Disappointed Client Narrates Terrible Experience With Chania Genesis Courier Services

The submission below is from a disappointed client who sought the services of the Chania Genesis Courier office to transport his cargo from Mtwapa to Nairobi, only to end up mysteriously losing some of the goods.

Writing to this blog on Sunday, July 24, the victim narrates how his backpack loaded with expensive personal accessories suddenly disappeared moments after they made a stop in Bamburi, where he briefly alighted to buy some fries for himself and the crew.

When they got to Changamwe, he decided to grab his headphones from the said bag and that is when he realized it was gone.

The Chania Genesis driver and his assistant immediately distanced themselves from the theft of the bag.

He lodged a complaint to both police and the company’s officials.

But ever since the incident took place back in June, he has been taken in endless circles in his desperate attempts to recover the lost items.

“Hi, Nyakundi.

I think some people think just because they can buy angels they don’t need God.

Anointed liars who double speak.

Irrationally this may happen to someone else and I can’t wish anybody to experience the same.

I am yet to comprehend how inhumane some people can be.

On 20th June I was planning to move to Nairobi from Mtwapa as I got a new job offer.

I went to Chania Genesis’s booking office where I met a lady by the name of Gladys [Phone Number: 0700565865] and showed her the picture of the items I was relocating with.

She gave me an estimated budget of about Sh10k to move them to Nairobi but she gave me an option of having to call them when am certain and ready on moving out.

So on 24th, I called them and I was told to request and pay for a motorbike so that they can send someone to come and see and give the actual amount I was to pay.

I sent a motorbike and picked up two guys from their office.

One was the loader and the other by the name Davi [Phone Number: 0728519399] whom I was told by Gladys he was the accessor.

I paid Sh200 for the bike Davi came and accessed and gave me the same rate but I was required to take the items to their booking office which was an extra cost I was to pay.

So since I didn’t have any transport truck number David called a guy by the name of Joseph [Mobile Number 0720727243] who he told me is his friend.

I paid him Sh1500 to take my items to the Chania Genesis office.

Then all my items were loaded in KBM 190B and I paid Sh10500 which I was told was inclusive of my Sh500 fare instead of booking another bus for maybe an extra Sh1,200.

I left to go to a hotel but the driver of the truck [Mobile Phone Number: 0720548032] told me (utakula mbele masaa ni mbaya) so I bounded the truck with my bag which I held with my palm in the front seat.

Then a man also got in the truck [Mobile Phone Number: 0724877574] and we started on the journey.

The truck stopped in Shanzu where only the man alighted and took some envelopes then another stop was in Bamburi.

When we got into Bamburi Genesis office I asked the driver if they would take long if can buy something to eat.

He told me “tutakaa kidogo unaweza chukua kenye unataka”.

I left the bag nyuma ya kiti in the vehicle nikamwambia aniangalilie.

I returned from a hotel and even came with some chips for them.

But went I returned I didn’t check if my bag was still there, I only handled them their chips and continued eating mine as well.

We continue with the journey to Mombasa town where they loaded parcels and we left Mombasa for Nairobi.

Past Changamwe, I thought of taking my earphones from the bag so that I can listen to some music.

Hell broke loose I couldn’t see my bag.

I asked them if there is someone who had taken my bag to the back of the truck.

They said they haven’t.

We stopped and search the whole truck but I couldn’t find my bag.

I asked the driver if he did take the bag the moment I left him in the truck.

He told me ata yeye alikuwa ametoka labda kuna mtu ameichukua Kwa dirisha hio time.

I couldn’t believe all my belongings in the bag were gone!

My laptop, hard disk, flash disk, wallet with ID, ATM, license, certificates, clothes, TV remotes, small house accessories and other work-related docs were gone.

I was confused and I couldn’t hold back my tears.

I begged them I indeed they have taken the item to return but all I was being comforted with is “ata mimi nishawahi ibiwa ata jacket Kwa hii gari”.

I told them to head to the nearest police station so that I can report.

I reported the matter to Maungu Police Station OB 02/on 26/06/2022 and obtained an abstract.

We continued with the journey as it was already late some of the numbers we were calling for their colleagues were only ringing with no answer.

I was informed by early morning tutakuwa tumejua kama kuna mtu wa Genesis ameichukua hio bag yako hapo Bamburi.

I was lost and confused and I didn’t speak again to them.

Early 6 am we called using the driver’s number to the guys in Bamburi but the bag was nowhere to be found.

When we reached Nairobi, I decided to report to their office and we narrated my ordeal to them.

It seemed I was not getting help so I requested the truck’s own number which they refused to give.

The driver even told me “mwenyewe akijua sisi tumefutwa kazi”.

But all I needed was my bags.

But I got the number of the owner after going wild with one of the guys there.

I called on the owner and gave my grievances to him.

At first, he seemed concerned and caring

On the same day he called many times and later in the night he told me to go to their board meeting on Tuesday 28th June at River road at all the parts involved were Gladys the Mtwapa office lady, the driver and the other man.).

After some deliberation the board requested I give them time to find my bag and the final verdict was supposed to be on 5th July.

They informed me even if they do not get the bag they will see what they can do.

Walinipea pole and even gave me my fare back to Thika road.

But I was told kwanza nisireport wafanye uchunguzi wao na nitapata bag yangu.

I waited for the owner’s call the whole week so I called on the 6th of July and akaniambia (nakupigia sijasahau).

The game started when after some time nikipiga after amekaa bila any update ananishow “napiga ngoja kidogo”.

The week that followed from 12th July when I called the owner told me amefiwa na mamake, I give him time atanipigia akimaliza mazizi tuwe na kikao.

So I called the other week that followed on 20th July 2022 at around 11 am.

The truck owner again told me “bado sijasahau kuna mtu nataka tuwe na kikao naye but babake ameaga dunia.”

I now saw it was a game to buy time.

So in the evening of the same day, I called him again nikamwambia sikumwelewa venye amesema akaniambia ati nampea pressure sana.

On the evening of the same day at around 1930hrs, he called akaniambia kuna mtu ameniconnect conference call naye ati mwenye alinibebea mzigo kutoka kwa nyumba kwenda mtwapa booking na anasema nilibembewa mzigo na gari mbili ati Genesis ilibeba nusu na ati another courier ikambeba nusu.

I requested nimtumie number ya yule jamàa alinibebea mzigo akakata simu.

I called him immediately only to be told usinipigie simu tena.

When I called the guy mwenye alinibebea mizogo kutoka kwa nyumba haki Kwa office zao yenye aliniambia hajaongea nao na mzigo aliweka kwa Genesis pekee.

He is a con I guess and he was buying time only to deny it at the last minute.

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