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The Professor Net Worth Unmasked

What Is The Professor Net Worth? 

The Professor, or Grayson Boucher, is a well-known figure in America’s professional streetball scene. As of 2023, his estimated net worth is more than $3 million.

The Professor has earned his wealth through various means, including his streetball career, acting roles, YouTube videos, merchandise sales, advertising revenue, sponsorships, and public appearances.

The professor - Image credit Courtesy
The professor – Image credit Courtesy

Who is The Professor?

Grayson Boucher, better known as “The Professor,” is an American professional streetball player and actor.

As he travels around the world, he spreads the word of Christianity by playing basketball with locals, all while showcasing his impressive ball-handling skills.

The Professor gained recognition for his appearances in the AND1 Mixtape Tour and has also made appearances in movies such as Ball Don’t Lie, Semi-Pro, and Hustle.

Profile summary 

Category Information
Full Name Grayson Scott Boucher
Gender Male
Age 37 years old
Birth Date June 10, 1984
Birth Place Keizer, United States
Nationality American
Height 1.78m
Weight 70kg
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Single
Wife/Spouse (Name) N/A
NBA Draft 2007
Profession AND1 Street Baller, Actor, YouTuber
Net Worth $3 million

Early life

Grayson Scott Boucher was born on June 10, 1984, in Keizer, Oregon, USA, to his parents Steve Boucher (Father) and Molly Boucher (Mother).

He grew up in Keizer alongside his brother Derrick Boucher.

At the age of two, Grayson was introduced to basketball by his father, and by the time he was in fourth grade, he had developed a deep passion for the sport.

He quickly gained local attention for his mind-boggling ball-handling skills.


After attending McNary High School, Grayson transferred to Salem Academy, where he played high school basketball and earned all-state recognition.

Despite his success in high school, Grayson surprisingly did not receive any college scholarship offers after graduation.

He attempted to “walk on” at multiple community colleges but was unsuccessful.

Fortunately, Grayson found his calling by playing street basketball while attending Chemeketa Community College, ultimately leading him to a professional career.

He became known as “The Professor,” a nickname given to him by a journalist who noticed he always wore glasses while playing basketball.

Careers Leading to The Professor Net Worth

Joining AND1 Mixtape tour

In 2003, when Grayson was still attending college, the AND1 Mixtape Tour made a stop in Portland, Oregon.

Grayson and his brother Derrick attended the event as avid basketball fans and discovered that anyone could try out for the team.

Grayson decided to give it a shot, and the rest is history.

By early 2010, he had become a mainstay in the organization’s marketing efforts.

He was prominently featured on their website, cast in multiple tour ads, and even appeared in an AND1 video game.

The Professor had become a household name in the professional streetball industry.

Joining Ball Up Tour 

In 2008, while still a part of the AND1 Mixtape Tour, The Professor crossed paths with Demetrius Spencer, who was then the CEO of Ball Up Tour.

Their meeting proved to be pivotal for Boucher’s career.

In 2011, after the AND1 Mixtape Tour ended, The Professor joined Ball Up Tour, which had a different approach to the game.

Instead of focusing on behind-the-scenes action like the AND1 Mixtape Tour, Ball Up Tour emphasized on-court action.

Grayson’s skills and fame continued to grow as he toured ten countries with the Ball Up Tour, showcasing his impressive ball-handling skills and entertaining fans around the world.

Acting Career

Grayson Boucher’s love for basketball reflects in his career as an actor as well.

He has appeared in several films, including Semi-Pro, where he played the role of a basketball player, and Ball Don’t Lie, where he was cast as Sticky.

Apart from his acting career, Grayson also created a YouTube web series called “Spiderman Basketball,” where he disguised himself as Spiderman and other superheroes to compete with unsuspecting locals in Los Angeles.

The series was a massive success and gained attention after being featured on ESPN’s website.

The Professor (right) on set with Adam Sandler (left)
The Professor (right) on set with Adam Sandler (left)

Other Ventures Adding to The Professor Net Worth

In addition to his professional career, The Professor also runs an online tutorial called Super Human Dribbling, where he shares his expertise in ball handling, including drills and workouts.

Moreover, he has a popular YouTube channel named Professor Live, where he posts entertaining videos, tutorials, and mixtapes of him playing in local basketball leagues.

With over 7 million subscribers and a total of more than 1.3 billion views, The Professor’s channel is a significant platform for his fans and followers.

How much does The Professor Earn from YouTube?

Assuming an average of 600,000 daily views on his YouTube channel, The Professor earns around $4,800 per day from ad revenue alone.

In addition to ads, he also generates income through YouTube Premium, Channel Membership, Superchats & Superstickers, and Super Thanks.

Furthermore, he has sponsorship deals with companies such as StockX and Mountain Dew, which likely provide a significant source of income given their size and popularity.

Private Life

It remains unknown whether he is in a relationship or not.

The Professor has made sure his private life remains hidden from the public.

Career Threatening Injury

The Professor is known for his private life, and in 2019, he faced a career-threatening injury that many were unaware of.

He suffered a non-contact complete tear of his Achilles tendon, which forced him to take a break from his career.

However, after a year of recovery, he was back on his feet and doing better than ever.

During his rehabilitation, he continued to share previously unreleased mixtapes on his YouTube channel, keeping the news of his injury a secret.

Despite the setback, The Professor’s resilience and dedication to the game have enabled him to make a strong comeback, proving that setbacks can lead to comebacks.









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