Christmas Vacation Cast: The Stars Behind the Holiday Classic

Christmas Vacation Cast: The Stars Behind the Holiday Classic

Christmas Vacation is one of the most beloved holiday movies of all time.

It’s a hilarious and heartwarming story of the Griswold family’s attempt to have a perfect Christmas.

But what makes this movie so special is the amazing cast that brought the characters to life.

Let’s take a look at the actors behind the iconic roles and how they made Christmas Vacation a timeless classic.

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Learn about the Christmas Vacation cast and how they made this holiday movie a timeless classic. Find out fun facts and trivia about the actors. (Source: Getty Images)

Chevy Chase as Clark Griswold

Chevy Chase is the star of the show as Clark Griswold, the hapless and optimistic father who wants to give his family the best Christmas ever.

Chase is a comedy legend who rose to fame on Saturday Night Live and starred in several hit movies like Caddyshack and Fletch.

He brings his trademark wit and physical humor to the role of Clark, who gets into all kinds of hilarious mishaps and disasters.

Chase’s performance as Clark is a perfect blend of comedy and emotion.

He makes us laugh at his antics, but we also feel his struggles and frustrations.

He shows us that Clark is not just a goofball but a loving and devoted family man who cares deeply about his family.

Beverly D’Angelo as Ellen Griswold

An image of Beverly D’Angelo
D’Angelo is an accomplished actress and singer who has appeared in many films and TV shows. (Source: Getty Images)

Beverly D’Angelo plays Ellen Griswold, Clark’s wife and the voice of reason in the family.

D’Angelo is an accomplished actress and singer who has appeared in many films and TV shows, such as Coal Miner’s Daughter and Entourage.

She portrays Ellen as a supportive, patient partner who tries to keep Clark calm and happy.

D’Angelo’s performance as Ellen is a perfect balance of humor and warmth.

She makes us admire her for her loyalty and strength, but we also sympathize with her for her stress and anxiety.

She shows us that Ellen is not just a wife but a friend and a confidant who stands by Clark’s side.

Randy Quaid as Cousin Eddie

An image of Randy Quaid, who is among the Christmas Vacation cast
Randy Quaid picked up a familial role in Christmas Vacation as Ellen’s relative, the famed Cousin Eddie. (Source: Instagram)

Randy Quaid steals the show as Cousin Eddie, Clark’s redneck and clueless cousin, who crashes his Christmas plans.

Quaid is a versatile actor who has starred in many films and TV shows, such as The Last Detail and Kingpin.

He plays Eddie as a lovable and hilarious character who is oblivious to his absurdity.

Quaid’s performance as Eddie is a perfect example of comedy gold.

He makes us laugh at his antics, but we also feel for his situation. He shows us that Eddie is not just a nuisance but a family member who admires and respects Clark.

Juliette Lewis as Audrey Griswold


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Juliette Lewis plays Audrey Griswold, Clark’s teenage daughter, who is bored and annoyed by her family’s Christmas vacation.

Lewis is a talented actress and musician who has starred in many films and TV shows, such as Natural Born Killers and The Conners.

She portrays Audrey as a typical teenager who is rebellious and sarcastic, but also sweet and caring.

Lewis’s performance as Audrey is a perfect representation of teenage angst.

She makes us laugh at her attitude but also relates to her feelings.

She shows us that Audrey is not just a brat, but a daughter who loves her family.

Johnny Galecki as Rusty Griswold

An image of Johnny Galecki, who is among the Christmas Vacation cast.
Johnny Galecki plays Rusty Griswold, Clark’s teenage son, who is smart and sarcastic. (Source: WIREIMAGE)

Galecki is a famous actor best known for his role as Leonard Hofstadter on The Big Bang Theory.

He plays Rusty as a clever and witty character who often mocks his father’s failures.

Galecki’s performance as Rusty is a perfect example of dry humor.

He makes us laugh at his comments, but we also admire his intelligence.

He shows us that Rusty is not just a smartass, but a son who respects his father.

John Randolph (Clark Griswold Sr.)

John Randolph, a seasoned star, joined the cast of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation following a remarkable career spanning decades.

Before portraying Clark Griswold Sr., he left an indelible mark in films like Seconds (1966), Serpico (1973), King Kong (1976), and Prizzi’s Honor (1985).

His talent also graced the small screen through memorable appearances on Hawaii Five-O, Bonanza, Columbo, Kojak, Dallas, and Matlock.

Even in his 80s, Randolph remained dedicated to his craft.

His roles in movies like 1998’s You’ve Got Mail as Schuyler Fox, 1999’s The Dogwalker, and 2000’s Sunset Strip showcased his enduring talent.

Sadly, he passed away at age 88 in 2004, leaving behind a legacy in the entertainment world.

Diane Ladd (Nora Griswold)

An image of Diane Ladd
Actress Diane Ladd (Source: Getty Images)

Diane Ladd, known as Laura Dern’s mom and once married to Bruce Dern, brought Nora Griswold, Clark’s mom, to life.

Her Hollywood journey kicked off in the ’50s, building an impressive resume with TV roles in The Secret Storm, Gunsmoke, Alice, and The Love Boat.

She also shone on the big screen in films like The Wild Angels (1966), The Reivers (1969), and the acclaimed Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974), which earned her an Oscar nod.

Post-Christmas Vacation, Ladd teamed up with her daughter for Wild at Heart (1990) and Rambling Rose (1991), earning her second and third Oscar nominations and cementing her status as a powerhouse in Hollywood.

The Impact of the Cast

The cast of Christmas Vacation is what makes this movie so special.

They’re not just actors; they’re relatable characters we cheer for, infusing the story with humor and heart and welcoming us into their on-screen family.

Their portrayal is what makes Christmas Vacation a timeless holiday classic we revisit annually.


Christmas Vacation is a movie that never gets old.

It’s a movie that makes us laugh, cry, and cheer.

It’s a movie that reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas: family.

And it’s a movie that owes its success to its amazing cast.

Who’s your favorite Christmas Vacation character? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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