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The Witness: Kenyan narrates how police plant drugs, arrest and extort young men from well off families

A witness account on a drug arrest differs from what police have. The Kenyan claims they were fixed after police failed to arrest a drug dealing diplomat who fled the country.

On the 29th June 2016, DCI officers from the Anti – Narcotics said they received word from employees of the General Post Office (GPO) that a mysterious package which was believed to be containing drugs was shipped in the country.

However, GPO staff claimed that on the 13th July 2016 they had received word from the Canadian post office officials that a package was sent to Kenya containing drugs. Furthermore the charge sheet of the 3 suspects the Anti narcotics arrested said that they were sending the package. The only thing that stays the same is the day of the arrest of which was July 13th 2016.

There were so many different witnesses with different accounts in a case that media blew out of proportion.

So what really happened? According to documents filed by the 3 accused persons. This is how they were fixed.

On 13th July 2016, Lawrence was on his way to work as a gardener at foreign pilots residence when the police pounced on him at work and told his boss that Lawrence is a drug trafficker and that he needs to be taken to his home in kangemi to search his home of which they did.. They then asked him where his friend Joseph Mutua was.

Lawrence replied in the negative, he didn’t know. He didn’t by that time know that the police had been tracking Joseph Mutua.

The police found the second accused Joseph Mutua at his bosses house in Loresho later. The place where he was was not too far from where Lawrence works. The police also asked Joseph about the whereabouts of his friend Martino, later they forcefully entered the home where he worked and met with the owner who happened to be Martino’s father a senior member of the United Nations (UN) energy board and told him that his son had been investigated for drug trafficking and that he has been running fronts like muteero farms for his drug empire

His father was obviously shocked, however, he reminded police that he is a diplomat and that they had no jurisdiction in his home and asked them to leave.

He then quickly called his son and had him flown to Europe leaving behind the mess that he had created. Sources say that that was not the only time that he has done so. In 2017, Joseph Martino’s worker was arrested for two crimes; sending over 3kgs of ketamine to the USA and Identity fraud.

When the drugs were found, it was believed to be cocaine at first, however, after conducting a test, it was found to be ketamine . When Joseph was caught he refused to give up Martino. Once again Martino took advantage of his diplomatic immunity and left him once more in the mess that he created.

After the police were done in Loresho they made their way straight to Joseph’s house to conduct a search and the police claim they found a key and some documents for the box of which they say belonged to Lawrence of which Joseph denied ever having them in his house although upon further investigations the box had different PB Numbers and Area Code Numbers in documents presented in court.

After leaving Joseph’s place, they headed straight to Lavington to the home of the 3rd accused James Njenga Kihato.

According to statements in court James Njenga Kihato was in his mothers place in Lavington at the time. He lived along Naivasha road where he had moved out 2 months before with his friend Mohammed Ali and that was the first time in 3 weeks he had been to his mothers place. That time his mother had been admitted in hospital for a month before his arrest.

At his mother’s place he had been joined at the house by his Cousin/Business partner Jesce Njenga Bubi, Intelligence Officer Ferdinand Bukhala who was his Neighbour and a Juba based businessman Mohammed Ali. The house was empty at the mother was in hospital.

The 4 had initially planned on getting groceries, making lunch, watch t.v and play video games. But first, they sent Mohammed to get the groceries from Valley Arcade. A few minutes Jesce left saying that his girlfriend Njeri had been ill and is going to see her at her place on Ngong Road and he would catch them later on in the afternoon. So Njenga and Ferdinand stayed behind watching T.V.

It was around 12:45 pm when the 2 heard a bang on the door, they asked who it was but there was no answer. This happened 3 times after.

Police raid

Soon after, Mohammed called saying that he is at the door asking for it to be opened.

As soon as Njenga opened the door for him, 15 men with guns pointed at his face came in using Mohammed as a human shield.

Initially the 3rd accused thought they were thieves not until his neighbour Ferdinand said “Poleni Officer “ so the cops came in asking them to put their phones on the table. Njenga immediately told the police that that was not the way things should work and that he is calling his lawyer. However, he was pushed to the wall and his phone was confiscated; not knowing what is going on 2 minutes later his cousin walks in and the cops quickly identified themselves and said that he was under investigation for drug trafficking and started searching the house.

They spent 5 minutes in each room, but took 3 hours in his mother’s room going through court documents and took some of which have never been returned.

After that, one of the cops came out of another room claiming that he found a bag of weed. A police officer later told the court that they found it in a bag, another one said they found it on top of the table.

At that time, a friend, John walked in and was told to sit down.

They handcuffed the 5 of them, but upon reaching the police station there were 2 other accused whom he had never seen before that were charged with him; one Lawrence Muketo and Joseph Mutua. When asked if they had met Njenga before, they all said no.

This is when the police came up with a story saying that Njenga asked Joseph to ask Lawrence to open a post office box address without ever having met before

But these questions still remain:

How comes the other 4 people caught with the 3rd accused were not charged and were left to live their lives in peace? The four were Mohammed Ali who became a successful Juba based businessman who has houses in Jacaranda, Lavington and Kileleshwa estates; Jesse Njenga Buni, a Cousin and business partner, John Musyoka who was his friend and lastly his Neighbour Ferdinand Bukhala who has become and intelligence officer based in Eldoret?

Also why does the charge sheet record ‘sending a parcel’ but police statements say ‘receiving a parcel’.

Would 3 people really spend 105 canadian dollars (Sh8000) to ship in Cannabis worth Sh11,000?

How comes the charge sheet say that the 3rd accused was found in Kileleshwa and not In Lavington as is?

Why did the Police Let Martino Kitio go? and shouldn’t he be brought forth to answer whether or not the drugs are his?

Can someone kindly tell us who Mr RightVantage is and if he even exists? If his name is just a combination of two words one being Right and (Ad) Vantage and is used just for bogus arrest that waste taxpayers money and prosecute the innocent while the guilty are out there conducting business at the expense of the youth’s future.

It is believed that there is a unit of rouge ANU police officers specifically from Kilimani and Gigiri Police Station who have a knack for wrongfully arresting young people from well off families by planting drugs on them threatening them that they are from ANU in order to get funds out of them.

The same police squad is also said to harras revellers, deejays and artist in popular high end night clubs. These same cops after extorting whatever funds from their arrests then call them to the side saying they can supply them or they work with narcotics for them to setup any of their friends.

Furthermore all the police including the 3rd accused neighbour Ferdinand Bukhala all got gazetted as Police and also got transferred and promoted. The Inspecting Officer Agnes Tune became Buru Buru DCIO, Driver Bashir Oloo became an Investigative officer and got transferred and Junior Officer Stephan Kirimi became an Investigating Officer and transferred to Meru and Neighbour Ferdinand was handpicked to join the National Intelligence Service. For those who do not understand how thhe National Intelligence Service (NIS) work, they do not do not advertise for jobs they hand pick Individuals who are already police or private investigators to join.

More on Ferdinand Bukhala

So how did Ferdinand Bukhala join?

Ferdinand Bukhala or Fed his nickname amongst his peers was deported from the United Kingdom (UK) when he was in his early 20’s. He somehow used his father’s connections to become a Private Investigator (PI). Fed was known to drive a Black Mercedes Benz Ml 2003 model and was known to being friends with children of prominent Kenyans, South Sudanese, Kenyan Celebrities and some very rich Kenyans.

He was know to always brag about how South Sudan president Salva Kir’s children are his friends and would always take pictures of the bills the would spend in clubs to show off. He would also brag about how people like Anerlisa Muigai, Ben Kangangi amongst others were his pals. He would lie about being a farmer or a real estate agent to his friends, he was known as the guy who would call pals and pick them up for J Laps (driving around smoking weed). He would always have his phone out recording or taking pictures. He was also known to help house hunt for his friends from prominent South Sudanese families and he would always bring his friends and weed and they’d be drinking and having a good time.

However, a month or a couple months later these houses would be raided by police or landlords threatening to call police due to the cannabis smoking going on of where the kids would either pay cops or the landlords so the story wouldn’t get out of hand and to save face from family members. He was also known to fall out with a lot with his peers because he would always gossip.

One popular story he would say is, “Salva Kir’s kids are my brothers and that he’d been to their house in Juba” he would further add Salva Kirr has every Mercedes Benz in the world in Black and in White.

So what was FED really doing? was he in cahoots with the police and landlord to fleece his friends? or was it due to the fact that he was a P.I? was he using this information about what his pals were doing to get a promotion? Maybe a promotion as an Official Intelligence Officer? Fed got into numerous fights with his friends cause almost all lost trust in him it was at this time he was transferred to Eldoret and put under an Anti terror Unit, why would someone aiding cops with Narcotics be shifted to a different county and also put under a different Unit was it to hid him due to the fact that his cover was starting to get blown? Nobody knows.

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