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Cyprian Is Nyakundi


Who Ruined The Raw & Spontaneous KOT Experience?

CAPTION: Queen Gathoni, one of the people who made Twitter a wonderful place to be in. She and others have been edged-out by the pseudo-religious clowns, pretenders, and conmen. 

Between 2009 and 2012, it is said that Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) was the liveliest place to be. Historical records show raw and uncut commentary where Kenyans spoke their hearts out. It was the home of expression and the bastion of free speech and genuine interaction. What changed?

There was a time when veteran KOT members during #TBT went down memory lane recollecting all the controversial, funny and some borderline ratchet moments made possible by Twitter. That cartel includes people like Brian Mbunde, Caroline Spencer, Sir Alexas, Queen Gathoni, and the likes. These were the real veterans of Twitter, whose voices unfortunately got subdued by the currents, waves and characters I will elaborate below.

Queen Gathoni used to run a widely popular series called #VerbalIntercourse where it was a no holds barred type of interaction. I was new to that level of raw discourse, but I still believe in freedom of expression. And Twitter was our creative space for all.

In my mind, I can trace the dumbing down of Twitter when the sanctimonious troupe joined. These are the idiots who ran hashtags like #ImelaWednesday using the platform to blackmail people into religion, even when we all see that it’s a sham. Recently we saw churches have now joined the bracket of big taxpayers, making so much money from doing nothing.

The way to measure the decline of a nation is simply by the exponential growth of churches. And Kenya is on a downward spiral when you see conmen masquerading as clergy, making more money that enterprise.

Twitter was also mobbed by old camels Caroline Mutoko, Julie Gichuru, Bob Collymore, Jeff Koinange, Ginadin Kariuki, homosexual Maina Kageni who were posturing as pseudo-spirituals. These pathetic pieces of shits, first did a horrible collaboration with bootleg Musician Jimmy Gait, for the song Furi Furi. They then embarked on toxic fundraising efforts on Twitter, namely #Kenyans4Kenya and #BringZackBack . Maina also embarked on raising money for cancer equipment at Kenyatta Hospital, a Government facility. What these projects were meant to do was obscure Government’s complacency and corruption using such philanthropic efforts.

CAPTION: The negative impact this clique has inflicted on Kenyan society has taken a long time to undo. And we will never go back to where they’d taken us. These are frauds! 

Then came Alykhan Satchu. Simply because he had a small forum where Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni once graced, Twitter saw no peace. Everyone had to give a customary “good morning” message to the clique of Alykhan, who happened to the the leading lights in corporate Nairobi at the time. Most of these are disgraced thieves as we have peeled out their masks and revealed them for the greedy Bastards they are.

Afterwards came Machel Waikenda, the fagget-looking Jubilee sewage. He had a Thursday platform called #AskWaikenda where he would purport to “mentor” youth’s into various careers. This is a Fucker whose only claim to fame is being the son of Jane Waikenda, a longtime Secretary at Statehouse. Many of us were green and didn’t know how Nairobi operates, finding ourselves retweeting his garbage.

How can we forget the conman Heshan De Silva? Never in the history of Kenya has there ever been a conman of such magnitudes like that period when Heshan ran Twitter. Aided by homosexual media figures like Larry Madowo, he was referenced as a “young mogul” whose venture capital fund had incubated many businesses worth billions. He even had a PR agency managing his itinerary. He took photos with old camels like Julie Gichuru and Moi-era crooks turned philanthropists like Manu Chandaria. This man was the next Kamlesh Pattni but thankfully, his cover got blown before he could inflict serious damage.

CAPTION: Heshan “Waiganjo” De Silva was a conman, given unlimited coverage by feminised man/homosexual called Larry Madowo. Thank heavens he was sacked from the show. Good riddance to bad rubbish! 

Dennis and the Itumbots have perhaps inflicted the most damage to our Twitter experience. Knowing that there was no special skill he possessed, the villager from Kirinyaga registered many dummy accounts meant to manipulate hashtags and trends, aimed and leveraging jobs from Jubilee. Indeed, it paid off as he was appointed in Statehouse as communications officer, but to what end? Selling your entire Twitter infrastructure for temporary gratification is not a measure of intellect, but an exhibit of your genetic deficiencies.

All these new characters flooded Twitter when they realised it’s influence, to try and control opinion and manipulate consensus for their own private gain. And none was more disgusting than Betty Waitherero’s attempt to impose a KOT logo idea, which faced still resistance.Kenyans were almost being boxed into this ridiculous trap, and were it not for the radical voices who don’t give a shit about our delusional standards of etiquette and spirituality, who expressly told Waitherero to take those logos and shove them up her anus, KOT would be controlled by feminists by now. They wanted to turn us from a spontaneous hub of discourse, into a women’s chama of sorts. We owe a lot to those radical voices.

The question is; all these characters who come to lecture us on Twitter from a moral high-ground, were they molested as kids or what? We can liken them to the sniches in high-school, who used to suck-up to administration in-order to get privileges. When I look back, those idiots never made it in life.

It has taken me and like-minded Tweeps 18 months to undo the damage inflicted by those characters. As you saw, we have been going against big forces because the individuals we were targeting, had media coverage and their numbers and influence were immeasurable. But now today, thanks to our efforts, we got Larry Madowo sacked as host of The Trend, we got Caroline Mutoko removed from radio, we got Terryanne Chebet off Television, we demolished Vimal Shah until he was asked to step down as CEO of Bidco, we reduced Alykhan Satchu into just another financial analyst and not the celebrity he was turning out to be, and the likes.

How does Larry Madowo host commercial sex workers Huddah Monroe and Vera Sidika on prime-time, when our daughters, sisters are watching? Were we expected to keep quiet when such injustice was being committed? Were we supposed to act like it didn’t happen? Like our girls weren’t being subliminally conditioned into adopting those obscure careers as a way of life?

The pursuit for ratings by mainstream media functionaries came at a huge cost to society and our collective values. I can only liken what Larry Madowo did, to what Sport Pesa is doing, advertising on prime-time, targeting kids and making them addicted to that terrible vice called betting. Targeting helpless souls using celebrities and turning them into junkies. Yet these are the people we celebrate. What crap!

I know many of you hate me, but I’ve never at any one time used my influence to posture as a Saint or pseudo-religious figure, using it as a cover for my crimes. I  try to keep it real and survive in a city which is harsh for males due to feminism. But I still insist, the feminised-men are a bigger catastrophe to the country. Yesterday I mentioned Boniface Mwangi and his toxic contribution to the “My Dress My Choice” campaign. We’ve seen these fucking embassies and donors funding pro-feminist causes and this has to come to an end.

Females will not get society and life to go in their favor to the extent they want until they make some major concessions, which they will not willingly make, as a whole. It involves submission and deference. Until females come clean and offer this up, they have only discovered a fraction of the truth. Power is rarely surrendered willingly. As a society, we will only see the full revelation of what Game is about when the matriarchy crumbles entirely. You cannot have everything the way you want it, girls.

Patriarchal civilizations were gynocentric (centered on or concerned exclusively with women; taking a female or specifically a feminist) point of view, but they balanced the all-encompassing gynocentric imperative with father-headed families and male-headed political entities. Modern civilizations aren’t necessarily any more gynocentric than patriarchies but with women and feminized men running the show, it sure feels like it.

I would follow-up by reminding you Gentlemen that the Red Pill is designed to give YOU the power over yourself, first and foremost. Women have flaunted their control of sexuality right up to the point of the Great Porn-era, and only now are realizing that while they might control sexual access, WE control the commitment they think they want so desperately. Our knowledge of their hypergamy, and how to manage their own sexual responses to our benefit, gives us tremendous power over them.

Attempting to demonise men who call them out (like me) is the feminist equivalent of “slut shaming” men. Since they can’t convince us that fucking a lot of women is bad, they want to convince us that “using our powers for (their) good” is the only noble thing to do, and that’s just utterly self-serving on their part. Women are no more the keepers of our moral destiny than we are keepers of their chastity. Invoking “chivalry” without understanding the term, or intangibles like “decency” and “polite” and “civil” and “productive” are merely other ways they try to re-gain control of the sexual initiative. Indeed, I saw a feminised man asking @KenyaFootball to invoke “chivalry” and buy some feminists chocolates, an offer which was promptly turned down.

CAPTION: A feminised man had attempted to coerce a Twitter user, into using chivalry (chocolates) to endear himself to some feminist-cannibals. The clap-back was legendary. 

Never forget that the church and their current heirs the BANKS make a LOT OF MONEY from institutions that shackle men and put a toll tax on their access to the vagina. Women are the beneficiary pawns in this endeavor. Realise that feminism, just like religion, is a sham!

Kenyan women through projected feminist-imperative, want to submit to a man without having to submit; they want a man who can tame their feral self. They want him to trip their danger signals. Even better if he is a stranger from a strange land. They want this all to happen without giving up their freedom; they want to play this out in the context of serial monogamy, so they can feel loved while also claiming their promiscuity is moral. They want to lose control to a string of strangers who have all of the hallmarks of very dangerous men, and they want a promise that this will always end well.

I’m reminded of Ciku Muiruri. Morning till evening, she lives for lecturing humanity on her Facebook page. I imagine in person, she also intimidates men on her purported intellect, which unfortunately has never been tested by way of involvement in enterprise or academia. But her indiscretions, captured on camera betray the duplicity that is feminism. She submitted to one of the Artur brothers, but if you ask her today, that stint is justified due to some subliminally entrenched code, propagated by feminists.

Perhaps if women are chronically this stupid, they should be put back into enslavement (their societal place for millennia) where they are no longer a danger to themselves or others.

CAPTION: Feisty and confrontational feminist Ciku Muiruri was subdued like a kitten by the Artur brothers. The woman who we as a society “fear” for her intellect, reduced to trailer-trash. And today’s feminist is contradictory like that. Their words and actions don’t tally.


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