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Casey DeSantis: The First Lady of Florida Who’s More Than Just a Pretty Face

Casey DeSantis: The First Lady of Florida Who’s More Than Just a Pretty Face

Casey DeSantis is the wife of Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida and a potential 2024 presidential candidate.

She is also a former TV journalist, a breast cancer survivor, a mother of three.

And a passionate advocate for various causes.

She is one of the most influential and involved first ladies in the country, and she has a lot of fans and critics alike.

In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about Casey DeSantis and why she is more than just a pretty face.

Casey DeSantis, Florida’s First Lady.
Casey DeSantis, known for her influential role as Florida’s First Lady and her Emmy-winning work in television. [PHOTO: Instagram]

The Early Years

Casey DeSantis was born Jill Casey Black on June 26, 1980, in Zanesville, Ohio.

She is the daughter of Robert Black, an optometrist and former officer in the United States Air Force.

And Jeanne Caponigro, a speech-language pathologist and the daughter of a Sicilian immigrant.

She has a brother, Robert Jr., and a sister, Jessica.

She graduated from the College of Charleston, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Economics with a minor in French.

Also, she competed on its equestrian team.

Then, she moved to Florida, where she started her career in media.

She worked as a host for the Golf Channel, and then as a reporter and anchor for WJXT, a local news station in Jacksonville.

In addition to writing and producing a documentary about a paralyzed high school football player, she also won a regional Emmy Award for her work.

The Love Story

Casey DeSantis met Ron DeSantis in 2009, when he was a guest on her show, The Chat.

He was a former Navy lawyer and a congressional candidate, and she was impressed by his credentials and views.

They hit it off, and started dating.

They got engaged in 2009, and married in 2010, in a ceremony in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Casey DeSantis plays an uncommonly pivotal role in shaping her husband’s agenda — and even some of his supporters worry she has too much control.


Casey DeSantis, the wife of Governor Ron DeSantis, is a key player in his political sphere, deeply involved in decision-making across various domains.

Her influence extends from policy and personnel matters to messaging, with control over his communication channels and schedules.

Some admire her as a valuable asset, praising her intelligence, charisma, and loyalty, viewing her as a positive force in the governor’s success.

However, critics perceive Casey DeSantis as a problem, citing interference, arrogance, and insecurity.

Thus, blaming her for controversies in the governor’s career.

This stark division paints a contrasting picture of her role and impact.

Personal Life

Casey DeSantis has also been a loyal and loving wife, and a devoted and caring mother.

She and Ron have three children: Madison, who was born in 2015, Mason, who was born in 2018, and Mamie, who was born in 2020.

She has balanced her family and professional duties and has raised her children with love and values.

Also, she shared her family life with the public, and has posted pictures and videos of her kids on social media.


She has also been open about her personal struggles, such as her breast cancer diagnosis in 2021, and her recovery and treatment.

She has inspired many people with her courage and resilience.

The First Lady of Florida

Casey DeSantis became the first lady of Florida in 2019, when her husband was sworn in as the 46th governor of the state.

She has used her position to promote various causes, such as hurricane recovery, mental health, and children’s welfare.

She has also established the First Lady’s Medal for Courage, Commitment, and Service, to honor Floridians who have made a difference in their communities.

Also, she has hosted listening sessions, roundtables, and events on various topics, such as Venezuela, Covid-19, and breast cancer.

Casey DeSantis and Melania Trump, 2019

Casey DeSantis has also been involved in some controversies, though, as the first lady of Florida.

She has been accused of using her influence to benefit her friends, family, and donors.

Critics have also targeted her for her handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially her role in the vaccine distribution and the ban on mask mandates.

Also, she has been questioned for her involvement in her husband’s potential presidential campaign.

And for her lack of transparency and accountability.

The Conclusion

So, who is Casey DeSantis, and how did she make her mark in the world of politics?

The answer is, she is a multifaceted and accomplished woman, who has had a successful career in media and a prominent role in Florida.

She is also a controversial and divisive figure, who has been involved in several scandals and conflicts.

She is a wife, who has had a complicated and influential relationship with her husband.

Indeed, she is Casey DeSantis, and she is a force to be reckoned with.

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