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What Happened to Carsyn Seaweed?

What happened to Carsyn Seaweed?

This fifteen-year-old was found in a semi-conscious state near Miller Road on May 15, find out if she died and who Carsyn Seaweed is here.

What Happened to Carsyn Seaweed?

On May 14th, a distressing incident unfolded in Duncan, BC, involving the disappearance and subsequent tragic death of a young girl named Carsyn Mackenzie Seaweed. Carsyn, a member of the Cowichan Tribe and belonging to the Namgis Nation, went missing after attending a local soccer tournament with her mother. While she was initially found alive behind a Super 8 Motel near the Trans Canada highway, she sadly passed away in the hospital a few days later.

At first, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) did not consider the circumstances surrounding Carsyn’s death to be suspicious. However, after 24 hours had elapsed, the RCMP publicly announced that they now regarded the circumstances as suspicious and initiated a thorough investigation.

In a heartfelt address to a gathering of family members and mourners outside the RCMP office, Inspector Chris Bear, the head of the North Cowichan RCMP detachment, underscored the significance of the case. He assured them that the investigation into Carsyn’s death was the highest priority for the RCMP.

During his speech, Inspector Chris Bear acknowledged the existence of miscommunications that caused confusion and gave the impression that the RCMP was not actively investigating the case. He took full responsibility for these miscommunications and offered his sincere apologies to the family of Carsyn Mackenzie Seaweed and the community.

Inspector Chris Bear emphasized that the investigation was never halted and that the RCMP had been fully committed to giving it their utmost attention right from the start. He reassured everyone that his team of investigators was diligently working to uncover the truth and bring justice to this heartbreaking case.

The breakdown in communication that led to the miscommunications originated from issues between the Island District RCMP, Duncan RCMP, and media liaisons. Inspector Chris Bear reiterated the immense importance of this case and assured the public that the RCMP was fully dedicated to resolving the matter and finding answers.

What Happened to Carsyn Seaweed
What Happened to Carsyn Seaweed

Who was Carsyn Seaweed?

On May 15, the life of fifteen-year-old Carsyn Seaweed took a devastating turn when she was discovered in a semi-conscious state near Miller Road. Despite receiving immediate medical attention, tragically, she passed away at the hospital. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have confirmed her death, leaving her family and the community heartbroken.

Carsyn’s mother, Marie Seaweed, expressed her profound sadness and grief over the loss of her beloved daughter. Marie described Carsyn as a beautiful 15-year-old girl with dreams of becoming a nurse. Carsyn had exciting plans for her future, including obtaining her driver’s license next year, a milestone she eagerly anticipated. Her untimely passing has shattered these dreams and left a void in the lives of those who knew and loved her.

The RCMP is actively investigating the circumstances surrounding Carsyn’s condition and subsequent death. Their dedicated efforts aim to determine the cause of this tragic event and ensure that justice is served. As the investigation unfolds, the community mourns the loss of a young life filled with potential and dreams yet to be realized.

Carsyn Seaweed Death

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in North Cowichan/Duncan, situated around 60 kilometers north of Victoria, is currently conducting an investigation into the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of 15-year-old Carsyn Mackenzie Seaweed. While investigators have ruled out homicide as the cause of her death, they continue to view the circumstances surrounding her passing as suspicious.

On May 15, Carsyn, a member of the Namgis Nation and the Cowichan Tribes, was found in the 5300 block of the Trans Canada Highway. The RCMP received a report that she had been discovered in a semi-conscious state under suspicious circumstances. Despite receiving prompt medical attention, she tragically passed away shortly thereafter.

The RCMP has stated that while the death is not considered a result of homicide, it remains under investigation by the B.C. Coroners Service. The RCMP’s criminal investigation aims to uncover the details surrounding Carsyn’s death. The day before her passing, Carsyn had accompanied her mother, Marie Seaweed, to Duncan for a soccer tournament.

Initially intending to return home to Mill Bay by bus, Carsyn later contacted her mother to inform her of a change in plans, stating that she would stay in town. Concern grew when Carsyn stopped responding to her mother’s calls, and eventually, her phone’s battery died. Worried about her daughter’s well-being, Marie Seaweed spent several hours driving around town in search of her.

The following day, Seaweed came across social media posts indicating that the body of a young woman had been discovered behind a Super 8 Hotel off the highway. The person who made the discovery described the scene in a post and subsequently shared the details with Seaweed. According to Seaweed, the individual who found her daughter informed her that Carsyn was alive but scared, exhibiting signs of high body temperature and eventually experiencing a seizure.

Seaweed, who resides in Sooke, confirmed that her daughter was in good health and had no history of drug or substance use. Medical professionals made extensive efforts to save Carsyn’s life, but unfortunately, she was unable to overcome her weakened state, and her organs began to fail.

Seaweed believes that the extreme heat, with temperatures reaching approximately 35 degrees Celsius in Duncan that day, along with the circumstances of her daughter being concealed beneath various items, may have contributed to her health deterioration. The passing of Carsyn Mackenzie Seaweed has deeply affected her family, leaving them feeling lost. Marie Seaweed expressed the immense void in her heart caused by her daughter’s untimely demise.

What Happened to Carsyn Seaweed – FAQs

1. What happened to Carsyn Mackenzie Seaweed?

Carsyn Mackenzie Seaweed, a 15-year-old girl from the Namgis Nation and the Cowichan Tribes, was found in a semi-conscious state on May 15.

2.  Is Carsyn’s death considered a homicide?

No, investigators have determined that Carsyn’s death is not the result of a homicide.

3. Who is conducting the investigation into Carsyn’s death?

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in North Cowichan/Duncan are leading the investigation into the circumstances surrounding Carsyn’s death.

4.  Were there any immediate suspects in the case?

It has not been disclosed whether there are any immediate suspects in relation to Carsyn’s death.

5. Is there any support being provided to Carsyn’s family?

It is not specified in the available information whether specific support is being provided to Carsyn’s family.







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