Bert Kreischer Wife: Who is LeeAnn Kreischer and What Does She Do?

Bert Kreischer Wife

Bert Kreischer is a popular stand-up comedian, reality TV host, and actor, known for his hilarious stories and shirtless performances.

An image of Bert Kreischer
You know Bert Kreischer as a hilarious comedian, TV host, and actor. But do you know his wife, LeeAnn Kreischer? Find out everything about her in this comprehensive review/PHOTO: Facebook

He is also the star of the Netflix series The Cabin with Bert Kreischer, where he invites various celebrities to join him in a remote cabin for some wild adventures.

But who is the woman behind this funny man? Who is Bert Kreischer’s wife and what does she do?

In this article, we will introduce you to LeeAnn Kreischer, an actress, writer, podcaster, and social media star, who has been married to Bert for almost 20 years.

LeeAnn Kreischer’s Early Life and Career

LeeAnn Kreischer was born LeeAnn Kemp on August 19, 1971, in Bowdon, Georgia, a small town in Carroll County.

She grew up in a close-knit family and had a happy childhood.

She developed an interest in writing and acting at a young age and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams.

LeeAnn worked as a writer for various projects, including the 2002 teen comedy My Biggest Fan, starring the boy band Dream Street.

She also made her only appearance as an actress in the 2000 short film Destiny Stalled, playing a nurse.

However, she did not pursue a full-time career in Hollywood, as she found more fulfilment in being a wife and a mother.

LeeAnn is also a podcaster, who hosts her show called Wife of the Party, where she talks about various topics, such as parenting, relationships, health, and comedy, with her guests.

She often records her podcasts from her husband’s man cave in their house.

She also appears frequently on Bert’s podcast, Bercast, as well as other podcasts, such as Dr. Drew After Dark and Your Mom’s House.

An image of LeeAnn and Bert Kreischer
Bert and LeeAnn Kreischer/PHOTO: Facebook

LeeAnn Kreischer’s Marriage and Family

LeeAnn met Bert Kreischer when she was almost 30 years old, through a mutual friend.

At the time, she was working as a writer and he was an aspiring comedian.

She initially did not think that their relationship would last, as he was a notorious party animal and she was more of a homebody.

However, after spending some time together, she realized that he was a genuine and caring person, who made her laugh like no one else.

LeeAnn and Bert got married in December 2003, in a small ceremony attended by their family and friends.

They have two daughters, Georgia and Ila, who were born in 2004 and 2006, respectively.

LeeAnn and Bert have a loving and supportive relationship, despite their different personalities and lifestyles.

They often share funny and candid stories about their marriage and family on their podcasts and social media.

LeeAnn is also very involved in her husband’s career, as she helps him with his projects, accompanies him on his tours, and joins him in his interviews.

She is also one of the most frequent subjects of his comedy routines, as he often jokes about their sex life, her cooking, and her parenting style.

She takes his jokes in stride and even laughs along with him, as she knows that he loves and respects her.

An image of LeeAnn and Bert Kreischer's kids
Bert and LeeAnn Kreischer’s kids/PHOTO: Facebook

LeeAnn Kreische’s Net Worth and Social Media

LeeAnn Kreischer has an estimated net worth of $1 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

She earns her income from her writing, podcasting, and social media activities.

She also shares her husband’s net worth of $8 million, which he has accumulated from his comedy, TV, and film career.

LeeAnn is active on social media, where she has a large and loyal fan base.

She has over 200,000 followers on Instagram, where she posts photos and videos of her family, friends, pets, and travels.


She also has over 100,000 followers on Twitter, where she tweets about her opinions, jokes, and daily life.

LeeAnn also has a YouTube channel, where she uploads episodes of her podcast, as well as clips of her and Bert’s adventures.


LeeAnn Kreischer is the wife of Bert Kreischer, a famous comedian, TV host, and actor.

She is also an actress, writer, podcaster, and social media star, who has her own show called Wife of the Party.

She has been married to Bert for almost 20 years and they have two daughters, Georgia and Ila.

LeeAnn is a supportive and loving partner, who helps Bert with his career and laughs at his jokes.

She is also a successful and independent woman, who has her own passions and interests.

LeeAnn Kreischer is more than just Bert Kreischer’s wife, she is a talented and inspiring person in her own right.


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