Presenting the Most Cutting-Edge Futuristic Gun in Existence

Cool, futuristic guns often seem limited to sci-fi movies, where they defy belief.

Yet, you’d be astonished to discover that some futuristic weapons are real.

Amid the U.S. gun control debate, it’s vital to stress that most featured weapons are for military use.

Firearms have historically been the frontline soldiers’ primary tools in warfare.

Be they revolvers, shotguns, or rifles, here are the 10 coolest futuristic guns that have become a reality.


Lt. Col. Amos Golan of the Israeli Defense Forces conceived the CornerShot firearms with support from American investors.

They initially designed these firearms for specialized units, including SWAT teams and special forces, especially in scenarios with terrorists and hostages.

This cutting-edge firearm delivers an extraordinary capability: the capacity to shoot around corners.

CornerShot guns transition between pistols and grenade launchers, prized for adaptability.

Special forces in the Middle East and Asia favor them extensively.


2.Armatix iP1

The Armatix iP1 stands out for its exceptional safety features, requiring a fingerprint-enabled watch within 25cm for firing.

It’s a semi-automatic pistol chambered for the .22 long rifle rimfire cartridge.

In the market, the Armatix iP1 presents itself as a stylish handgun reminiscent of James Bond’s weaponry.

It weighs just 18.3 ounces and has an effective firing range of up to 75 yards. Yet, it has stirred debates in the ongoing gun control discourse.


3.TrackingPoint .338 ShadowTrax8

TrackingPoint, the American company, pioneers rifles with precision-guided technology, transforming target engagement.

These rifles, automatically calculating target range and enhancing firearm performance, include the standout ShadowTrax 8.

ShadowTrax 8: Futuristic design, robust stainless steel, advanced optics, laser rangefinder.

This continually updating ballistics data extends its impressive lock range to 1400 yards.

With its blend of simplicity, reliability, and a patented lock-and-load precision system, the ShadowTrax 8 emerges as the market’s most revolutionary bolt-action hunting rifle.


4.Chiappa Rhino

Chiappa Rhino, an Italian manufacturer, secures its place among futuristic firearms with a unique recoil mechanism that enhances accuracy.

Furthermore, it deviates from traditional revolver designs by firing from the bottom-most chamber, further enhancing precision.

Chiappa offers a diverse range of double-barrel models of the Rhino.

Notably, Its light, manageable design, thanks to aluminum components, advances the realm of handguns effectively.


5.KRISS Vector

The KRISS Vector is an exemplary submachine gun designed to reduce barrel rise and recoil effectively.

The KRISS Vector series, following a consistent design philosophy with slight feature variations, gained prominence.

In 2011, the K10 variant was introduced, notable for its telescopic stock that collapses into the upper receiver, which differs from the traditional folding stock.

The latest versions of the KRISS Vector, called the Gen II models, were released in 2015.

These models come with several enhancements, such as a redesigned pistol grip, an improved safety selector, and improved compatibility with a new 9mm lower receiver, further establishing their reputation as cutting-edge submachine guns


6.F.N Five-Seven Pistol

Renowned for its remarkable capacity to penetrate various forms of body armor, this futuristic firearm stands as a symbol of sheer power, to the extent that civilians in the United States are limited to acquiring it with sporting ammunition.

Hailing from Belgium, this gun has users in 20 nations and plays a role in various conflicts, like Afghanistan and the Libyan Civil War.

Designed as a companion to the P90, it shares many features with that gun.

The FN Five-Seven is known for its light plastic build, large magazine, both-hand controls, and low recoil, making it a versatile and user-friendly firearm.


6.PHASR Rifle

The Personnel Halting and Stimulation Response (PHASR) rifle, originating from the US Department of Defense, represents a futuristic firearm that remains in its prototype phase.

It’s a non-lethal weapon designed to blind temporarily.

The PHASR rifle uses blinding lasers, but it’s crucial to note that the effects are short-term.

Interestingly, it doesn’t violate the UN Protocol on Blinding Laser Weapons, banned in 1995, as it’s temporary and non-lethal.

This unique feature makes it a valuable futuristic firearm.


7.ZiP Pistol

This pistol is a departure from traditional guns, offering a new take on the classic design.

The ZiP Pistol uses plastic parts for customization, like attaching extended stocks and large ammo clips.

US Fire Arms (USFA) claims “ZiP” is the future of enjoyment, saying it’s already here.

The gun’s shape is unconventional, with a full plastic body, some aluminum parts, and a sturdy 5.2″ steel barrel.



The CDTE is an innovative grenade launcher. It uses a spiral trajectory, like a football, to launch grenades.

CDTE stands for Counter Defilade Target Engagement. It can track and precisely time grenade detonations.

This advanced weapon, also known as the Punisher and Individual Semiautomatic Air Burst System, was given to soldiers in Afghanistan in 2010.

The XM25 CDTE fires 25mm grenades designed to explode mid-air near the target.

You can manually adjust the detonation distance, making it shorter or longer by up to 10 feet.


8.AA12 Atchisson Assault Shotgun

This advanced firearm stands out as an automatic shotgun, capable of firing a staggering 300 rounds per minute.

Initially designed by Maxwell Atchisson in 1972, the AA-12 underwent an extensive 18-year development phase after it was acquired by Military Police Systems.

Notably, this firearm is exclusively available in the fully automatic configuration.


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