Destroyer of teachers gets an extension at TSC

Nancy Macharia is the destroyer of teachers.

In previous years, no government embarked on a sustained campaign to pit teachers’ unions KUPPET and KNUT against each other than after 2015.

Since 2015, and the entry of the most rabid Jubilee Regime, Nancy has been used to weaken the teachers’ movement by dividing, entrenching impunity and corruption.

Last year, the commission de-registered Knut Secretary-General Wilson Sossion as a teacher and notified the union of its intention to end their 52-year-old recognition agreement.

Such moves make it well to argue that Nancy Macharia is being used o scuttle the Teachers’ movement.

Should-have-retired but has been given another term. TSC CEO Nancy Macharia whom the ‘system’ has unlawfully give another 5 years at the helm so as to continue destroying teachers’. The Law Society of Kenya moved to court to resist this impunity and homeguardism. It might be that her hand can be seen in the way a tribe-mate at the Registrar of Trade Unions is quick to act on KNUT to ‘correct illegalties’ and not on any other union, BIFU, led by a tribemate Isaiah Kubai.

Queen of destruction

The regime of the day has not been good to any sector and teachers’ union especially KNUT, has always been a headache to govt since I can remember. It is not a headache in a bad way since teachers need to have their well-fare improved.

Knut members suffered when the TSC left them out of the pay increases last year, citing a court ruling. The decision saw thousands of teachers quit Knut to join KUPPET or remain union-less.

Nancy has been seen to favour Kuppet while side-lining the more radical and better KNUT.

Another office, that of Registrar of Trade Union, has also been used to wage this war. In as much as Elizabeth Gicheha seems to paint the picture of being a fair in the execution of her mandate as the Registrar of Trade Unions, she had been curiously siding with Nancy in her destruction of Unions that doesn’t favor the Kikuyu govt.

It is like the Kikuyu ring of gangs have one motive, frustrate the Unions led by an ‘outsider’.  Take for example the case of Banking Insurance and Finance Union (BIFU).

The Registrar of Trade Unions, Elizabeth Gicheha has become partisan, for example, in the case of Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT), she has often displayed bias which can be read as a tribal thing (Dr Nancy Macharia at TSC), to destroy the teachers’ movement.

Now that the govt which has been very consistent i disobeying court orders ad court cases has added Nancy Macharia more years at Teachers Service Commission (TSC), it remains to be seen how mundane and archaic things sich as perfomance contract will be executed.

In the introduction of Performance COntracts by TSC, they want to test teachers, if they are better teachers, they don’t talk about improving school infrastructure.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the classic neo-colonial policy that seeks to dampen the education system as it has done in the USA.

The issues that were identified by the 844 system are not being solved by the CBC – Competency-Based Curriculum.

In fact, what CBC is doing is lie to you that a class 3 pupil can make a decision about the career they want to pursue. It’s been argued that exams, is what destroyed 844, because, the competition created is a neo-colonial construct and is rooted in inequality.

A performance contract is being shoved down the throats of teachers that teach under trees, in open sun, beaten by dust.

This government is a joke.

Then, there’s that other shady outfit that has colluded with TSC to steal from female teachers.

SCANDAL: KEWOTA Colludes With TSC To Steal From Teachers

From today on, Kenyans, I want you to rethink your folly of thinking that anything white people say or western countries prescribe is good.

The people that killed your ancestors, sold them to slavery cannot possibly have your interest at heart.

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. Nancy is playing rough ith teachers.

It is not your fault that you think money is the god, and even if it is,  it has made you go out of your moral way to look for it like a slave.

Have you ever asked yourself your source of problems as a teacher (Kenyan)?  Kenyans need better policies, Kenyans need better lives. Money provides a better life, If you are poor, it is easy to be manipulated.

You are poor because your government has made you so. They shout entrepreneurship, but they themselves aee billionaires carting away money in gunny bags from the public treasury. How do you then think they have your best interest as a teacher, as a Kenyan?

It is important to look at those who govern you.

Challenge them on the ballot, challenge them on the streets. And in these radical times, it is better to note that the former has already been captured. What are you gonna do?




About the author

Karecha Kamaris

Karecha Kamaris is the space between earth and heaven, the gap between ice and fire, the elementary molecule that justifies unending peace in the sea of turmoil. An 'appetite for adventure over the love of ease'.

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