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Cyprian Is Nyakundi


The role of favor in public appointments

Not Yet Uhuru: It is rare to find this book on our book stores today. It is the continued muzling of voices of reason.

Kenyans are now waking up to the reality that their government is full of relatives and that the reason nothing is ever for the betterment of the larger populace is that, the representatives and appointees in government are an extension of their ancestors; the chiefs that were forced on our forefathers by the white colonialists.

The colonialist is alive and living in their offsprings.

As a Twitter User (@Surambaya) and activist Mwalimu Mutemi wa Kiama showed in a Twitter long post (Thread), that the appearance that government of Kenya (GoK) appointments are competitive is not true. The sons and daughters of colonial chiefs, home guards and spies against fellow Africans run GoK.

The easy way to understand is that all the people running key positions in GoK are always intricately related either by blood or share a common ‘ancestry’, that if one goes 60 years back, they’ll discover that their dad, mum or relatives generally collaborated with the British colonialists to oppress fellow Africans.

President Uhuru Kenyatta in military regalia: Subtle messaging on ‘fanya fujo uone’

How is this possible?

This is always made possible by overturning interview process, like in the recent cases of the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) and Auditor General offices, when the ‘wrong candidate are left to be chosen.

The wrong candidate is usually someone out of the circle of colonial collaborators offsprings.

However, when this is not possible for many reasons; for example, when the ‘collaborators with the white man’ are put in a tight corner and have to chose someone out of the ‘ancestry’, they often have a tool.

The former Auditor-General Edward Ouko, who retired nine months ago, says he feels vulnerable in his life in retirement. This is because no security is currently provided to him.

The ‘tool’

In January 2020, Kenyans were treated to a scene of political scale after the appointment of the University of Nairobi (UoN) Vice-Chancellor (VC) Prof. Gitahi Kiama. In a period of three weeks, the VC-iship jumped between Prof Isaac Meroka Mbeche and Prof Kiama, until the court stepped in and ended the stalemate.

VC Kiama was reinstated as VC after a deeply flawed interview process ( has evidence).

Education CS Prof George Magoha (left) and UoN VC Prof Gitahi Kiama

At the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), the party was organised by the corrupt board Chairperson and defacto CEO Hannah Muriithi. Hannah, sleeping ‘close to power’ had smelt the whiff of impunity which filled her lungs with the possibility of flouting the constitution and she did just that. She appointed a Peter Kamunyo as the CEO, flouting the NHIF ACT by the Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act, No. 18 of 2014 which had removed the powers of Health Cabinet Secretary to appoint NHIF CEO. Well, Dr Kamunyo will have to face the court as activist Okiya Omtatah has questioned his appointment.

Mr Omtata argues that there is no record that Dr Gathege ever attended the interview held by the board on January 17, that he was ‘handpicked’ by the corrupt Board Chair Ms Hannah Muriithi.

Nancy Kabui: Her selection as an Auditor General is almost assured because she has passed through by the ‘tool’ that teaches everyone to respect the status quo and not upset the balance between the master (Western interests) and their surrogates (Kenyan elite) in the oppression of the Kenyan populace

The third and final example of the ‘tool’ comes from the happenings in the search for the Auditor General, which has taken over 10 months. The president had rejected a list of those that had been interviewed earlier. It surprised Kenyans that he presented the name of one Nancy Janet Kabui Gathungu, a name which existed in the first list of rejects.

Now Kenyans, whatever the tool does, it works both ways with the sole purpose of serving neo-colonialism; oppressing the African, the Kenyan while serving the whims and needs of the British.

If the person is a ‘ancestry’, son or daughter of people descended from a colonial chief, home guard or spies for the British during the colonial era or if the person has been ‘lucky’ to beat that ‘system’ and emerged to be appointed then the tool used is that one which appears as a favor done.

The person will ‘win’ court cases after their appointment has been challenged. This is done so as to drive into their ‘woke-anti-ancestry’ minds just who butters their bread and so they must ‘obey orders from above.

Queen of thieves: NHIF Board Chairperson Hannah Muriithi


Former Auditor General Edward Ouko was clearly not from the ‘ancestry’ and after doing right service for Kenyans, serving the country with integrity and not reporting fake figures or muzzling scary theft, he is in retirement begging for his benefits.

Chief Justice David Maraga is here, after annulling a sham election being threatened with death because as an anti-ancestry, he has stood for an independent Judiciary even according to the constitution.

The punishment for the majority us who stand against the excesses of the descendants of homeguards, colonial chiefs and the enablers of continued oppression of the African in the African continent face numerous punishments.

Arrests (Mutemi wa Kiama, Nyakundi, etc), selected denial of service and development (Nyanza Province), muzzling (blogger Nyakundi on Twitter) etc.

Click this to see the link between the mismanagement of Kenya and the appointments of children of the colonial collaborators

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