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Why Former Deputy CJ Nancy Baraza Endorsed “#TuangamizeUmalaya By Dismissing Maina Kageni On TV


In the recent days, this website has laid bare facts on the retrogressive contribution of two Radio Africa channels, Kiss FM and Classic 105FM and especially the role played by two of their leading lights Maina Kageni and Caroline Mutoko.

Through a matrix of wannabe-PR guru’s, mediocre journalists and gossip websites, the two have silently tried to fight back by obscuring facts captured in those articles, with sideshows, insults and condescending slur. Those elements represent the toxic cartel that has had a chokehold on Nairobi, restricting creativity, talent and merit to be identified, nurtured and elevated in corporate circles.

The question remains, have Caroline Mutoko and Maina Kageni used their platform to denigrate the family-unit, promote moral decadence with an overall view to mainstreaming prostitution? Were corporate sponsors falling over themselves to be identified with the toxic-duo and whatever shows their convoluted minds conjured?

Did Maina Kageni even go further to use his position and endorse property developers and land buying companies, some who are now suspected of defrauding the public by selling land without genuine title-deeds?

The answer to those questions is a yes. And these complaints aren’t new to Kenyans. Many are the times when listeners have expressed their disgust at the topics the two discussed on prime-time. But officials from the regulatory bodies like Communications Authority of Kenya have been compromised with “cheques” and the matter always seems to fizzle out.

Much to our delight, the #TuangamizeUmalaya campaign received a shot in the arm from a very unlikely source. During a highly publicised exclusive interview with NTV’s Larry Madowo, former Deputy Chief Justice Nancy Baraza singled out Maina Kageni and his mediocre radio show, saying that she has no time for him. He had claimed on national radio, that she has a penchant for sex toys, vindicating our earlier piece that the biggest enemy/threat to female empowerment isn’t men, but male-feminists like Maina Kageni who thrive on miseries of women while purporting to empathise with their cause. Maina Kageni used his platform to demean a woman of impeccable educational and professional standing, leading to the Ms. Baraza’s quick dismissal.

And to imagine that women actually believe that he’s a champion for their cause says more about women than Maina Kageni.

Is our call for Radio Africa’s Ghanaian owner Patrick Quarcoo to get rid of both Maina Kageni and Caroline Mutoko far-fetched? Far from it. It’s a self-preservation measure for an empire he has struggled to build. We have always been on the right side of history. Through crowd-sourcing our concerns, we successfully got rid of Julie Gichuru from Citizen TV for misusing her position to front commercial agenda’s against all journalistic principles and ethics. Julie is now struggling to get a slot on national broadcaster KBC and we will still be on her case if she replicates the same antics there.

Julie’s grace to grass story, from the people’s darling to most-loathed came from the failure to curb the excesses of these larger-than-life media figures, whom we all know have side-gigs as PR operatives. This duplicity of roles presents severe conflict of interest and poses a risk to development of the society. When vested interests control the free flow of information in a bid to condition the masses into accepting select political ideologies or commercial agenda’s, meritocracy will take a backseat and mediocrity will thrive. Reason why the playlists and content on our media remains wanting. By controlling a basic function such as choice of music, whereby only a playlist of 50 songs is played on heavy-rotation, Radio Africa has conditioned a generation of zombies who cannot appreciate diversity, cultural interaction, travel and life in general. An average Kiss or Classic listener lacks basic communication & trouble-shooting skills and is unaware of the systematic deprivation of diversity that loyalty to those channels, has denied him from.

If Caroline Mutoko and Maina Kageni are indeed that influential or popular as they claim, if they had impacted people’s lives positively, musicians, politicians and leading-lights would have stepped up by now to dismiss these allegations on their behalf. But what’s happening the direct opposite, because this website has witnessed an unprecedented surge in hits, with many people sharing that article meaning that it has struck a chord with their simmering discontent.

This appeal is a multi-pronged effort at re-establishing a new order in Nairobi. The era of Maina Kageni and Caroline Mutoko is long gone. We need to invigorate and re-energise efforts aimed at reclaiming the boy-child. We need to disassociate ourselves with feminists (both male and female) who have made it their core-business to put down men for whatever sinister motive or demonic desire they may harbor. Let’s not turn our women against young men, while directing all of them into engaging in cross-generational sex with older men, by hyping materialism and consumerism. The current economic structure that is not creating jobs proportionate to the number of graduates leaving institutions of higher learning is the fault of politicians not the ordinary Kenyan.

We cannot look for advise or mentorship from old men who want to sleep with our girlfriends at the slightest behest. They failed that test and hence lack the moral-authority to purport or even attempt to offer advise like the way Chris Kirubi pretends to dispense entrepreneurial lectures or Twitter Q&A’s. Mistakes have been done, but it’s time to put an end to it. And refusing to tune into any channel associated with Maina Kageni and Caroline Mutoko is only the beginning of a long journey ahead, that of undoing the wrongs and ills committed by the older generations in Kenya.


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