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Revealed: What happened between Halsey and Matty Healy?

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Matty Healy is the lead singer and songwriter of the British pop rock band 1975, known for their eclectic and experimental sound, their outspoken and controversial persona, and their loyal and passionate fanbase.

But who is Matty Healy, and what makes him one of the most interesting and influential figures in the music industry today?

In this article, we will explore some of the facts and controversies surrounding Matty Healy and his band, and try to understand why they are called The 1975.

Is Matty Healy a Nepo baby?

A nepo baby is a term used to describe a celebrity who has direct links to another famous person, usually a parent or a grandparent.

The term implies that the celebrity has benefited from nepotism or the practice of favoring relatives or friends in their careers.

Matty Healy is often considered a nepo baby, as he is the son of two well-known actors, Tim Healy and Denise Welch.

Both of his parents are of Irish descent and have appeared in various TV shows and films, such as Coronation Street, Byker Grove, Waterloo Road, and Benidorm.

Matty Healy has admitted that he had a privileged upbringing and that his parents were supportive of his musical aspirations.

However, he has also denied that he got any career handouts from them, and has said that he worked hard to build his own reputation and success.

He has also expressed his admiration and respect for his parents and has credited them for introducing him to different genres of music.

What happened between Halsey and Matty Healy?

Halsey is an American singer and songwriter who rose to fame with her debut album Badlands in 2015.

She is known for her edgy and emotional style, her feminist and LGBTQ+ activism, and her collaborations with artists like The Chainsmokers, BTS, and Marshmello.

Halsey and Matty Healy met at one of The 1975’s concerts in early 2015 and quickly began dating.

They were often seen attending red carpet-events and music festivals together, and their relationship seemed to be going strong.

However, in early 2016, it was reported that Halsey and Healy had broken up.

There was no clear reason given for the split, but it was speculated that the intense media scrutiny of their relationship may have played a role.

Since the break-up, both Halsey and Healy have gone on to date other people. Halsey has dated rapper G-Eazy, actor Evan Peters, and screenwriter Alev Aydin, with whom she welcomed her first child, Ender, in July 2021.

Healy has dated model Gabriella Brooks, singer FKA Twigs, and actress Gabbriette Bechtel.

Despite their separation, Halsey and Healy have remained on good terms and have spoken positively about each other’s musical talent and character.

Halsey has also hinted that some of her songs, such as Colors and Roman Holiday, may have been inspired by Healy.

Why is Matty Healy so popular?

Matty Healy is not only the frontman of The 1975, but also a pop culture icon who has captivated millions of fans with his charisma, creativity, and candor.

Healy is known for his distinctive voice, energetic stage presence, and willingness to address social and political issues in his music.

He has also been praised for his lyricism, musical eclecticism, provocative onstage persona, and influence on indie pop music.

Healy is not afraid to experiment with different genres, styles, and themes, and has explored topics such as love, sex, drugs, religion, technology, identity, and mental health in his songs.

He has also collaborated with other artists, such as No Rome, The Japanese House, and Phoebe Bridgers, and has supported causes such as LGBTQ+ rights and climate change activism.

Healy is also known for his controversial and controversial statements, which have often sparked debate and backlash.

He has been accused of being racist, sexist, antisemitic, and selfish, and has apologized for some of his remarks.

Healy has also struggled with substance abuse and addiction and has gone to rehab in 2017.

He has been open and honest about his personal challenges and has used his platform to raise awareness and inspire others.

Healy is a pop star for a new generation, one who has grown up with the rise of technology and social media, and who reflects the complexities and contradictions of modern life.

He is a flawed but fascinating figure, who constantly challenges himself and his audience, and who never stops evolving and innovating.

Why are they called The 1975?

1975 are a band of four friends who met in high school and started playing music together in 2002.

They went by an array of different names throughout their career, such as Drive Like I Do and Bigsleep, until settling in 1975.

The name was inspired by a Jack Kerouac poetry book that had “1 June, The 1975” written on the back.

Healy found the book in an antique shop and was intrigued by the date and the scribbles.

He said the name represented “the idea of an identity, of a time and a place, of a moment in history”.

He also said that the name was “a bit of a joke”, as they were not born in 1975, and that it was “a bit pretentious”.

The name has also been interpreted as a reference to the year that punk rock emerged, or as a contrast to their music’s futuristic and digital nature.


Matty Healy is one of the most popular and polarizing figures in the music industry today.

He is the leader of The 1975, a band that has achieved critical and commercial success with their eclectic and experimental sound, and that has a loyal and passionate fanbase.

He is also a pop culture icon who has captivated millions of fans with his charisma, creativity, and candor.

Healy has dated other celebrities, such as Halsey and Taylor Swift, and has faced controversies and challenges, such as racism, sexism, and addiction.

He is a complex and contradictory figure, who constantly challenges himself and his audience, and who never stops evolving and innovating.

He is Matty Healy, the nepo baby, the pop star, and the 1975.







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