Citizen TV’s Hussein Mohammed Accused Of Doing Cheap PR for Anne Waiguru


This article is not aimed at attacking Waiguru. Itis about Illustrating the Kenyan media ability to do PR for the corrupt, cleanse the corrupt and fool the populace. Case in point, Saying Waiguru is a victim of society that hates success and she did Kenyans a favor by stepping aside.

A few days ago, the Kenyan media launched their ” Waiguru Reborn ” Campaign . In fact this  happened  a day after DPP dismissed claims that Eurobond money was looted. A woman pretty, Intelligent and hardworking cannot be corrupt ”  That is what the media is forcing on us  ”

According to the Kenyan media, Some people were out to destroy Waiguru.  The same media refuses to tell you that it was almost impossible to force out such a powerful CS with propaganda – They refuse to tell you that .

When Waiguru appeared on Citizen TV Live Interview , I watched with a bunch of  my patriotic friends . My friends laughed and made comments such as ” This is PR , Why is Hussein conducting this Live interview as if Waiguru has been Cleared and found to be clean ? ” It seems Hussein was coached in advance and given questions to ask Waiguru in Advance ” This is not the Hussein I know – Retorted one of my patriotic friends” I am going to sleep, This PR is too much- A friend added.

I dissected every word out of Waiguru’s mouth and placed it under a microscope . Then viewed it through a lens tainted with doubt ” Waiguru is a Bloody Liar ”

By the way, Kenyans were tough on Waiguru because their monies could not be accounted for. We expected Hussein Mohammed to ask meaningful questions . But Hussein asked her if she was now feeling better after being  unfairly asked to account for monies , About her house , About her lessons …In fact the questions were meant to display Waiguru as a Victim of a smear campaign by some imaginary forces . Imagine she hasnt been cleared by anybody . These are questions that should be asked when somebody has been vindicated .

The habit of Kenyan media doing PR for the corrupt has become too much . Efforts to cleanse Waiguru are palpable.

Kenyans on Twitter have made tremendous inroads in countering the Jubilee Propaganda and getting out the truth. I hope all of you  have seen their efforts- Jubilee,  to control the internet .

They have no problem with the media because kenyan media is  already in their pockets

In Western countries, People like Waiguru would be in jail because money was lost under her watch. Waiguru has no business hopping all over the Kenyan media telling us she can take credit for her ministry’s success but not be held into account for its failures .

Remember when South Korea’s prime minister announced his resignation and took  responsibility for the slow initial reaction to a ferry’s sinking that left nearly 200 dead ? That should be the way.

We are now going to see concerted efforts by the adolescent journalists and Kenyan media poseurs to present Waiguru as a Victim of hate and smear campaign . Remember the lost NYS millions are yet to be recovered- Not even a single individual may be jailed.

Sadly, the Kenyan media ability to shape public opinion is in severe decline. It is strange that  the media still believe they set the rules of engagement and define who is corrupt and clean. They even think Kenyans are stupid to accept everything . The corrupt should clear their names in courts of law not on TV – Assuming there is justice in Kenyan courts .

Hussein Mohammed interview was cheap PR. Money was lost and that is the Big issue. We expected Hussein to ask serious questions but that never happened . By the way, this is not the first time Hussein is being accused of doing cheap PR see here . Soon, he’ll loose credibility . Jeff Koinange tried to cleanse Ben Gethi but the attacks from the  keen online community  shocked him . People like Julie Gichuru have already lost credibility. Other Journalists must know that their days are numbered.

The Kenyan media must know that their glory days of distorting the truth, monopolizing coverage and totally controlling public opinion are over . We the people truly are taking back Kenya

About the author

Cyprian, Is Nyakundi

Cyprian is a blogger who has an interest in politics, news, current affairs, people and anything that is of interest to society. My aim is to inform and update readers with the most accurate information.







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