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The Definitive “To-Do” List For Women Wishing To Settle Down

CAPTION: Every woman in Kenya wants to be like Lilliane Mutua, but don’t know the roadmap of getting there. Read below and be in the know. 

A massive disruption of intergender relations of seismic proportions occurred after feminists invaded the sanctified spaces where our women sought refuge from. This disrupted Kenya women’s perception of love, creating the situation we are seeing in Kenya today, an increase of single-mothers, and women going past the age of 30 being single.

Many of these young women are now at the mercy of “sponsors” and have sacrificed an entire lifetime of joy, curiosity, love, adventure, uncertainty, and progress, for short-lived cheap thrills, creating a dysfunctional society. They have been giving birth to bastard children fathered by sponsors, and presenting themselves as viable mates to bachelors, which has seen poor young men raise other people’s children.

A twitter user @SimplyRisque has gone out of her way to reposition women as viable participants in the mating game, something which is becoming elusive in this country. Women have become a needy, bitter, disgusting bunch, who derive pleasure at bringing men down.

A simple comparison between women of KOT and Twitter users from other countries will reveal a stark contrast. While women in countries like Mzansi aren’t shy to express their sexuality, talk about their love, discuss sex, KOT has been unfortunate to have its female leading lights, being the older, ugly, bitter, sexually-frustrated feminists, who have really destabilised the fabric of intergender-relations.

What we have come to discover is that women like @BettyWaitherero @RookieKE @AKenyanGirl are actually lesbians, posturing as feminists.

Kenyan women have become deluded. They once realized that they were guests in what was essentially a man’s world. Now they imagine that they are running the world, when they are simply being tooled by feminists who are running their mouths. Look at it this way, we have reached a day and age in which gay men imagine they can be a woman’s best friend and lesbians imagine that they can be a woman’s best lover; and both of them are acting, with the aid of feminists, towards cock blocking straight men.

Men become happier than women by mid-life. Most women in their 30s to mid 40s are, for the most part, chronic complainers. After going through the high drama phases of her 20s, into relationships, marriages and break-ups/divorces in her 30s, women tend to content themselves languishing in this dissatisfaction that her fantasy life isn’t panning out. Nothing measures up to the perceived ideals she thinks are her due. There’s a real risk of spreading this dissatisfaction to the rest of humanity, through Twitter and other social-media accessories. They are miserable, have a shit jobs, and have realised the reality of it is they will be working until they retire like men do. There really are an awful lot of 30+ year old fat fishes looking for a bicycle.

Here is the thread by the woman (definitely not Kenyan) which we would advise younger Kenyan women to read, so as to avoid the calamity of ending up like Caroline Mutoko, who projects her bitterness by way of indoctrination her younger counterparts into following her wasting their years chasing vanity.

CAPTION: Twitter user @SimplyRisque has compiled a list which women should adhere to, if they want to win in this game called life. 

  1. Appreciation
    He sacrifices & does best to make you happy – Always say “thank you!”Dont discredit him comparing him to your friend’s man.  
  2. Understanding
    There will be times he is financially down. Know that it won’t be like that forever. Motivate himtil things get right. 
  3. Effort
    Don’t wait on him to check up on you. Let him find that “Good morning handsome” text. Go out of your way to make him smile!
  4. Consistency
    All that you did to impress him at first should continue.Dont get too comfortable. Let him fall in love with you over & over. 
  5. Respect
    Treat him like the King that he is. Don’t ever belittle him or make him feel less than a man. Hitting your man is a complete NO!
  6. Boundaries
    YOUR MAN’S FRIENDS ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS. It’s disrespectful making your man have to fight for your attention with other men.
  7. Potential Wife
    Things like cleaning, cooking & catering to your man without having to be told do so but because you choose to do so.
  8. Clarity
    Dontbeat around the bush if you are upset -let your man know wassup so you can solve it. Expecting someone to guess is childish. 
  9. Balance
    Don’t guilt trip him into cutting off his social life to spend time with you 24/7. Give him space to chill with his bros as well.
  10. Energy
    Be active during sex – don’t lay there like a dead piece of wood. Show enthusiasm, get freakyasf, ride him & suck his dick! 
  11. Self-Reliance
    Aintnothing sexier than a woman who doesn’t have to wait on handouts. Do best to make your own money too & stop nagging.  
  12. Belief
    No need to be insecure – he has chosen you. Have faith in him at all times and remember to pray for him to be a better person.
  13. Affection
    Contrary to popular belief that guysaint soft-they are. Give forehead kisses, hugs when he aint happy & make him feel loved. 
  14. Loyalty
    Stay faithful to your man at all times. Give him confidence that he can trust you & never talk down on him to your friends.
  15. Pampering
    Give him massages. Take him out with your own money when you can. Buy him little gifts. Spoil him as much as he spoils you.
  16. Confidentiality
    Keep your relationship problems private – discuss them with your man.
  17. “Financial Intelligence”
    Encourage him to invest his money more than pressuring him to just spend it. Remember how hard he works for it.
  18. Support
    Be your man’s pillar of strength. Motivate him to be a better person. His success should be your success. Work hand in hand!
  19. Presentation
    Carry yourself extremely well. Your man should be proud to call you his girlfriend and confidently introduce you, people.
  20. A good cook
    “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”
    Nothing wrong with cooking for your man. Don’t let social media deceive you. 

Fella’s, if you ain’t getting this from your woman, you’re dating an indoctrinated feminist, who will lead you into a sink-hole of financial and emotional-ruin. Remember Black-King, you’re the brains, you’re the master, you’re the guy with the plan. There’s no “quality” woman if she’s not adding value to you by doing the above.  

Don’t be duped that the “career” woman has more value to your life, when she intimidates you with her job and stories of her delusional potential. It is you black-king, whose fortunes will multiply ten-fold once you get your shit straight.  

A woman’s money will never be yours black-king. So look for the woman who will create the environment for you to thrive. Avoid in particular, the loud ones, who want to dominate debates at a public setting pretending to be knowledgeable on current affairs.  

CAPTION: Jay-Z and Beyonce provide us with a shining example of why you should marry a younger woman.  

Jay-Z presents us with the perfect example of why you should date and marry younger women. There’s probably a 15-year age-gap between Sean Carter and Beyonce Knowles. And if you listen to her songs, she’s all about “Dangerously in Love”, or “Standing in the light of your Halo” or “Drunk in Love” and the likes. Finally and most importantly is fertility. They can give birth. Your over-30’s feminists cannot!  

All the other female musicians who went on an anti-male rhetoric drive, have since exited the music industry, performing dismally on all fronts from popularity to record sales. These are the likes of TLC with “No Scrubs”, Blue Cantrell “Hit em Up Style” and Kelis “I hate you so much right now” plus our very own Avril Ft. Marya “Chokoza” . These bitches are wallowing in the miasma of struggle.  


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