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Daddy Yankee Wife: How Mireddys González Became His Partner in Life and Music

Daddy Yankee, a renowned reggaeton artist, has been a hitmaker since the early 2000s with songs like “Gasolina,” “Despacito,” and “Con Calma.”

Beyond the stage, he’s a family man married to his high school sweetheart, Mireddys González, for over 25 years.

Learn more about Daddy Yankee’s wife, Mireddys González, in these key facts.

An image of Daddy Yankee with his wife Mireddys González


What Is The Age Of Daddy Yankee’s Wife?

Mireddys González hails from Puerto Rico and was born on January 17, 1977, making her 46 years old in 2023.

Her zodiac sign is Capricorn, and interestingly, she is just four months senior to Daddy Yankee, who was born on February 3, 1977.

Is Daddy Yankee Still With His Wife?

Daddy Yankee and Mireddys González continue to stand by each other’s side, cherishing a loving and enduring marriage.

Their journey as a married couple commenced on March 20, 1995, when they were just 17 years old.

Over the years, they have encountered numerous challenges and joys together, steadfastly supporting one another and upholding their unwavering commitment.

While their personal life largely remains private, glimpses of their affectionate bond occasionally surface on social media.


On the occasion of their 25th wedding anniversary in 2020, Mireddys shared a nostalgic photograph of their early days and expressed in Spanish, “25 years ago, I made the most profound decision of my life with the most extraordinary man in the world.” She went on to convey her profound feelings of “love, respect, and admiration” for Daddy Yankee, affirming that he embodies the ideal husband every woman dreams of.

At What Age Did Daddy Yankee Get Married?

Daddy Yankee tied the knot in 1994 at the tender age of 17.

His love story with Mireddys began during their teenage years, and he couldn’t help but fall head over heels for her.

Deciding to marry her prior to attaining fame was a deliberate choice because he recognized she was his true soulmate.

In an interview, he expressed, “Finding a genuine, authentic partner becomes quite challenging once you reach superstardom. I crossed paths with her long before I became Daddy Yankee, so she’s the one who captured my heart.”

He added, “She cherishes Raymond Ayala, not DY.”

Did Daddy Yankee Have Kids?

Certainly! Daddy Yankee has a total of four children: three sons and one daughter.

His eldest son goes by the name Jeremy Ayala González, born on May 26, 1998.


Jeremy is not only a producer but also an Instagram sensation with an impressive following of more than 370,000 fans.

He bears a striking resemblance to his father and frequently shares snapshots alongside him.

Daddy Yankee’s second son is Jesairis Rodríguez González, born on June 29, 2000.

Jesairis is a dedicated student and a skilled basketball player.

While he boasts an Instagram presence with over 100,000 followers, he maintains a private profile.

The third child in the family is Yamilette Rodríguez González, born on October 28, 2002.


Yamilette is a talented singer and a prominent social media influencer, commanding a substantial following of over 600,000 on Instagram.

She delights her audience with videos showcasing her singing and dancing talents and operates a YouTube channel where she shares covers of popular songs.

The youngest member of the family is Jesaaelys Ayala González, born on June 20, 1996.

Jesaaelys has made a name for herself as a skilled makeup artist and a rising YouTube personality with a dedicated subscriber base of over 30,000.

Her Instagram account boasts an impressive 900,000 followers, where she regularly shares selfies, makeup tutorials, fashion insights, and valuable skincare tips.

Does Daddy Yankee Have A Son?

Yes, Daddy Yankee has three sons: Jeremy Ayala González, Jesairis Rodríguez González, and Yamilette Rodríguez González.

What Is The Ethnicity Of Daddy Yankee’s Wife?

Mireddys González hails from Puerto Rico, with both Hispanic heritage and Puerto Rican citizenship.

Is Daddy Yankee’s Wife On Instagram?

Certainly, Mireddys González can be found on Instagram with the handle @mireddys.


Her Instagram account boasts a following of more than one million users.

On her profile, she shares an array of photos, featuring herself, her spouse, her children, and her close companions.

Additionally, she regularly posts uplifting quotes and expressions of appreciation.


Mireddys González, wife of Daddy Yankee, is a multifaceted figure – a businesswoman, music manager, mother of four, and prominent on social media.

She’s been his rock since their teenage years, supporting him through a 25-year marriage, creating one of the music industry’s most enduring and private relationships.

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