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Cyprian Is Nyakundi


Willy Paul & Size 8: The Systemic & Structural Dumbing Down Of Society Through “Gospel” Music


CAPTION: Reformed street-urchins like this lot are dominating the airwaves and being allowed to spread the disease of anti-intellectualism. 

As you may have all figured out by now, 8-4-4 criminalised exceptionalism in any form. The fusion of religion into education has been globally linked to the growing strain of anti-intellectualism in the country. Countries that have completely eradicated religion from their educational curriculums, have leaped on all fronts.

The countries in the far-east are a shining example. As 10-year old students here recite Bible verses, Japanese children are assembling computers. Which is the reason why I won’t consider Fred Matiang’i as a genius because he’s just an institutional-fucker who’s playing to the gallery of mediocrity. Not unless he demolishes 8-4-4 and completely removes religious studies from the curriculum, we aren’t going to make any headway as a nation.

Teachers who were mostly low self-esteemed individuals from rural backgrounds, criminalised co-curricular excellence and secularism in these 8-4-4 schools was mostly regarded as “Devil Worshipping” . These are teachers who have been raised watching Nigerian movies, and believe every sort of stupidity contained therein. If a student pierced their ears, or danced exceptionally, he was publicly shamed by the mediocre teachers as a Devil Worshipper.

But sticking to the theme of religion, Gospel music found a niche in high-schools, as the mediocre 8-4-4 rural-bred teachers would readily endorse any co-curricular project that had “Gospel” themed around it. Meaning that this so-called Gospel culture we’re witnessing today, was nurtured from high-school level.


CAPTION: Mediocre 8-4-4 teachers allowed any co-curricular project as long as it had “Gospel” in it. They allowed mediocre morning shows like this to be hosted in their schools, helping entrench anti-intellectualism in the country. 

Slowly, we started seeing morning Gospel TV shows being hosted live from High Schools, in collaboration with the mediocre mainstream media stations like Citizen and NTV.

Those pathetic rural-bred Gospel hosts like DJ Soxxy, Njugush, who when they open their mouths, one would easily tell that they have nothing in-between their ears, inspired a new generation of “Gospel” musicians like Willy Paul and Size 8.

The content of Gospel music went from bad to worse, with the release of pathetic songs like “Asusu” , “Itakuwa Ngori” “System ya Kapungala” “Mwikulu” “Mateke” “Furi Furi” and the likes started getting unlimited airplay. The music was then accepted in high-schools, conditioning the strain of mediocrity and anti-intellectualism in students, who just had no choice but listen to that crap.

Intellectual Gospel artists like Kanji Mbugua who are real composers and not a bunch of wankers like Daddy Owen, were kicked to the curb by jealous morning Gospel show hosts, who go out of their way to suppress real talent and elevate mediocrity.

CAPTION: Intellectual Gospel artists like Manji were shunned by jealous radio and TV hosts, because they would expose their lack of talent.                                                                                                                                                                                 
When you look at Size 8 and Willy Paul, and listen to their new song “Tiga Wana” , you won’t fail to see just how dumb the country has become. It’s twice as worse as Jimmy Gait’s “Hello” rendition.
But because of these cartels created between Deejay’s, morning show hosts, content controllers and the likes, the song is being stuffed down the throats of Kenyans who perhaps may have no avenue to vent against the structural dumbing-down of our society.

Why would any Kenyan lend their ears to for instance, these two hoodrats? Size 8 could probably be a prostitute, were it not for the timely intervention of her “salvation” and marriage to a Deejay. Her husband is equally an uninspiring Fucker who needs to be removed from TV, to pave way and create space for more intellectual hosts.

Willy Paul on the other hand clearly looks like a rehabilitated street-urchin, together with his arch-nemesis Bahati. The people responsible for the manipulation of such gross talent into national figures like Churchill are characters we should distance ourselves from; the few of us with brains that is.

Believe it or not, Sauti Sol’s “Kuliko Jana” and Nyashinski’s “Mungu Pekee” are much better Gospel songs, from predominantly secular artists. Because these are acts in a competitive secular environment, they cannot then be as mediocre as their Gospel industry-counterparts. Perhaps the solution is to have more secular artists singing Gospel, so as to edge out these street-urchins we are seeing today, purporting to sing.

But because the so-called Gospel industry has conditioned it’s clientele to accept mediocrity, we expect that the bogus Safaricom sponsored Gospel awards will rig and continue conditioning the strain of anti-intellectualism, by rewarding the mediocre musicians we are talking about.

It is us as citizens who should reject these substandard acts masquerading as talents. Let’s stop watching shows hosted by Deejay’s who cannot compose solid sentences with good diction and voculburary.

In previous years, Deejay’s were outcasts in society, who weren’t allowed to spread their stupidity to humanity. Their work was confined to their places of work; discotheques. But today, pieces of shit like Wachira Waruru and Linus Kaikai have elevated Deejay’s into national figures, all because they can do something that kids can do with ipads.

Shall we peg the growth of this economy on mediocrity by Dj’s and street-urchins masquerading as Gospel artists? Do you now see just how mainstream media has fucked this country?

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