Chris Distefano Parents: A Look at the Parents Who Shaped Comedy Star Chris Distefano

Chris Distefano, the New York-born comedian, stormed the comedy world. He laughs with a rusty chain and jokes sharper than a Ginsu knife.

He starred in MTV’s “Guy Code” and Netflix specials like “Speshy Weshy.” Fans love his unapologetic humor and keen observations.

However, while he shines on stage, details about those who influenced him remain unclear.

Today, we uncover the story of Chris Distefano’s parents, focusing on his father, Antony Distefano.

An image illustration of Chris Distefano parents
Chris has chosen to keep details about his mother private, but it’s clear that both of his parents have had a lasting impact on his life and career. [Photo: Informatics]

Who is Chris Distefano?

Christopher Paul Anthony Distefano was born in 1984 and grew up in Queens with a mix of Irish and Italian heritage.

He loved sports, especially basketball, and played for St. Joseph’s College. His skills got him into the college’s Hall of Fame. But basketball wasn’t his ultimate passion.

After college, Chris discovered his talent for stand-up comedy. He began on MTV’s “Guy Code” and “Girl Code,” refining his sharp wit and bold delivery.

He then appeared on “The Nightly Show with David Letterman” and later starred in his own Netflix specials.

Distefano’s comedy often reflects his life, family, and unique Italian-American viewpoint. He gives audiences a funny, unfiltered look into his world.

Chris Distefano Parents

Chris Distefano’s parents are Antony Distefano, his father, and Donna Distefano, an Irish woman. They divorced when Chris was young.

Antony Distefano comes from the Bronx, New York, and is an Italian-American. People don’t know a lot about his job or personal life, but he’s become somewhat famous because of his son.

Chris talks about his father in stand-up shows and podcasts, describing him as a tough, old-school Italian man.

Antony Distefano

Antony Distefano, Chris’s father, grew up in the Bronx with strong old-school Italian values and a no-nonsense attitude.

Not much is known about his life outside of being Chris’s dad. However, Chris frequently shares stories about Antony, portraying him as a tough and street-smart man in his comedy.

Antony’s impact on Chris is clear. Chris often includes his father’s wise sayings and remarks in his jokes, adding authenticity and humor to his performances.

Their relationship is intricate but built on mutual respect and understanding. Chris recognizes his father’s tough demeanor but values the life lessons and strong work ethic Antony taught him.

Donna Distefano: A Supportive Mother

Chris holds deep affection for his mother, Donna Distefano, much like his feelings for his father. The reasons behind her split from Chris’s father remain unclear.

In 2017, Chris shared a rare family photo on Instagram, calling it ‘My creators.’ The picture included Donna and her ex-husband, Tony.

By May 2021, Chris posted a touching video to celebrate Mother’s Day, expressing gratitude to his mom and apologizing for past errors.

Donna played a crucial role in raising her children in Queens’ Ridgewood neighborhood. She ensured Chris attended Archbishop Molloy High School, laying the groundwork for his educational path.

Chris Distefano’s Career

Chris Distefano parents
Chris Distefano is the product of a Queens upbringing seasoned with Irish and Italian heritage. [Photo: Prime Video]
Chris double-majored in psychology and basketball at St. Joseph’s College during his last two high school years.Donna’s dedication led to Chris receiving his Ph.D. in physical therapy from the New York Institute of Technology in 2010.

Although Chris didn’t dive fully into comedy until 2013, Donna consistently supported him. She always encouraged him to chase his comedic aspirations.

Beyond Chris Distefano Parents: Is the Comedian Married?

Chris Distefano has begun his own family, being a caring husband to Jazzy and a proud dad to two lovely kids.

Jazzy, a certified personal trainer and fitness expert, specializes in various health programs like spin, group exercise, and Zumba.

Through her “Jazzy Method BTM” program, she helps women regain fitness and overcome postpartum depression.

In 2020, Jazzy started her YouTube channel, “Jazzy Method,” and offers different membership levels on Patreon. There, she shares fitness videos and hosts live sessions for her subscribers.

Chris and Jazzy’s relationship started in 2014 at a Brooklyn bar called Place to Beach. After a few dates, they became a couple.

Does Chris Distefano Have Kids?

Chris and Jazzy have two charming daughters, Violette Luna and Delilah. They started their parenting journey after marrying in February 2015.

Just a few months later, in May 2015, Delilah Distefano joined their family.

Their family expanded in 2021 when they happily welcomed their second child. Jazzy shared the news on Instagram, announcing she had become a mother of two.

Additionally, Jazzy has an older son named Tristan from a previous relationship.

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