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Cyprian Is Nyakundi


The Rise Of Team Mafisi & The Sponsor/Socialite Connection; An Exclusive Scientific Analysis


CAPTION: The new form of prostitution is this. Fake weaves, fake nails, big butts and provocative photos done by BuoArt, the enabler of whores in Nairobi. Join us and let’s make sure BuoArt doesn’t get any more business.

In a land famous for the big five where only valid predators once thrived, you wonder where team mafisi came from and took over. Well, we have got it established now, we have made the damning connection and the cameras, the accusing finger and the lights are directed at the women. Yes, the women, it is not the fault of the men, never was. Let me explain, our greedy girls began hunting for cash in older men, making themselves scarce for the younger men. It is simple economics, induce scarcity, demand goes up, and so is the value of the commodity, pun intended. What happens if young men can’t get some, they go on a rampage, they consume whatever carcass they can find, obese women, grandmas, the mentally ill, those on death list, on Craig list, list of the most wanted, anything.

This is the true genesis of the story- It began with Kim Kardashian in a distant land across the sea in what is now known as the ‘big butt era’. She was the shrine of inspiration. Young girls saw her rise to pseudo-stardom for the simple fact that she was much taller when she sat down. She lit the torch and Vera sidika grabbed it and put it in her ass, she is a witch this girl I tell you. P-unit helped Vera aboard the stage of fame and she was happy to pull along many other scallywag, ratchet miss and mistresses, Huddah, Corazon, the list goes on and on endless.

We are informed that Vera Sidika caught the attention of top Luhya clients Jacob Juma, Musalia Mudavadi and then moved on to mainstream, with the help of Amor Thige the proprietor of Skyluxx Lounge and Ebony Lounge. This young man needs to be declared an enemy of the state. He needs to be deported back to the United States.

In the past five years social media has exploded with photos of the big butts, some natural others cosmetic. Aided by the advent of Instagram. A new breed of profession was born, the socialite. Some people (men and women alike) actually think it is a career when in essence it is high end prostitution propelled by the social media and one metrosexual man Larry Madowo setting a useless trend. I pity the workings of their brains and those who pushed it out, pun intended again.

Apparently, these socialites are very expensive for young college, Post College, newly unemployed and just-employed men to maintain. They buy Gucci like you buy mutura from the kibanda. They take selfies with phones that could pay your rent for a year or two depending on what miserable shack you live in. They post doll faces and crippled-like legs you would think Curiosity discovered aliens on Mars. Only the rich old business men from cosmopolitan cities have the financial capacity to ride such plastic with plasticity so overpriced. These young girls are intellectually malnourished and borrowing from one great man- Ndege. When God gives you beauty without brains, it is the private parts that suffer the most.

The fisi male is typically 25 to 30. He is sexually starving. He sees his meat taken from his hand just when he was about to eat it and he is frustrated. They have formed packs and are hunting better now. One fisi can light a fire that can burn three iroko trees in one night. They are so skilled, recently they have caught the eye of a mega-contractor. Stand up and give a warm welcome to the new arrivals- sugar mummies reloaded. It’s on facebook now, check it out. A page laden with photos of women in their thirties who are drowning in their careers. Some sincerely working to be independent and accomplished, while others, their men just can’t satisfy them because they have been used to shipping cargo from every other type of destination. For a fisi, the motivation here is simply sex, like it has been, always will be. The money is a bonus. For the aspiring socialite girls and their dinosaur sponsors, the motivation is the cash, they hate the sex with a passion. Which one is more natural between the two groups? You be the judge.

The narrative goes on, let us recap. Kim Kardashian, Vera sidika. Vera Sidika, socialites. Socialites, sponsors. Sponsors, take all women, no women for young men. Team mafisi is born. Growing stronger every day. Mafisi tibim!

I have no problem with this mental shift, the young for the old and the old for the young. I have no problem with this replacement of good African values for pure materialism. I have no problem with the cash, the cars, the fancy cars, their shoes or hair. Everybody deserves to do as they please, it is a free country as they say. My only worry is the rise of HIV infections from all this cross-generational sex going around, being auctioned. Check the statistics, we are now 6.2 at HIV prevalence rate. The future spells doom and nobody would care to address it. All they do in the entertainment media nowadays is rant and rant upon piles and piles of useless videos and lyrics. The main stream media has gained so much weight on politics, it has become obese. It feeds on saturated fats and avoids healthy vegetables like superman to kryptonite. The socialite-sponsor bond needs to be broken first for the new upcoming fisi-sugar mummy alliance to be squashed. If not done and done fast, a major epidemic is looming and we will all be sorry.

With the participation of Richard, a sociology student and contributor to this website. Much thanks for this well thought-out analysis.

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