What Is The Zip Code In Uk ? Decoding UK Postal Codes

Comprehensive List of United Kingdom Postcodes and Zip Codes


A zip code in the UK is called a postcode and is a six to 8 character code.

Unlike zip codes in the US, postcodes can include both letters and numbers.

What Is UK Postcode / UK Zipcode:

In the UK, both zip codes and postcodes, comprising letters and numbers, are integral to the addressing and delivery system.

Essentially, UK zip code numbers are synonymous with UK postcode numbers, simplifying the nation’s mail delivery process.

What Is UK PIN Code:

In the UK, the PIN Code also referred to as the Postal Code, Postcode, or Zipcode, is a well-known system.

This indexing method, widely used in India, simplifies the postal process across borders.

What Is The Difference Between Post Code, Zip Code And PIN Code:

These terms, Post Code, Zip Code, and PIN Code, are interchangeable, serving the same purpose: easy location assignment and identification.

While Zip code is prevalent in the USA, PIN Code is the norm in India, and Post Code is widely used in the UK and several other countries globally.

UK Postcodes: A Brief Overview

In the UK, postcodes, crucial for addressing, consist of two parts: the Outcode (2-4 characters) and the Incode (3 characters).

The Outcode, starting with letters and ending in digits, identifies the area.

The Incode, with a number followed by letters, specifies delivery points.

Postcodes are often city-based (like B for Birmingham) but can be geographical (like HS for Outer Hebrides).

Each Postcode district covers several post towns.

For instance, GU1 and GU2 are Guildford’s districts, with nearby Woking falling under GU22.

Larger post towns usually have higher-numbered districts in outskirts.

Notably, SE1 encompasses central London, while SE2 includes areas like Abbey Wood.

To find specific postcodes, use our user-friendly search interface, a helpful UK postcode checker and finder tool.


UK postcodes, comprising 6 to 8 alphanumeric characters, consist of an outward code and an inward code, separated by a space.

The outward code, with 2 or 4 characters, denotes the area and district, while the inward code, typically 3 characters, indicates the sector and unit.

Examples include “SW1W 0NY,” “PO16 7GZ,” “GU16 7HF,” and “L1 8JQ.


Postcodes facilitate manual sorting, aided by frames or automated letter-coding systems.

Printed postcodes are efficiently read by machines, especially for mail with consistent layouts.

Operators at coding desks add colored phosphor dots to letters, guiding the automated sorting process.

The associated machine then directs sorted letters into specific delivery office bags, using the coded dots as guidance.

Further sorting, based on inward codes, ensures each delivery round receives its own letters.

This method is primarily employed in large sorting offices managing high mail volumes.


UK description

The UK, Europe’s largest island, comprises England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, plus various global islands.

Bordered by Ireland, it’s entirely surrounded by water, covering 242,900 square miles.

With over 63 million people, including 8 million in London, it boasts cities like Liverpool and Belfast.

English is the official language, and it operates as a parliamentary monarchy.

A key global player, the UK holds prominence in politics and the economy.

Special postcodes

Royal Mail’s Address Management Unit assigns postcodes, not available for purchase or specific requests.

Occasionally, high-profile organizations are assigned semi-mnemonic postcodes.

Prominent examples are:

  • HSBC UK headquarters: B1 1HQ, Birmingham
  • TV Licensing: BS98 1TL
  • Lloyds Bank (formerly Lloyds TSB Bank): BX1 1LT
  • Bank of Scotland (part of Lloyds Banking Group): BX2 1LB
  • Barclays Bank: BX3 2BB
  • TSB Bank: BX4 7SB
  • VAT Central Unit of HM Revenue and Customs: BX5 5AT
  • Lloyds Banking Group (formerly Black Horse Finance): CF10 1BH
  • Senedd (formerly National Assembly for Wales): CF99 1NA
  • University of Essex (Square 3): CO4 3SQ
  • University of Warwick: CV4 8UW
  • Aston Martin (DB sports cars): CV35 0DB
  • Dartford F.C. (The Darts): DA1 1RT
  • Egg Banking: DE99 3GG
  • Slimming World: DE55 4SW
  • British Telecom: DH98 1BT
  • National Savings certificates administration: DH99 1NS
  • HSBC headquarters (8 Canada Square, Canary Wharf): E14 5HQ
  • JP Morgan (Bank Street): E14 5JP
  • ExCeL London: E16 1XL
  • Olympic Aquatics Centre: E20 2AQ
  • Olympic Basketball Arena: E20 2BB
  • Olympic Stadium: E20 2ST
  • Olympic Broadcast Centre: E20 3BS
  • Olympic Velodrome: E20 3EL
  • Olympic Eton Manor Tennis Courts: E20 3ET
  • Copper Box (formerly Olympic Handball Arena): E20 3HB
  • Olympic Hockey Stadium: E20 3HY
  • The Sun newspaper: E98 1SN
  • The Sunday Times newspaper: E98 1ST
  • The Times newspaper: E98 1TT
  • Deutsche Bank: EC2N 2DB
  • Royal Mail Group Ltd headquarters: EC4Y 0HQ
  • Royal Bank of Scotland headquarters: EH12 1HQ
  • Scottish Parliament: EH99 1SP
  • National Savings Bank: G58 1SB
  • Girobank (now Santander Corporate Banking): GIR 0AA
  • Two Lochs Radio: IV21 2LR
    Girobank (alternative geographic postcode): L30 4GB
  • First Direct bank: LS98 1FD
  • BBC Bridge House: M50 2BH
  • BBC Quay House: M50 2QH
  • The Guardian newspaper: N1 9GU
  • Electoral Reform Services: N81 1ER
  • St James’ Park Stadium, Newcastle United: NE1 4ST
  • Experian Embankment House: NG80 1EH
  • Experian Lambert House: NG80 1LH
  • Experian Riverleen House: NG80 1RH
  • Experian Talbot House: NG80 1TH
  • Royal Bank of Scotland Perth Chief Office: PH1 5RB
  • Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch: RM11 1QT
  • St Johnstone Football Club: PH1 2SJ
  • Sheffield United Football Club: S2 4SU
  • Sheffield Wednesday Football Club: S6 1SW
  • The Crucible Theatre (World Snooker Championships): S14 7UP
  • Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA Morriston offices): SA99
  • One America Street (TP Bennett headquarters): SE1 0NE
  • Union Jack Club: SE1 8UJ
  • Homebase Limited: SM6 0HB
  • Nationwide Building Society: SN38 1NW
  • Stadium of Light, Sunderland AFC: SR5 1SU
  • House of Commons (Palace of Westminster): SW1A 0AA
  • House of Lords (Palace of Westminster): SW1A 0PW
  • Buckingham Palace: SW1A 1AA
  • 10 Downing Street: SW1A 2AA
  • 11 Downing Street: SW1A 2AB
  • Transport for London (Windsor House, 50 Victoria Street): SW1H 0TL
  • European Commission and European Parliament office: SW1P 3EU
  • The Daily Telegraph newspaper: SW1W 0DT
  • Apollo Victoria Theatre: SW1V 1AP
  • Embassy of the United States, London: SW11 7US
  • All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (Wimbledon Championships venue): SW19 5AE
  • GlaxoSmithKline: TW8 9GS
  • BBC Broadcasting House: W1A 1AA
  • Betgenius (former address of The Football Association): W1D 4FA
  • BBC Radio 1 (disc jockey): W1N 4DJ
  • Facebook: W1T 1FB

ONS Postcode Directory and National Statistics Postcode Lookup

The ONS and NSPL are detailed postcode directories with licenses similar to OS.

Both the ONSPD and NSPL encompass Northern Ireland postcodes, providing centroid coordinates in the OSI grid, distinct from the OSGB grid.

However, Northern Ireland postcodes are under a more restricted license, allowing only internal business use.

Additionally, these directories include postcodes for the Crown Dependencies, although without coordinates.

Notably, they feature historical data, incorporating non-current postcodes and details about the introduction and withdrawal dates of postcodes.

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