Denise Gordy: The True Story of the Actress

an image of Denise Gordy:
: Denise Gordy is a former actress and singer who was married to Berry Gordy’s son. Learn more about her life, career/PHOTO COURTESY/Instagram

Denise Gordy is an American former actress and singer who is best known for her roles in films such as Black Fist, D.C. Cab, and Toy Soldiers.

She is also a member of the famous Gordy family, which includes Motown founder Berry Gordy and several music legends.

However, her life has been marked by controversy and tragedy, especially regarding her relationship with Marvin Gaye and her son Marvin Gaye III.

Here is the true story of Denise Gordy.

Did Denise Gordy have a child with Marvin Gaye?

Denise Gordy had a secret affair with Marvin Gaye, the soul singer who was married to her aunt Anna Gordy Gaye.

Denise was only 16 years old when she gave birth to Marvin Gaye III on November 17, 1965.

His biological father was 26 years old at the time.

Anna, who was unable to conceive, convinced Denise to bear a child for her and adopted him shortly after his birth

The truth about Marvin Gaye III’s parentage was not revealed until 1998 when biographer Steve Turner published his book Trouble Man: The Life and Death of Marvin Gaye.

Turner interviewed Denise Gordy, who confirmed that she was the biological mother of Marvin Gaye III and that Marvin Gaye was his father.

She also said that she had no regrets about giving up her son to Anna, who raised him as her own

Marvin Gaye III has struggled with health issues throughout his life, including drug addiction, brain tumors, and kidney failure.

He received a kidney transplant from his wife Wendy in 2014.

He is also a musician and has released several songs, including a tribute to his father called “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”

How is Denise Gordy related to Beyonce?

Denise Gordy is related to Beyonce through her ex-husband Richard Lawson, whom she married in 1978 and divorced in 1989.

They share one child, actress Bianca Lawson, who is best known for her roles in TV shows such as Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, and Queen Sugar

Richard Lawson remarried Tina Knowles in 2015, making him the stepfather of Beyonce and Solange Knowles.

This makes Denise Gordy the former stepmother-in-law of Beyonce and Solange, and Bianca Lawson their stepsister

Bianca Lawson has a close relationship with her stepsisters and often attends events with them.

She also received a gift from Beyonce’s clothing line ICY Park in 2021 and posted a photo of herself wearing it on Instagram

How is Denise Gordy related to Berry Gordy?

Denise Gordy is the niece of Berry Gordy Jr., the founder of Motown Records and one of the most influential figures in the music industry.

She is the daughter of George and Rosemary Gordy, who are Berry’s brother and sister-in-law.

She is also one of several Gordy siblings, including Patrice and George Gordy Jr1213

Denise Gordy grew up in Detroit, where Motown was based, and was exposed to music from an early age.

She also appeared in several films produced by Motown Productions, such as:

  •  Lady Sings the Blues, Mahogany, and Scott Joplin.

She contributed vocals to the soundtrack album for Black Fist, which was originally titled Bogard14

Berry Gordy Jr. is also the uncle of Anna Gordy Gaye, Denise’s aunt, and Marvin Gaye’s ex-wife.

He is also the grand-uncle of Marvin Gaye III, Denise’s son with Marvin Gaye.

Berry Gordy Jr. has eight children from different relationships, including:

  • Rhonda Ross Kendrick (with Diana Ross),
  • Kerry Gordy (with Margaret Norton),
  • Kennedy William Gordy (also known as Rockwell),
  • Stefan Kendal Gordy (also known as Redfoo),
  • Skyler Austen Gordy (also known as SkyBlu),
  • Kamille Gordy (with Jeana Jackson),
  • Sherry Gordy (with Thelma Coleman),
  •  Terry James Gordy (with Raynoma Singleton).

How is Berry Gordy related to Beyonce?

Berry Gordy is not directly related to Beyonce by blood,

he is connected to her through his nephew Richard Lawson, who married Beyonce’s mother Tina Knowles in 2015.

This makes Berry Gordy the uncle-in-law of Beyonce and Solange Knowles, and the grand-uncle-in-law of their children Blue Ivy Carter, Rumi Carter, Sir Carter, Daniel Julez Smith Jr., and Koi Knowles.

Berry Gordy has also been a mentor and inspiration for Beyonce and her music career.

He signed Destiny’s Child, the girl group that launched Beyonce’s fame, to his Motown label in 1997.

Berry also praised Beyonce for her portrayal of Etta James in the film Cadillac Records, which was produced by his son Kerry Gordy.

He also attended Beyonce’s concert in Detroit in 2018 and posed for a photo with her backstage.


Denise Gordy is an actress and singer who is part of the Gordy family, which includes Motown founder Berry Gordy and many music legends.

She had a controversial relationship with Marvin Gaye and gave birth to his son Marvin Gaye III, who was adopted by her aunt Anna Gordy was married to Richard Lawson, who is now the stepfather of Beyonce and Solange Knowles.

She is the mother of actress Bianca Lawson, who is their stepsister.

Denise Gordy has a complex and fascinating story that spans across generations and genres of music.

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