Unpaid and Struggling: KERRA Support Staff Fight for Their Rights against Corrupt DG Philemon Kandie

In recent months, the KERRA support staff working on the Coca-Cola-Kithaku-Katheri-Kithirune-Kariene-Kaguma-Giaki road contract have been struggling to survive after Corrupt DG Philemon Kandie turned a deaf ear on them.

These employees have gone without pay for eight months of salary, eleven months of overtime, and twenty months of allowances. Additionally, five months of NHIF and NSSF contributions have not been remitted.

Despite the contractor’s ability to pay casual labourers, drivers, and other staff members within his site, these dedicated and hardworking individuals continue to be neglected because their boss Corrupt DG Philemon Kandie has been pocketed.

The KERRA support team works full-time on this project, leaving them with no time for side hustles and further straining them financially. Despite efforts to communicate with the Resident Engineer regarding their concerns, they’ve been threatened with intimidation and termination threats.

A dire situation has left these employees facing financial hardship and uncertainty about their future. This is a call to action for Mr Hillary Akwiri, the Resident Engineer, to liaise with the director and engineer from Jianxi Youse Construction (Group) Co. Ltd to ensure immediate payment to the KERRA support staff.

All employees working on this road are equal and must be treated as such.

Corrupt DG Philemon Kandie Bribed

The KeRRA support staff (Resident Engineer staff) working at coca-cola -kithaku-katheri-kithirune-kariene-kaguma-giaki road Contract no Rwc 327 have not been paid the following entitlement

1. 8 months’ salary

2. 11 months’ overtime

3. 20 months’ allowances

4. 5 months’ nhif and nssf not remitted.

Where is Kandie when his stuff are suffering?

The contractor manages to pay his staff i.e. casual labourers, drivers and other staff within his site every 28th of the month and gives an advance payment every mid-month.

He’s able to service and fuel all the vehicles.

He’s able to stock construction materials in plenty but cannot pay the support staff. The KeRRA support team works full time meaning that they have no time for side hustles. This has strained them financially. Their efforts to meet the Resident Engineer have remained futile. The resident engineer has resulted into intimidating them and threatening to terminate their contracts. The staff currently needs money for school fees, rent settling debts and other bills.

We appeal to Mr Hillary Akwiri the resident engineer to liaise with the director and engineer from Jiangxi youse construction (group) co. ltd and makes sure that the staff are immediately paid. All the employees working on that road are equal and should be treated as such. We expect prompt action.

KeRRA Director General Philemon Kandie Scandals

Steve Mogaka, the MP for West Mugirango, has expressed concern about the disappearance of Sh17 million that was intended for the construction of the Ting’a-Igenaitambe road.

In a letter to various investigating and assets recovery agencies, he has demanded answers about the missing funds. Mogaka asserts that the money was earmarked for the opening, grading, travelling, and culvert construction of the road by KeRRA in the 2021/2022 financial year. However, according to the MP, the funds have vanished. He has therefore called upon relevant agencies to examine all KeRRA projects carried out during the same financial year.

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KeRRA DG Philemon Kandie Given Resignation Ultimatum Over Gideon Moi Link

Kenya’s KeRRA Director General is under pressure to resign after President Ruto rejected a meeting. The President wants to replace appointments made by his predecessor with officials who share his vision.

While most board appointments have been revoked and replaced, state parastatals like KeRRA have directors with the security of tenure, making it necessary to force Kandie’s resignation. Sources close to Ruto claim that Kandie was against his presidential bid and may sabotage his agenda.

Furthermore, there are reports that Kandie used KeRRA funds to finance Azimio campaigns, thus prompting the Transport CS to investigate. Corruption at KeRRA is not new, as evidenced by the case of Benson Muteti Musila, a regional manager found with assets worth over Sh1.5 billion despite earning a modest salary. The EACC has also probed Margaret Muthui, a procurement official, for suspicious transactions, freezing her accounts after she paid Ksh264 million in cash for 11 apartments.

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How Director General Philemon Kandie is Burning Inside the KeRRA Procurement Wars

Mr Philemon Kandie, the Director General of Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA), is being heavily criticized for misusing his power to further his own corrupt schemes.

KeRRA Tenders

He orchestrated the improper transfer of Julius Gakubia from his position in the maintenance department to a strategic department as part of a plan to place his accomplices in key positions to siphon off millions of dollars through various construction projects. Kandie and other top managers have formed companies that are run by proxies and are guaranteed lucrative tenders and prompt payments.

Sources reveal that Kandie has also been bullying employees. We have been informed also that he has been sexually harassing female colleagues. One of the recent victims is procurement manager Margaret Wanja Muthui, whose case is still pending in court. Kandie wrote to Mrs Muthui on February 10, 2021, about handing over responsibilities to Catherine Kangangi, who he appointed as acting deputy director of supply chain management instead of an outsider like Muthui, whom he considers an enemy.

Kandie’s plan to deploy Muthui to the Transport Ministry was suspended by the labour court. However, he is still lobbying to replace Peter Mundinia as the Director General at KeNHA. Employment and Labour Relations judge Maureen Onyango reinstated Muthui to her position until her case is heard and determined. This was the second time that she was being deployed for raising concerns over inflated tenders for road constructions.


  1. What is the Meaning of KeRRA:

KeRRA stands for Kenya Rural Roads Authority. It is a state corporation tasked with the responsibility of managing and maintaining rural roads in Kenya. The authority was established through the Kenya Roads Act No. 4 of 2007.

  1. What is the Work of KeRRA:

The main mandate of KeRRA is to manage, develop and maintain rural roads in Kenya. The authority is responsible for planning, designing, constructing and maintaining rural roads, as well as bridges and other related infrastructure. KeRRA also collaborates with county governments to ensure effective management and maintenance of rural roads.

  1. Who is the Head of KeRRA:

The current Director-General of KeRRA is Eng. Philip K. Kinisu. He was appointed to the position in 2018 and is responsible for providing strategic leadership and guidance to the authority in achieving its objectives.

KeRRA Regional Directors

  1. When was KeRRA founded?

KeRRA was established in 2007 through the Kenya Roads Act No. 4 of 2007. The aim was to address the challenges faced in the management and maintenance of rural roads in Kenya. Idealy by consolidating all the functions of rural roads into one institution.

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