What Happened to Katie Price Dog? Is Blade the Dog Dead?

What Happened to Katie Price Dog? The 45 years old media personality and model Katie Price’s dog Blade was killed after got hit by a car, and Blade became the 7th dog to die in her care.

Katie Price Dog
Katie Price Dog

Who is Katie Price?

Katie Price, born on May 22, 1978, is a well-known English media personality and model who rose to fame in the late 1990s.

She gained popularity as a glamour model, notably featuring in The Sun newspaper’s Page 3 using the name Jordan.

Throughout her successful career, Katie Price has explored various television ventures, including her participation in the third series of “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!” in 2004.

The following year, she made a notable appearance in the search for the UK’s representative for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Collaborating with her then-husband Peter Andre, she released her debut studio album titled “A Whole New World” in 2006. In 2009, Katie returned to “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!” and emerged as the winner.

She also secured victory in the fifteenth series of “Celebrity Big Brother” in 2015.

Katie Price has been the star of several reality television series, including “Jordan” (2002–2005), “Katie & Peter” (2004–2009), “What Katie Did Next” (2009–2010), “Signed by Katie Price” (2011), “Katie” (2011–2012), and “Katie Price: My Crazy Life” (2017–2019).

Aside from her television career, Katie Price is an accomplished author with a diverse range of work.

She has written six autobiographies, eleven novels, and two series of children’s books.

Notably, her Angel novel series achieved remarkable success and reached the top of The Sunday Times bestseller list.

What Happened to Katie Price Dog?

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Katie Price has recently experienced the tragic loss of her German Shepherd, Blade, in a devastating accident.

The former model was left deeply saddened and shocked when Blade was hit by a car near her residence.

This incident is particularly distressing as it occurred on the same road where another one of her dogs, Sharon, had also suffered a similar fate just seven months prior.

Katie, 45, took to Instagram to express her profound grief, emphasizing that Blade was not only her “best friend” but also her “protector.”

Blade entered Katie’s life in 2019, following a harrowing carjacking ordeal in South Africa where she was held at gunpoint.

The bond between Katie and Blade was incredibly strong, and losing such a loyal and loving companion has undoubtedly dealt a devastating blow to her.

The loss of Blade has left a significant void in Katie’s life, and she will undoubtedly cherish the memories of their cherished time together.

Katie Price Dog Blade Death

In a devastating turn of events, Katie Price has suffered the loss of her beloved protection dog, Blade, who tragically passed away after being struck by a vehicle near her Sussex home.

The former model was left in a state of shock and numbness as she processed the heartbreaking incident.

This unfortunate event adds to a series of losses of several other animals in and around her Sussex residence, bringing the total to seven.

On Monday, Katie Price took to Instagram to share the heart-wrenching news, revealing the devastating outcome for her cherished German Shepherd.

Blade held a significant place in her heart, serving not only as a loyal companion but also as a trusted protector.

The loss of Blade marks yet another profound sorrow in Katie’s life, occurring a mere seven months after the tragic passing of another one of her dogs, Sharon, on the same road.

The passing of Blade has created a profound void in Katie Price’s life, leaving her to mourn the loss of her dear friend and guardian.

Her social media post stood as a poignant tribute, expressing the deep bond they shared and the immense pain she is experiencing due to this heartbreaking loss.

Katie Price Dog Killed

Katie Price has made a shocking claim, alleging that her dog, Blade, was deliberately killed.

The 44-year-old mother of five expressed her deep shock and disbelief over the tragic loss of her beloved German Shepherd, which occurred near her home.

Initially, it was reported that Blade had been struck by a car, but Katie now believes that someone intentionally targeted her dog as an act of harm against her.

She took to Instagram to share her distress and vowed to further investigate the incident.

The circumstances surrounding Blade’s death have left Katie devastated and desperate for answers.

Adding to her recent wave of sorrow, it was revealed that Blade tragically suffocated to death after becoming trapped under an armchair at Katie’s residence.

This further compounds the profound grief she has been experiencing.

In an attempt to lift her daughter Princess’s spirits following the loss of her beloved Alsatian, Sparkle, Katie had purchased another dog named Rolo.

However, the untimely loss of Blade has added to the overwhelming sadness in her life.

The loss of Blade has inflicted immense sorrow upon Katie Price.

Alongside her personal grief, she is grappling with the distressing circumstances surrounding the dog’s untimely demise.

As she continues her investigation into the incident, Katie must confront the pain of losing a cherished companion, as well as the violation associated with the alleged targeted attack on her beloved pet.

Katie Price Petition

Katie Price is facing renewed criticism as a petition has emerged calling for her to be banned from owning animals following the death of another one of her dogs.

The former glamour model, aged 45, has come under fire from animal lovers after the passing of her pet dog, Blade.

This unfortunate incident marks the seventh animal to have died in or around her home since 2017.

Outraged fans have taken matters into their own hands by launching a petition on change.org, seeking the intervention of animal welfare organizations such as the RSPCA and PETA (Protection for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to prevent Katie from owning pets in the future.

The petition, titled ‘Ban Katie Price from buying any more animals,‘ has been active for three years and has already garnered over 30,000 signatures.

This significant number of backers underscores the public’s concern and the collective call for action.

The growing support for the petition demonstrates the widespread demand for measures to be implemented to ensure the well-being of animals under Katie Price’s care.

The petition serves as a platform for the public to express their concerns regarding animal welfare and their desire to hold individuals accountable for the treatment of their pets.

It remains to be seen how this petition will influence Katie Price’s future ownership of animals and whether it will prompt further action from relevant animal welfare organizations.

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