About Safaricom, a warning to Ethiopian Youths

Safaricom Chief Customer Officer Sylvia Wairimu Mulinge (Left) and CEO Peter Ndegwa,

Safaricom Plc, the Kenyan Telco that has been rightly accused of trashing the dream of youths, has been approved to operate in Ethiopia.

Unlike Kenya, the horn of Africa country is not a democracy and has been involved in wars since the time of Menelik.

Safaricom’s entry into Ethiopia signals a great thing for rabid capitalists who would stop at nothing to make profit.

In the great celebrations that have happened in United Kingdom and along Waiyaki Way in Westlands, one thing must not be ignored; Safaricom’s legacy in Kenya.

In the years following MPESA’s birth, the Telco was looking for the next big thing and Zindua Portal was born.

Actually, as they say, the rest is history.

The lazy customer-centric business unit at the Telco invited innovations for partnerships to be submitted through the portal.

Now deleted due to court cases, Zindua Portal’s legacy of theft and pain still lingers on thanks to a compromised criminal justice system.

Some of the innovations Safaricom boasts, were stolen from Kenya youths.

Hidden Scandal: Clients complain about theft by Safaricom

Ignorance of Intellectual Property rights made it easy for the giant Telco, which is part of Kenya’s govt to rip off youths.

To compensate for its bad public image, the Telco resorted to building some worthless things to keep the gullible youths busy.

Blaze Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) is used to blind youths of the atrocities of joblessness, high taxation and the expensive and bureaucratic process to start a business in Kenya. Furthermore, the BYOB wastes time as it is tweeked towards people who don’t need it.

Jua Kali artisans and mostly youths who practice agriculture and those that come from the Ghetto are excluded by this tower of babel preaching classism.

Before long, most of these youths will be past 35, downtrodden and misused. Most will be smarting from the ravages of Nairobi Corporate Cartel, grumbling like their parents before them.

The Ethiopian Communications Authority (ECA) has stated that the Global Partnership for Ethiopia has incorporated and registered its local company, Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia. This signals that the company will retain the brand name Safaricom in the over 100 million in population market, led by Anwar Soussa as the Managing Director as announced earlier this month.

I’ve seen youths elsewhere carry banners while calling for #FeesMustFall, and telling the establishment that “we are not our (grand) parents, we will fuck you up’, but Kenyan youths, filled with the spirit of foolishness and ignorance still hype and celebrate govt leaders when they say, ‘the future is entrepreneurship’, yet no action such as reducing taxes or reducing the business licences follows such egoistic proclamations.

IP Watch Article: Intellectual Property Theft By Corporations in Kenya

It is this and other worse things that await Ethiopian Youths.

Safaricom will steal your innovations.

Safaricom will take you to court for criticizing it

Safaricom will steal your invention and bribe judges to prolong the case.

Safaricom will steal your data and sell it to private firms which will prey on you and steal Sh10 (4 BIRR), Sh20 (8 BIRR), Sh30 (12 BIRR) and even Sh50 (20 BIRR) per text when you unsubscribe from a service you didn’t request for.

Safaricom will break your bones with loans, the loans will come in many forms.

Safaricom executives who leave will form companies that will continue their thieving way, stealing your intellectual properties with impunity.

Safaricom drunk executive will kill your kids and throw Sh800,000 (328,000 BIRR) towards you.

Safaricom will install fake CCTV cameras at great cost to you, Ethiopian youths, then your (Tigray region) leaders will be assassinated in front of them and the crime won’t be solved to eternity.

Safaricom will steal elections on behalf of your leaders and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Safaricom will delete records of planned killings, planned through the mobile Telco and get way scot-free.

Safaricom will ultimately steal your future and sneer at you like a pig.

Safaricom will act like your God, stifling the growth of other industries so as to appear as the only one.

Woe unto Ethiopian youths, sold for a mere USD850 million (Sh92 billion, BIRR38 Billion).



About the author

Karecha Kamaris

Karecha Kamaris is the space between earth and heaven, the gap between ice and fire, the elementary molecule that justifies unending peace in the sea of turmoil. An 'appetite for adventure over the love of ease'.

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