Uncle Waffles Real Name: Discover South Africa’s DJ The “Princess of Amapiano”

Uncle Waffles Real Name is Lungelihle Zwane.

Born on March 30, 2000, in Swaziland, Lungelihle Zwane, professionally known as Uncle Waffles, is a DJ and record producer residing in South Africa.

She has made a name for herself in the amapiano music scene.

And is recognized for her exceptional dance skills, earning the title of the “amapiano princess” by Billboard.

Uncle Waffles has emerged as a prominent figure in the online DJing community.

Notably, her exceptional mixing abilities have garnered attention from renowned artists.

With none other than Drake himself declaring her as his favorite South African DJ.

Her fame as a DJ is rooted in her remarkable talent for captivating audiences with her incredible mixing and dance prowess.

Lungelihle Zwane, is undeniably one of South Africa’s most celebrated DJs.

Her musical journey boasts highlights like her debut single “Tanzania” and the widely acclaimed EP “Red Dragon.”

She has graced the stage alongside Africa’s biggest names, sharing the limelight with the likes of Davido, Wizkid, and global A-list celebrities.

Furthermore, Uncle Waffles wears multiple hats, serving as a TV host and performer.

She is a versatile entertainer, TV presenter, and entrepreneur, earning recognition from global icons while sharing the stage with Africa’s biggest stars.

While attending high school in Swaziland, Uncle Waffles laid the foundation for her career.

Subsequently, she pursued her passion for music and global performance, abandoning her studies in information technology at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

It was during this time that she embarked on her DJing journey.

In addition to her music career, Uncle Waffles has ventured into the business world.

She founded and currently operates Uncle Waffles Music, a record label and production company responsible for releasing several mixtapes and singles.

Furthermore, she curates an entertainment blog featuring prominent South African DJs and producers.

An image illustration of Uncle Waflles
An image of Uncle Waffles illustrating who she really is
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Profile Summary

Attribute Information
Stage Name Uncle Waffles
Real Name Lungelihle Zwane
Occupation DJ, Entertainer, TV Presenter, Businesswoman
Date Of Birth/Age Born in March 2000
Place of Birth Eswatini
Gender Female
Nationality South African
Marital Status In a relationship
Education University of Kwa-Zulu Natal

Uncle Waffles Early Life and Education

Throughout her early years, she was primarily cared for by her grandmother.

Her upbringing is a tale of not knowing her parents until she turned nine when she finally met her mother, Sinaye Zwane, who happens to be a businesswoman.

It’s essential to clarify that she wasn’t raised by her mother, Siyane Zwane, but rather by her grandmother.

In one of her blog posts, Uncle Waffles shared her personal story, emphasizing that her grandmother played a pivotal role in her upbringing.

She revealed that her parents had rejected her at birth, and it wasn’t until she reached the age of nine that she discovered her mother’s existence.

Her mother’s presence in her life only became known to her later on.

She recounted, “During my early years, I couldn’t comprehend why I didn’t live with my parents.

As a child, the only explanation that made sense was that they didn’t want me.

Unfortunately, that’s where the journey began.

I reunited with my mother at the age of nine, and it was challenging because I didn’t really know her.

This transition brought its silent struggles. Contrary to what many assume, her childhood was far from easy.

Zwane’s educational journey took her through high school in Swaziland.

Subsequently, she enrolled in an information technology course at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

However, as she matured and her passion for music grew, she realized her true calling lay in the world of music.

Influenced by her love for dance and music, she made the bold decision to drop out of university and embark on a DJing career.

Uncle Waffles Career and How it Affects Her Personal Life

The desire to pursue a career in showbiz always burned within her.

An intriguing fact, perhaps unknown to many, is her past role as a presenter at Studio1.

Collaborating with DJ Stunner and Siybonga Nsibande, she co-hosted a Swaziland music and entertainment show.

Moreover, she graced the cover of the 2018 Swazi Bride magazine.

A fitting choice considering her stunning looks and captivating personality.

Today, she’s predominantly recognized for her DJing prowess.

Her Instagram journey serves as a testament to her dedication and patience in honing her craft.

These qualities have propelled her to become one of Mzansi’s most acclaimed and esteemed DJs.

Uncle Waffles’ remarkable journey began in 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdowns when she embarked on her DJing journey.

She relentlessly invested eight-hours daily in practicing sessions to perfect her skills.

A pivotal moment came in October 2021 when a video of her dancing during a DJ set at the Zone 6 nightclub in Soweto went viral.

Hence capturing the attention of none other than Canadian rapper Drake, who became her Instagram follower.

With newfound success and popularity, she ventured into music production.

In March, she dropped her chart-topping single “Tanzania,” followed swiftly by the release of her EP, “Red Dragon.”

The momentum continued in September 2022 with the release of the “Tanzania” music video and her participation in the Global Citizen Festival in Accra.

Her second EP, “Asylum,” saw the light of day in March 2023, featuring the hit track “Yahyuppiyah,” which has since become a TikTok sensation.

Her global hit, “Yahyuppiyah,” led to a TikTok dance collaboration with American singer Ciara.

And in April 2023, she etched her name in history as the first Amapiano artist to perform at the prestigious Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Uncle Waffles Awards and Recognitions

Within a mere week of its launch, Uncle Waffles’ second EP, titled “Asylum,” achieved the prestigious gold certification from the Recording Industry of South Africa (RISA).

Her accomplishments extend beyond this, as she currently holds a nomination for the esteemed Best International Act category at the upcoming 2023 BET Awards.

Notably, in 2022, Uncle Waffles secured the title of Best DJ Africa at the African Muzik Awards, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the music industry.

Additionally, she received a nomination at the All Africa Music Awards in the category of Best Female DJ, further affirming her influence and recognition.

Uncle Waffles Net Worth

As indicated across most of Uncle Waffles’ online profiles, she rakes in substantial earnings from her live performances.

In the year 2023, it is widely speculated that Waffles’ net worth hovered around $150,000, an impressive sum translating to approximately R2.4 million at the prevailing exchange rates.

This talented individual has been in high demand since 2021.

Following her meteoric rise on social media, she began securing bookings for shows throughout South Africa.

Subsequently, she expanded her horizons, securing international gigs that took her to stages and festivals across the globe, all of which contributed significantly to her income.

As per Briefly.co.za, it was reported that Uncle Waffles charges a fee of R80,000 for an hour-long performance at indoor events.

And R120,000 for outdoor events of the same duration.

Notably, entertainment commentator and influencer Musa Khawula tweeted about Waffles’ international rates, which left many in astonishment.

For an outdoor international gig, she commands a hefty fee of $25,000 (equivalent to R420,000), while indoor international events come with a price tag of $18,000 (over R300,000).

The revelation sparked a flurry of reactions and discussions on social media platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Uncle Waffles

What is Uncle Waffles’ age?

Uncle Waffles celebrated her 23rd birthday on 30th March 2023

Is Uncle Waffles heterosexual?

No, Uncle Waffles shared in a Live video that she identifies as bisexual, though she is presently in a heterosexual relationship.

What is Uncle Waffles’ nationality?

Uncle Waffles hails from Swaziland, which aligns her nationality with South African.

When did Uncle Waffles commence her DJing journey?

Uncle Waffles embarked on her DJing career while attending the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal. She chose to leave her studies and focus solely on her DJing path.

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