Why I Regret Joining AutoXpress Kenya: Dark Truths Laid Bare

Jeenal Shah: Director at AutoXpress Kenya
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Dear Nyakundi,

About the AutoXpress Limited articles, all that you wrote is true.

  1. Technicians Protest Mistreatment By AutoXpress Kenya

  2. Concealed Racism Unearthed At AutoXpress Kenya: More Employees Speak Out

  3. Day In The Life Of An AutoXpress Employee: Sales Team Opens Up On Toxic Working Environment

There is racism, nepotism, threats, intimations and all the rot you can think of.

I have been working for the company for a good number of years.

And finally, we have the opportunity to speak the truth about what’s going on at the company.

This is modern-day slavery!

The HR Department is the one responsible to help the employees when in need but in reality, it does the opposite.

Group Head of Human Capital at AutoXpress Limited

The HR makes skewed decisions favouring his bosses.

They are puppets to the company.

So no matter the employees’ problems, HR will always be in favour of the company.

Last year’s salaries were increased for a few staff secretly while the rest were not aware.

I came to realize this after seeing a letter of salary increment from my colleague.

Such behaviours demoralize the other staff once they realise salary appraisals are done secretly.

All the staff from the head of the HR tribe are usually given good treatment and salary increments every year, they also act as spies.

Also, there is a salary disparity between staff who come from the HR’s backyard and the rest of us.

For example, a company motorcycle rider is earning Sh50,000 because he is related to the HR while a technician who contributes to bringing in sales and does the hard work is only paid Sh24,000.

Also, among other issues is that staff are scared to speak because they will be fired or demoted.

The staff are forced to go on leave every month by force and failure to which you’re pending leave days will be taken away and you continue to work without leave.

The system in place is to make our staff be available every day of the month and never to take a longer leave to attend to our personal needs e.g funerals, weddings, vacations, travel, family reunions etc.

Basically, you don’t have a life other than working.

On matters management, there are two Asians.

The head of retail that’s Rakesh and Kirat (the director’s wife).

These two are the chief whips who will intimidate, threaten, and also insult staff at any slight mistake.

Every day it’s just threats and abuses and being shouted at thus making us the staff feel miserable at work.

No staff dares argue with this two as they see staff as their slaves and they the masters while propelling propaganda through the female managers.

Most staff members hate them!


The company has also gone to extent of corrupting the trade union management to keep silent on any issues raised by staff.

The Trade Union is a toothless dog.

Despite our staff minting millions of dollars for the company, we are never appreciated fully genuinely.

Long working hours with no work-life balance.

Just fake praises and plastic smiles in order to encourage you to make more money for the company while the next second you will be abused and intimidated.


Also, despite us staff joining the Sacco in order to enjoy the fruits of our savings, the company has gone ahead and manipulated the engagement between the Sacco and the staff which is supposed to be independent whereby the staff requesting any credit, it is the company that will decide what you will be given hence staff cannot develop ever!

We the staff do not have any morale to work hence of late to many resignations every month.

Guys are tired of this bullshit.

“Mostly the greedy rich are responsible for the poor’s poverty!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan


Editor’s Note:  If you are among those suffering in silence at AutoXpress Kenya, we encourage you to take the bold step and come forward with your story.

Let your voice be one that helps to unearth the rest of the rot and bring justice.

This platform, founded on boldness and truth, is a safe and free space for you to open up.

The anonymity of our sources is always guaranteed.

Send us an e-mail via [email protected] or reach out to us through any of our social media platforms.

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