners could already hear the boom of the big guns. They gathered in the cellar of the mansion, standing together almost as if they were posing for a family portrait. Alexandra, who was sick, asked for a chair, and Nicholas asked for another one for his only son, 13-year-old Alexei. Two were brought down. They waited there until, suddenly, 11 or 12 heavily armed men filed ominously into the room.

What happened next—the slaughter of the family and servants—was one of the seminal events of the 20th century, a wanton massacre that shocked the world and still inspires a terrible fascination today. A 300-year-old imperial dynasty, one marked by periods of glorious achievement as well as staggering hubris and ineptitude, was swiftly brought to an end.

There’s a turpid self-preservation among the Kenyatta clan, the family has bad advisors or low Intelligence Quotient (IQ), so are all Kenyan leaders, it seems.

The family of the Kamau Ngegi who changed his name to Jomo Kenyatta believes that one thing is greater than all; grabbing.

They feel secure with money and that’s all that matters.

This explains why apart from choosing the worst among them to present to Kenyans as a leader, they have also amassed a lot of wealth through looting over the past few years more than they have ever done.

Where is Eurobond?

Some people argue that most of the Ksh215 billion money in the first Eurobond that the auditor General said couldn’t be accounted for, ended up in Kenyattas pockets and is part of the money that is currently financing the building of the Ksh500 billion Northlands City.

The Kenyattas are increasingly insensitive in ignoring the plight of fellow Kenyans. Having been in leadership uninterrupted for over 15 years in the beginning of the presidency/after independence. This family saw it fit to join the growing trade of killing and smuggling elephant tusks as reported by the New York Times in 1975. In the 1970s, Ngina Kenyatta (Uhuru’s Mother) and other high-powered government officials were involved in an ivory-smuggling ring which transported tusks out of the country in the state private-airliner. Many elephants died.

At the end of Jomo Kenyatta’s life, the Central Intelligence Agency was worried that the resentment towards the Kenyattas would lead to something dire. But the transition which went ‘smoothly’, thanks to the Daniel Moi, ‘following in the footsteps’ alias ‘Nyayo Philosophy’, gave birth to an attempt handing over the reins of power to another Kenyatta, Uhuru Muigai.

Well, Kenyans defeated Uhuru in 2002 but as a weak opposition leader, he ‘quickly’ joined ranks with Kibaki in defense of Kikuyuism which was facing a threat of being knocked-off the leadership which Kenyatta had forced-sworn Kikuyus through blood sacrifice oaths to defend (standard reported).

Well, as stated earlier, the Kenyattas understand one language, Kenya is theirs and so they are entitled to everything it has, including its people whom they view as their slaves.

Apart from using state coffers and official visits to improve their private family businesses, the Kenyattas 2.0 are doing more, they are deliberately making all of us poor so that they can have an unchallenged reign over this slave plantation.

Over the years since 2013, President Uhuru Kenyatta has used his foreign official visits to sign agreements on Milk Production and markets for Brookside Dairies, the family has bought banks to consolidate their hold on the Kenyans economy (NIC + Jamii Bora + CBA mergers), some members of the family have been accused of stealing money from public coffers (Ksh4 billion Afya House + others), they are said to have stolen data from the first ‘Huduma Namba’; the National Digital Registry System (NDRS), which sought among other things to make Kenyans get credit without the traditional security. The data was stolen from Safaricom and matched with what had already been collected by the Nairobi Registration Bureau (NRB) to found Mshwari, a loan product that has enslaved Kenyans like nonsense. Recently, after the formation of the(ir) third largest bank in Kenya (NCBA), thanks to the aforementioned mergers, they arm-twisted the National Assembly to remove the law capping Interest Rates so as fuck Kenyans more. Even more sad is the Central Bank of Kenya led Stawi loans.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s niece Nana Gecaga runs this shit

The Kenyattas don’t even pay taxes to Kenya Revenue Authority. Because, what’s the point to pay tax to the family’s piggy bank?

‘Let them eat cake’

Recently, the Chief Justice and President of the Kenyan Supreme Court David Kenani Maraga complained bitterly on the State of the Judiciary and the reduced budgets which was making it impossible for among other things conducting mobile courts and sensitization of court processes in remote areas of Kenya.

The President’s response was akin to Marie-Antoinette’s ‘let them eat cake instead’ comment.

The fall of the French monarchy story goes that, France experienced poor harvests during the 1780s, which consequently increased the price of grain, and the government faced mounting financial difficulties. As a result, Marie’s lavish lifestyle at court came under attack. Numerous pamphlets and satires were distributed across the country demonstrating peoples’ disgust towards the queen’s extravagant spending.

In 1783, Marie’s extravagance reached new levels when she began building a secluded farming village on the grounds of the Palace of Versailles (just like the Kenyattas are constructing a Ksh500 billion city called Northlands, aiding Nairobi to fall to disrepute so that Kenyans can be forced to buy and live in Kenyattas Palace of Versailles).

At some point around 1789, when being told that her French subjects had no bread, Marie-Antoinette, the bride of France’s King Louis XVI, supposedly sniffed, “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”— “Let them eat cake.”.

Several weeks later, thousands of people surrounded the Palace of Versailles, demanding political reforms and changes to the way in which the monarchy governed. The royal family was then imprisoned within the walls of Tuileries Palace in Paris by the revolutionary forces that opposed the monarchy.

Northlands estate: Kenyattas Palace of Versailles

Maraga was just asking for respect for the third arm of government but the posturing by a Kenyatta stated in reply, “I call on the Judiciary, if they so desire, to strive to determine expeditiously tax disputes without fear or favor, We now have a Tax Appeals Tribunal and I want a report in three months on what has been done to expedite those cases and we want them done.” he said amid laughter.

The laughter from the subjects next to the King, who enjoy the privileges, who can also dip their fingers in the national cookie jar and eat to their fill. The ones who also don’t view themselves as having created the danger of being eaten alive one day. To suffer the fate of the Romanovs of Russia.

In the case of Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI, and to cut the long story short, their lives ended at the Guillotines (heads chopped off) as the French rose against them, bringing down the monarchy.

Uhuru Kenyatta as the unofficial spokesperson of the family has more than once told Kenyans, a majority that lack bread, to ‘eat cake instead’.

In another twist, the daughter named after the family matriarch, Ngina Kenyatta stated that opportunities such as taking one person from the poor and giving them an education though the Kenyatta Trust (a foundation) was part of the youth empowerment.

Kenyans reacted with anger and confusion, they schooled Ngina Kenyatta properly. Of course there were few degenerates, the house negros, who argued that she doesn’t deserve all the trolling.

Warning: Youths don’t have jobs’,

Kenyattas: well, let them start businesses.

Warning: Pumwani Maternity doesn’t have money for expectant mothers,

Kenyattas: well, let them be attended by private hospitals.

Warning: Mombasa residents don’t have jobs, it has been destroyed by SGR,

Kenyattas: well, let them come to Naivasha dry port for those jobs.

Warning: The taxes to start businesses are too high

Kenyattas: Sasa mnataka nifanye nini?

It has all along been, ‘let them eat cake’

The Kenyattas are on a roll, they call the shots in Kenya. Led by their empty-head son. But it is not wise to blame Uhuru alone. All the levels of government, the ones that have been threatened and not threatened are engaging in fleecing Kenya. However, the blame lies squarely on the Kenyattas, because they are the one in leadership. Kenyattas are tempting fate

When the King Louis XVI of France fell, he fell with all his chiefs and rulers. When the Bolshevik revolution of Russia came, it swept all the Tsar and his henchmen off the face of the earth.

A road to ruin

This same road of feeling invincible has been traveled by a few who have ultimately paid the price in the end.

Money can make anyone feel invincible and great, but in the end, what is constant is change.

Events can suddenly turn against rulers and no one will know how to stop it.

The lie of invincibility in money is why they (Kenyan leaders) amass wealth primitively.

A conversation on Twitter

The same feeling of discontent against the Kenyattas was alive towards the end of the 1970s, but was quelled by Daniel Moi’s ascendancy to power, a shift that saw the best ten years of Moi (1978 – 1988), before the degenerate illiterate and sick Kalenjin pedophile continued to rape the young nation as his friend Jomo had done.

Kikuyuism: Oaths to stay forever with the presidency

The gentrophiliac currently in power appoints old men to government positions so as to protect the oath of uthamakism. He thinks cheaply of the youths and calls them Wakora (crooks) who can steal.

While appointing 92 year old former Vice President Moody Awori, President Kenyatta said that ‘he is tired of young people, and that Moody ‘won’t steal’.

In short, the president called us, young people, thieves.

For the youths waiting on the periphery, thinking that their tribal masters will help them, must know that history and time is not on their side.

One day without warning, the ticking time-bomb of unemployed youths will soon see the real culprits to be leaders, drunk with putrid power and per diems.

There’ll be no Daniel Moi to pacify Kenyans against the Kenyattas this time around.

With the runaway corruption, unemployment and the comments from young Ngina (representing the future Kenyattas) that shows that the elites are far removed from the enslaved Kenyans. A revolution is imminent. It’ll be long and messy, the conversation has already swept online and no amount of amendments to the Kenya Communications Act will stop it.

The Kenyattas, just like the Marie-Antoinnette and Rasmanov family of Russia, the Ben Ali of Tunisia, Al-Bashir of Sudan are tempting fate.

A Twitter User: Are you threatening the first family Mr Ndii?

David Ndii: I am advising Uhuru Kenyatta that he is tempting fate.
By the way, Uhuru Kenyatta recently said, he doesn’t understand why Kenyans are broke.
This article is not over…I’ll continue

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We The People: This Is How We Can Liberate Kenya

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