Cheating Allegations Emerge: Chebet Ronoh’s Claims Put Abel Mutua and Wife Judy Nyawira in the Spotlight

YouTube star Chebet Ronoh has sparked a lively online discussion by claiming that actress Catherine Kamau, also known as Kate Actress, copies her work.

Ronoh called out several people on her social media account, including Kate Actress.

Ronoh claimed, “Kate actress keeps stealing my stuff every day.”

Kate Actress quickly responded, saying her ideas come from another content creator and radio presenter, Auntie Jemimah.

Kate Actress posted a photo of Auntie Jemimah, writing, “Coolest Rich Auntie. She’s my inspiration.”

This isn’t the first time Ronoh has accused others of taking her ideas.

Did Abel Mutua cheat on his wife  Judy Nyawira?

In her latest online outburst, Ronoh also mentioned scriptwriter Abel Mutua, hinting at revealing private messages from him.

On Kenyan social media, there’s a whirlwind of reactions and speculation about the recent allegations involving scriptwriter Abel Mutua.

Many users are expressing their surprise and confusion, particularly focusing on why Mutua would be unfaithful to his wife, who is widely admired for her beauty and grace.

Comments range from disbelief and disappointment to a more reflective discussion on the complexities of relationships and the challenges of public life.

Some users are cautioning against jumping to conclusions without all the facts, while others are more openly critical.

The situation has sparked a broader conversation about celebrity relationships and the pressures they face in the public eye.

This story has clearly touched a nerve, leading to a diverse array of opinions and emotions amongst the online community.

Left Abel Mutuas wife and Right Chebet Rono
Left Abel Mutuas wife and Right Chebet Rono


Where are the Abel Mutua leaked chats?

In the wake of Chebet Ronoh’s explosive allegations against scriptwriter Abel Mutua, the online community is abuzz with anticipation and pressure.

Social media users are eagerly awaiting the release of the purported private chats between Ronoh and Mutua, with many directly urging Ronoh to unveil these messages.


Back in March 2023, Ronoh was a hot topic for saying that both Kate Actress and Elsa Majimbo were copying her style and success.

“I started all this. Why pretend Elsa Majimbo is funny? They copy everything I do… Time to expose the copycats,” she stated.

Many believe Chebet Ronoh and Elsie Majimbo have a similar style in their work.

Elsa, however, gained international fame.

Kate replied to Ronoh, praising her as a great content creator worth copying.

“@rono.h we love Aunty Debs, we want to be like her, the rich aunt. You’re an amazing, consistent creator. I admire you, Rono. Keep shining 🙌🏾.”

In 2020, Elsa Majimbo talked about being compared to Chebet Ronoh in an interview with Shaffie Weru.

“I started before Ronoh, but she became popular first. People think there’s no room for both of us. Some say Ronoh deserves what I have, but the truth is, Ronoh has achieved a lot and even advised me when she was more famous… But you can’t stop God’s blessings.

No one can bring me down…Who do they think they are?”

Chebet Ronoh later apologized for her series of public outbursts and name-calling.

On Tuesday evening, Ronoh said she was sorry after a phone call made her realize her mistakes.

“I’m sorry if I’ve upset anyone. A call made me see the truth. I’m taking a break to heal. I regret my actions,” she said.







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